123 Andrés - Benjamin
123 Andrés - Cierra los Ojos
123 Andrés - Collar de Estrellas
123 Andrés - De 1 a 10
123 Andrés - El Caballito Azul
123 Andrés - El Sueño de Cocorico
123 Andrés - Fly, Shine, Soar
123 Andrés - La Luna
123 Andrés - La Montaña
123 Andrés - La Pequeña Pilar
123 Andrés - Las Ovejas
123 Andrés - Un Elefante
123 Andrés - Velo Que Bonito
2 Guys N The Parque - S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants)
A Great Big World - Life Is Good
A-ha - Take on Me
ABBA - Dancing Queen
ATeens - Can't Help Falling In Love
Aaron Lohr - After Today
Aaron Nigel Smith & One World Chorus - Grateful (feat. Dan Zanes)
Adam Friedman - Glorious
Adam Lambert - Think
Adrian Belew - Oh Daddy
Adriana Caselotti - Whistle While You Work
Adventure Time - Bacon Pancakes Remix
Al Green - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Alastair Moock - When I Get Bald
Alessi Brothers - Savin' the Day
Alessia Cara - How Far I'll Go (From Vaiana)
Ali Akbar Khan - Lullaby
Ali Dee And The Deekompressors - Go Speed Racer Go
Alice Machado - Dorme, dorme, meu menino
Alison Faith Levy & Rudy Trubitt - Deja Vu
Alison Krauss - End of a Summer Storm
Alphabet Rockers - Change the World
Alphabet Rockers - Gimme Some Skin
Alphabet Rockers - I'm Proud
Alphabet Rockers - My Light
Alphabet Rockers - Not Alone
Alphabet Rockers - Oddball
Alphabet Rockers - Players' Life
Alphabet Rockers - Rise (Teeko Remix) [Bonus Track]
Alphabet Rockers - Rise
Alphabet Rockers - Shine
Alphabet Rockers - Stand Up for You
Alphabet Rockers - Sway
Alphabet Rockers - That's Your Name, Wear It out!
Alphabet Rockers - The Nitro
Alphabet Rockers - Turn on the Lights
Alphabet Rockers - Walls
Alphabet Rockers - What Are You
Alvin And The Chipmunks - Bad Day
Alvin And The Chipmunks - Japanese Banana
Alvin And The Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)
Alvin And The Chipmunks - We're The Chipmunks
Always Saturday - A Guy Named Bob
Always Saturday - Big Kahuna
Always Saturday - Gone Fishing
Always Saturday - I Can See Clearly Now
Always Saturday - Let's Go
Always Saturday - Lime and Sunny Shine
Always Saturday - Love is Plural
Always Saturday - Snow Cones in the Sun
Always Saturday - Summer Something
Always Saturday - The Mango Tree
Aly & AJ - Zip A Dee Doo Dah (Pop Version)
Ambrosia Parsley - Everybody Came
American Authors - Best Day Of My Life
Aminata Seck - Aayoo nenne !
Amy Lou Barnes - Little April Shower
Anastasia Cast - A Rumor In St Petersburg
Anastasia Cast - At The Beginning
Anastasia Cast - In The Dark Of The Night
Anastasia Cast - Journey To The Past
Anastasia Cast - Learn To Do It
Anastasia Cast - Once Upon A December
Anastasia Cast - Paris Holds The Key [To Your Heart]
Andrew & Polly - A Mapmakers Song
Andrew & Polly - All Star
Andrew & Polly - Aquarium
Andrew & Polly - Bad Dog
Andrew & Polly - Chair School
Andrew & Polly - Circus by the Sea
Andrew & Polly - Clap
Andrew & Polly - Crazy House
Andrew & Polly - Critters
Andrew & Polly - Dancing Pants (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)
Andrew & Polly - Everybody Hat Hat
Andrew & Polly - Expo Line
Andrew & Polly - Forever Young
Andrew & Polly - Friend Like You (The Spaghetti Song)
Andrew & Polly - Friendship
Andrew & Polly - Fruitphabet
Andrew & Polly - Garden of Your Mind
Andrew & Polly - Ghostbusters
Andrew & Polly - Grapes
Andrew & Polly - Here Comes the Sun
Andrew & Polly - Hey Hat
Andrew & Polly - How Can You Tell If It's Going to Rain
Andrew & Polly - I Wanna Be a Giraffe
Andrew & Polly - L.A. Christmas
Andrew & Polly - Let My Love Open the Door
Andrew & Polly - Let's Go!
Andrew & Polly - Little Bitta You
Andrew & Polly - Mail
Andrew & Polly - Mama Slow Down
Andrew & Polly - Mom's Name
Andrew & Polly - Other Days
Andrew & Polly - Please Be Mine
Andrew & Polly - Thank You For The Box
Andrew & Polly - Three Chartreuse Buzzards
Andrew & Polly - Tiny Dino
Andrew & Polly - Two Little Birds
Andrew & Polly - Waiting
Andrew & Polly - Weepadoo
Andrew & Polly - When You're a Dog
Andrew & Polly - Why Is Fruit Fruit
Andrew & Polly - You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd
Andrew & Polly - Zipper + Saw
Andrew Queen - Alouette
Andrew Queen - Big Trouble For Little Red
Andrew Queen - Cinderella
Andrew Queen - Coming Round The Mountain
Andrew Queen - Glug Glug
Andrew Queen - Hello My Name Is Joe
Andrew Queen - Hi Dee Ho
Andrew Queen - Hockey Song
Andrew Queen - I Love Boating
Andrew Queen - La Bastringue
Andrew Queen - Rippling Waters
Andrew Queen - The Other Day I Met A Bear
Andrew Skeet - Super Mario Bros Theme Super Mario Bros Theme
Andy Grammer - A Friend Like You
Andy Grammer - Diamond in the Sun
Andy Offutt Irwin - Arlo Barlow
Angela James - Goodnight, My Honey
Angela James - Hattie's Dream
Angela James - Hummingbird
Angela James - Quiet Night
Angela James - Sailing
Angela James - Sun and Moon
Angela James - Sweetest Bird
Angela James - You're Always at Home
Angela Lansbury - Be Our Guest (From Beauty and the BeastSoundtrack)
Angela Lansbury - Beauty and the Beast (From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack Version)
Angelique Kidjo with Carlos Santana - Naïma
Anika Noni Rose - Almost There
Anita Renfroe - The Mom Song
Anna Kendrick - Get Back Up Again
Anna Kendrick - Move Your Feet D.A.N.C.E. It's A Sunshine Day
Anna Zagorski - Leftover Pizza
Anndi McAfee & Aria Noelle Curzon - If We Hold on Together
Anne Hathaway - Great Big World
Annette Funicello - Pineapple Princess
Anthony Gonzalez - Proud Corazón
Anthony Rapp - T.E.A.M. The Baseball Game
Antonio Banderas - Cheesybreadville
Ants Ants Ants - Ants
Ants Ants Ants - Are We There Yet
Ants Ants Ants - Blue
Ants Ants Ants - Christmas Time
Ants Ants Ants - Dance, Robot Dance!
Ants Ants Ants - Helicopter Leaves
Ants Ants Ants - I Spy
Ants Ants Ants - Morning Song
Ants Ants Ants - Pinwheel
Ants Ants Ants - Robot Reprise
Ants Ants Ants - Robot, Robot
Ants Ants Ants - Six Pickup Sticks
Ants Ants Ants - Stars
Ants Ants Ants - The Robot Suite
Ants Ants Ants - Where Does the Moon Go
Ants Ants Ants - Why Why Why
Ants Ants Ants - Willow Tree
Arcade Fire - Baby Mine
Archie Bell and The Drells - I Can't Stop Dancing
Archie Bell and The Drells - Tighten Up
Aretha Franklin - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
Aretha Franklin - Respect
Aria Noelle Curzon, Anndi McAfee, Thomas Dekker & Jeff Bennett - Imaginary Friend
Ariana Grande - Zero To Hero
Arlo Guthrie - Apple Pie
Arlo Guthrie - Henny Penny
Arlo Guthrie - Little Red Hen
Arlo Guthrie - Little Red Riding Hood
Arlo Guthrie - The Boy Who Turned Himself Into A Peanut
Arlo Guthrie - The Dog And The Bone
Arlo Guthrie - The Gingerbread Boy
Arlo Guthrie - The Hare And The Turtle
Arlo Guthrie - The House That Jack Built
Arlo Guthrie - The Lion And The Mouse
Arlo Guthrie - The Princess And The Pea
Arlo Guthrie - The Three Bears
Arlo Guthrie - The Wind And The Sun
Arlo Guthrie - Three Billy Goats Gruff
Arlo Guthrie - Three Little Pigs
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal
Art Carney - Flop, Mop, Cotton and Pete
Artist Unknown - Herman The Worm
Aselin Debison - Over the Rainbow What a Wonderful World (Medley)
Asylum Street Spankers - Be Like You
Asylum Street Spankers - Boogers
Asylum Street Spankers - Don't Turn Out the Light
Asylum Street Spankers - Everybody Loves My Baby
Asylum Street Spankers - Mommy Says No!
Asylum Street Spankers - Sidekick
Asylum Street Spankers - Sliver
Asylum Street Spankers - Super Frog
Asylum Street Spankers - Think About Your Troubles
Asylum Street Spankers - Training Wheel Rag
Asylum Street Spankers - When I Grow Up (Part 2)
Auli'i Cravalho - How Far I'll Go
Auli'i Cravalho - Part of Your World (From The Little Mermaid Live!)
Avicii - Wake Me Up
Awele Makeba - Why Dogs Hate Cats
Awena Burgess - Erev shel shoshanim
BC52's - Meet The Flintstones
BIELKA - Oï ou haiou
BIELKA - Spi, mladiéniéts, moï priékrasnyï
BLEU - Snow Day
Babe The Blue Ox - Surfin’ Minnesota
Baby Gramps - Never Swat A Fly
Baby Looney Tunes - D-A-F-F-Y
Baby Looney Tunes - If You're Looney And You Know It
Baby Looney Tunes - Looney Tune Too
Baby Looney Tunes - Over By The Burrow
Baby Looney Tunes - Paws And Feathers
Baby Looney Tunes - Twinkle Baby Looney Star
Baby Lullaby - Baa Baa Black Sheep
Baby Lullaby - Baby Einstein Music
Baby Lullaby - Baby Lullabies
Baby Lullaby - Baby Lullaby
Baby Lullaby - Baby Music
Baby Lullaby - Baby Sleep
Baby Lullaby - Baby Songs
Baby Lullaby - Brahms Lullaby
Baby Lullaby - Calm Piano
Baby Lullaby - Classical Piano
Baby Lullaby - Deep Sleep
Baby Lullaby - Frere Jacques
Baby Lullaby - Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry
Baby Lullaby - London Bridge Is Falling Down
Baby Lullaby - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Baby Lullaby - Newborn Baby Sleep Aid
Baby Lullaby - Nightime Music for Babies
Baby Lullaby - Piano for Baby
Baby Lullaby - Relaxing Piano
Baby Lullaby - Rock a Bye Baby
Baby Lullaby - Row Row Row Your Boat
Baby Lullaby - Skip to My Lou
Baby Lullaby - Sleep Baby Sleep
Baby Lullaby - Sleep Like a Baby
Baby Lullaby - Sleeping Music
Baby Lullaby - Soft Piano
Baby Lullaby - Soothing Piano
Baby Lullaby - The ABC Song
Baby Lullaby - The Farmer in the Dell
Baby Lullaby - The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Baby Lullaby - The Wheels on the Bus
Baby Lullaby - This Old Man
Baby Lullaby - Thre Blind Mice
Baby Lullaby - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baby Music - Alouette
Baby Music - Baa Baa Black Sheep
Baby Music - Baby Einstein Music
Baby Music - Baby Lullabies
Baby Music - Baby Lullaby
Baby Music - Baby Music
Baby Music - Baby Sleep
Baby Music - Baby Songs
Baby Music - Brahms Lullaby
Baby Music - Calm Piano
Baby Music - Classical Piano
Baby Music - Deep Sleep
Baby Music - Frere Jacques
Baby Music - Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry
Baby Music - London Bridge Is Falling Down
Baby Music - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Baby Music - Newborn Baby Sleep Aid
Baby Music - Nightime Music for Babies
Baby Music - Pachelbel Canon In D
Baby Music - Piano for Baby
Baby Music - Relaxing Piano
Baby Music - Rock a Bye Baby
Baby Music - Row Row Row Your Boat
Baby Music - Skip to My Lou
Baby Music - Sleep Baby Sleep
Baby Music - Sleep Like a Baby
Baby Music - Sleeping Music
Baby Music - Soft Piano
Baby Music - Soothing Piano
Baby Music - The Abc Song
Baby Music - The Farmer in the Dell
Baby Music - The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Baby Music - The Wheels on the Bus
Baby Music - This Old Man
Baby Music - Three Blind Mice
Baby Music - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baby Sleep Music - Alouette
Baby Sleep Music - Baby Lullabies
Baby Sleep Music - Baby Lullaby
Baby Sleep Music - Baby Music
Baby Sleep Music - Baby Sleep Music
Baby Sleep Music - Brahms Lullaby
Baby Sleep Music - Frere Jacques
Baby Sleep Music - Hush Little Baby
Baby Sleep Music - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Baby Sleep Music - London Bridge Is Falling Down
Baby Sleep Music - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Baby Sleep Music - Music For Babies
Baby Sleep Music - Naptime Music
Baby Sleep Music - Newborn Baby Sleep Aid
Baby Sleep Music - Nursery Rhymes
Baby Sleep Music - Old McDonald Had a Farm
Baby Sleep Music - Piano Lullabies
Baby Sleep Music - Relaxing Music
Baby Sleep Music - Rock a Bye Baby
Baby Sleep Music - Row Row Row Your Boat
Baby Sleep Music - Sleeping Music
Baby Sleep Music - Soft Piano
Baby Sleep Music - There Blind Mice
Baby Sleep Music - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baby Sleep Music - Wheels on the Bus
Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Barbara Brousal - I Wonder
Barbra Streisand - A Child Is Born
Barenaked Ladies - A Word For That
Barenaked Ladies - Crazy ABC's
Barenaked Ladies - Grim Grinning Ghosts
Barenaked Ladies - If I Had $1,000,000
Barenaked Ladies - One Little Slip (From Chicken Little)
Barenaked Ladies - The Other Day I Met A Bear
Bari Koral - Apple Tree
Bari Koral - Back to the Farm
Bari Koral - Bee
Bari Koral - Best Friends
Bari Koral - Big Sounds
Bari Koral - Big Truck
Bari Koral - Birthday
Bari Koral - Boom Boom
Bari Koral - Clap It!
Bari Koral - Colors
Bari Koral - Dance All Day
Bari Koral - Dancing Bear
Bari Koral - Fall Down
Bari Koral - Give A Hug
Bari Koral - Hey Ducky
Bari Koral - Pop
Bari Koral - Roller Coaster
Bari Koral - Sisters & Brothers
Bari Koral - Subway
Bari Koral - The Backpack Song
Bari Koral - Uh Oh
Bari Koral - When I'm Five
Bari Koral - YesNo
Bark - We Can All Be Dinosaurs
Barney Saltzberg - Goodnight
Barney Saltzberg - In My Arms
Barney Saltzberg - It's Time To Say Goodnight
Barney Saltzberg - Lovely Lullabies
Barney Saltzberg - Moon & Stars
Barney Saltzberg - Slumberland
Barney Saltzberg - Snoozles
Barney Saltzberg - Someone's Sleepy
Barney Saltzberg - Tell Me Another Story
Barney Saltzberg - The Last Lullaby
Barney Saltzberg - The Song My Mother Sang To Me
Barney Saltzberg - goodnight Kisses
Baron Von Rumblebuss - (It Wuzza) Boo-Boo
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Agreeably Loud
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Boulderboy
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Did You See (Where the Cat Threw Up, Cuz the Cat Threw Up Again)
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Galaxy Now!
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Helicopter
Baron Von Rumblebuss - I'm From Space
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Ooh La La (Play Me That Song)
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Skywriter
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Sounds Amazing!
Baron Von Rumblebuss - The Sound is the Thing
Baron Von Rumblebuss - Wait
Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You
Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing
Bears And Lions - Airplanes
Bears and Lions - Animal Land
Bears and Lions - Get What You Get
Bears and Lions - Hercules
Bears and Lions - Lighthouse
Bears and Lions - Little Boat
Bears and Lions - Merman Named Jim
Bears and Lions - Navigate
Bears and Lions - Pirate Pete
Bears and Lions - Setting Sun
Beatriz Pichi Malen - Canción Para Dormir a un Niño
Beau Black - A Beautiful Day (Ni Siku Nzuri)
Beau Black - Another Ride
Beau Black - Here Comes the Lion Guard
Beau Black - It Is Time
Beau Black - Way Out Miles From Tomorrowland Theme
Bebe Rexha - You Can't Stop The Girl (From Disney's Maleficent Mistress of Evil)
Beck - Super Cool (feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island)
Ben Folds - Broken Piano
Ben Rudnick and Friends - A Frog Named Sam
Ben Rudnick and Friends - Coney Island Crazy
Ben Rudnick and Friends - I Got a New Friend
Ben Rudnick and Friends - Love Is a Superpower
Ben Rudnick and Friends - Macaroni and Cheese
Ben Rudnick and Friends - My Horse
Ben Rudnick and Friends - Race Car
Ben Rudnick and Friends - Reading a Book
Ben Rudnick and Friends - The Adventure Song
Ben Rudnick and Friends - When Something's Got You Terribly Blue
Bent Bolt & The Nuts - The Mechanical Man
Best Coast - Christmas And Everyday
Best Coast - The Only Place
Best Coast - When I'm With You
Betsy Cathcart - Somewhere Out There (An American TailSoundtrack Version)
Bette Midler - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Better Than Ezra - Conjunction Junction
Beyonce - Love On Top (KPL Edit)
Beyonce - Rise Up
Beyoncé - SPIRIT (From Disney's The Lion King)
Big Block Singsong - Abominable Snowman
Big Block Singsong - Amazing
Big Block Singsong - Astronaut
Big Block Singsong - Bat
Big Block Singsong - Beats
Big Block Singsong - Better Together
Big Block Singsong - Better Way
Big Block Singsong - Big Foot
Big Block Singsong - Birthday
Big Block Singsong - Brave
Big Block Singsong - Cat
Big Block Singsong - Caveman
Big Block Singsong - Chef
Big Block Singsong - Chickens
Big Block Singsong - Clown
Big Block Singsong - Colourful Day
Big Block Singsong - Counting
Big Block Singsong - Cowboy
Big Block Singsong - Different
Big Block Singsong - Dog
Big Block Singsong - Ears
Big Block Singsong - Eat
Big Block Singsong - Eyeballs
Big Block Singsong - Family
Big Block Singsong - Farmer
Big Block Singsong - Frog
Big Block Singsong - Fruit
Big Block Singsong - Fun
Big Block Singsong - Germs
Big Block Singsong - Give a Little
Big Block Singsong - Good
Big Block Singsong - Gorilla Gorilla
Big Block Singsong - Hair
Big Block Singsong - Happy
Big Block Singsong - Here We Go
Big Block Singsong - Junk Food
Big Block Singsong - La Tee Dah
Big Block Singsong - Loud
Big Block Singsong - Mad
Big Block Singsong - Magician
Big Block Singsong - Monkey
Big Block Singsong - Moose
Big Block Singsong - Moustachios
Big Block Singsong - Move It
Big Block Singsong - Noses
Big Block Singsong - Octopus
Big Block Singsong - Owl
Big Block Singsong - Pirate
Big Block Singsong - Princess
Big Block Singsong - Robot
Big Block Singsong - Rock & Roll
Big Block Singsong - Sad
Big Block Singsong - Shapes
Big Block Singsong - Skills
Big Block Singsong - Sleep
Big Block Singsong - Slug
Big Block Singsong - Space Friends
Big Block Singsong - Spectacular
Big Block Singsong - Spider
Big Block Singsong - Super Duper
Big Block Singsong - Technology
Big Block Singsong - Teeth
Big Block Singsong - Time Traveller
Big Block Singsong - Toes
Big Block Singsong - Try
Big Block Singsong - Underwater
Big Block Singsong - Vikings
Big Block Singsong - Waiting
Big Block Singsong - Wilderness
Bill Conti - How Far I'll Fly
Bill Farmer - Nobody Else But You
Bill Haley And His Comets - (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
Bill Harley - 50 Ways To Fool Your Mother
Bill Harley - A Cowboy's Life
Bill Harley - A Light that Always Shines
Bill Harley - A Walk Around The Block
Bill Harley - Abiyoyo
Bill Harley - Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round
Bill Harley - Ain't You Got a Right to the Tree of Life
Bill Harley - Bellybutton
Bill Harley - Big Big World
Bill Harley - Black Socks
Bill Harley - Bucket of Beans, Clarisse, And the Bubble Machine
Bill Harley - Calypso Freedom
Bill Harley - Come by Here
Bill Harley - Cool In School
Bill Harley - Copycat
Bill Harley - Dad Threw The TV Out The Window
Bill Harley - Dog Named Bo
Bill Harley - Don't You Just Know It
Bill Harley - Down in the Backpack
Bill Harley - Echo
Bill Harley - Everybody Says Freedom
Bill Harley - Everybody's a Baby 'bout Something
Bill Harley - Everything is Music
Bill Harley - Freddy the Fly Eating Frog
Bill Harley - Get on Board, Children
Bill Harley - Give Me Back My Hat
Bill Harley - Go to Sleep, Little Daddy
Bill Harley - Guide My Feet
Bill Harley - He Got Up Again
Bill Harley - Hideous Sweater
Bill Harley - Hold on (Keep Your Eyes on the Prize)
Bill Harley - How the Town Around the Bend Got Its Name
Bill Harley - I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table
Bill Harley - I'm Not Small
Bill Harley - I'm Your Pillow
Bill Harley - I'm on My Way
Bill Harley - If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus
Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too
Bill Harley - It's A Long Way
Bill Harley - It's Not Fair to Me
Bill Harley - Look Out Your Window
Bill Harley - Macaroni and Cheese
Bill Harley - Milky Way
Bill Harley - Mom and the Radio
Bill Harley - Monsters In The Bathroom
Bill Harley - Moon And Me
Bill Harley - Most Valuable Player
Bill Harley - Moving Day
Bill Harley - My Eraser
Bill Harley - Nighty Noodles (Again)
Bill Harley - Nighty Noodles
Bill Harley - Nighty Noodles
Bill Harley - Oh Freedom
Bill Harley - Oh No, Not Again
Bill Harley - One Little Step Towards Freedom
Bill Harley - Put Your Helmet On
Bill Harley - Sing Mandela Free
Bill Harley - Sitting Down To Eat
Bill Harley - So Long My Mom
Bill Harley - Stinkeye
Bill Harley - Strawberry Peach Sky
Bill Harley - Swimming
Bill Harley - That's What Friends Are For
Bill Harley - The Billboard Song
Bill Harley - The Freedom Bird
Bill Harley - The King of Calibar
Bill Harley - The Love of the Game
Bill Harley - There Goes My Brother Again
Bill Harley - There's a Light in You
Bill Harley - There's a Pea on my Plate
Bill Harley - Things Will Look Better in the Morning
Bill Harley - This Little Light
Bill Harley - Tsenzenina
Bill Harley - Tue Tue
Bill Harley - Up over My Head
Bill Harley - Wacko Wacko Woo
Bill Harley - Wade In The Water
Bill Harley - Warning About Jumping on Beds
Bill Harley - We Shall Overcome
Bill Harley - What's the Matter with You
Bill Harley - When I grow Up
Bill Harley - Why Kids Sing to Their Parents
Bill Harley - Why Pillows Sing
Bill Harley - Woke up This Morning With My Mind on Freedom
Bill Harley - You Should Have Been There
Bill Harley - You're Driving Me Crazy
Bill Harley - You're In Trouble
Bill Murray - The Bare Necessities
Bill Nighy - Make Someone Happy
Billy Crystal - If I Didn't Have You (From Monsters, Inc.)
Billy De Wolfe - Dudley Pippin And The Principal
Billy DeMarcus - Drac's Back
Billy Eichner - Hakuna Matata
Billy Joel - Why Should I Worry (from 'Oliver & Company' OST)
Billy Joel - You're Only Human (Second Wind)
Billy Jonas - Alien in My Lungs
Billy Jonas - Bear to the Left
Billy Jonas - Brush Your Teeth
Billy Jonas - Build It Back Again
Billy Jonas - Cabeza
Billy Jonas - Caveman
Billy Jonas - Eat Something
Billy Jonas - Eyes Wide Open
Billy Jonas - Get There
Billy Jonas - Hairy Things
Billy Jonas - Happy Accident
Billy Jonas - Hollow Bamboo
Billy Jonas - I Mean
Billy Jonas - I Spy
Billy Jonas - I Want To Know
Billy Jonas - It's Good For You And Good For Me
Billy Jonas - Knock Knock
Billy Jonas - LMNOP Break
Billy Jonas - Lean On Me
Billy Jonas - Maybe Maybe Not
Billy Jonas - Monkeys Driving Cars
Billy Jonas - Nine-foot Dragon and a Four-foot Boy
Billy Jonas - Nocturnal
Billy Jonas - Old St. Helen
Billy Jonas - One Tutu Too Many
Billy Jonas - Open Sesame
Billy Jonas - Pharaoh Pharaoh
Billy Jonas - Some Houses
Billy Jonas - To Be One
Billy Jonas - Tongo!
Billy Jonas - Totally Ready to Go
Billy Jonas - Vitamin Alphabet
Billy Jonas - Watermelon
Billy Jonas - What Kind of Cat Are You!
Billy Jonas - What Kind of Dog Are You!
Billy Jonas - Who's Gonna Make Our Music
Billy Jonas - You Are Not Alone
Billy Kelly - (Let Me Tell You) What I Like About You
Billy Kelly - A Doozy of a Christmas Eve
Billy Kelly - A School in Dreamland
Billy Kelly - Bonsai
Billy Kelly - Dear Santa Claus (Won't You Give Me Just One More Chance)
Billy Kelly - Don't Tell Me That I Don't Know What I Know
Billy Kelly - Don't Worry About the Government
Billy Kelly - Escape from Mindless Pop Song
Billy Kelly - Everybody's Going Out to Play
Billy Kelly - Glebells Jing!
Billy Kelly - I Can't Get Away from Myself
Billy Kelly - I Don't Know!
Billy Kelly - It's an Illusion
Billy Kelly - Jigsaw
Billy Kelly - Let's Make Christmas Last
Billy Kelly - Mindless Pop Song
Billy Kelly - Mr. Blue Sky
Billy Kelly - Oh My Dog
Billy Kelly - People Really Like Milk
Billy Kelly - S-N-O-W-M-A-N (Snowman!)
Billy Kelly - Springtime It's My Favorite
Billy Kelly - Thank You for Joining the Happy Club
Billy Kelly - That's How You Know It's Christmas
Billy Kelly - There's Nothing Like My Town
Billy Kelly - This Is The First Song
Billy Kelly - Where's My Sweater
Billy Kelly - You Made Me a Sock Monkey
Birdy - Learn Me Right
Bis - The Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)
Biz Markie - The Energy Blues
Black Violin - Impossible is Possible
Blind Melon - No Rain
Blind Melon - Three Is a Magic Number
Blondie - Dreaming
Blue October - Jump Rope
Bob Dorough & Friends - Schoolhouse Rocky (Original Theme Music)
Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster Mash
Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin
Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
Bonga & The Vodou Drums Of Haiti - Activity
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Dragon Song
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
Bowling for Soup - Jimmy Neutron Theme
Bowling for Soup - The Bare Necessities (Pop Version)
Boxtop Jenkins - Barry Blue Berry
Boxtop Jenkins - Five Little Monkeys (feat. Shawn Mullins)
Boxtop Jenkins - Gettin' Down On Halloween
Boxtop Jenkins - Have a Ball !
Boxtop Jenkins - I Luv-a You (feat. Dean)
Boxtop Jenkins - My Uncle Is an Ant
Boxtop Jenkins - Rattlin' Rattlin' Bones (feat. Shawn Mullins)
Boxtop Jenkins - Swingin' Monkeys
Boxtop Jenkins - The Crocodile (Wouldn't Brush His Teeth)
Boxtop Jenkins - Tick-Tick-Tock
Boxtop Jenkins - Toast and Jelly (feat. Shawn Mullins)
Boxtop Jenkins - Wag More (feat. Indigo Girls)
Boyzone - Shooting Star
Brad Kane - A Whole New World
Brad Kane - One Jump Ahead
Brad Paisley - Copycat
Brad Paisley - Find Yourself Original Version
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - 'Til My Dying Day
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Again!
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Baby New Year
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Bathtub Soup
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Bein' with You
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Bling Blang
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Bumblin' Bumblin Bee
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Can't Sit Still
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Chain Reaction
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Christmas Peace
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Christmas Wishes
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Clean-O
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Cookin' Saturday
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Dance 'Til I Drop
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Different is Beautiful (Like a Rainbow)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Different is Beautiful (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Diggin up a Dinosaur
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Dilly Dally Daisy
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Ding Dong
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Don't Knock It 'Til You Try It
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Don't You Push Me Down
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Drawing on the Sidewalk
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Dress in Blue
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Drop in the Bucket
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Eatin' Animal Crackers
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Every Day Is a Birthday
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Fly, Boy
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Full Moon Walk
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Get Back Home
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Get This Party Started
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Gettin' My Ya Ya's Out
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Good Morning Gus
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Good Night, Daisy
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Hanukkah Rocks
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Happy Birthday Around the World (Karaoke Version)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Happy Birthday Around the World
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Here Come My Teeth
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Hey, Mr. Moonlight
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Hold This Home Together
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Holiday Jam
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Hush, My Child
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - I Don't Like Change
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - I Found It!
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - I Spin
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - I Surprised Myself
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - I'm Coming Out
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - I'm a Little Raindrop
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Ice Cream Girl
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Instead of Watching My Tv
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - It Was a Saturday Night
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - It's All How You Look at It
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - It's Christmastime
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - It's a Beauty
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Jump Up (It's a Good Day)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Just Say Hi!
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Keep Your Wiggle Alive
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Keep up with You
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Last Night in Utero
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Light of Love
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Little Sacka Sugar
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Look at My Belly
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Look in Your Pocket
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Love Me for Who I Am
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Mama Don't Allow
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Mama Hug (Karaoke Version)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Mama Hug
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Me on the Map
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Meet the Musicians
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - My Big Bed
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - My Home
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - My Moon Song
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - New Accordions
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Off to Bed
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - One Day by the Riverside
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - One Little Letter
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - One True You
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Peace Be To All
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Pet Song (We Thank You)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Picky Eater
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Pie
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Press Play
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Rainbow Candles
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Red Piano Rag
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Revvin' Up the Reindeer
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Road Trip
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Rock n Roll Mother Goose (Karaoke Version)
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Rock n Roll Mother Goose
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Rocking Chair
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Side by Side
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Sleepy Song
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Smiles for Everyone
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Snippets
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - So Many Ideas
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Soft Things
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Squish Me Squeeze Me
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Stick up Stand Up
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Stumble into Our Light
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Switcheroo Day
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Thank You for Being You
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - The Land of Dreams
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - The Little Band That Could
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - The Only One
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - The Relatives Came
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - The Smile Shop
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - The Way It Should Be
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Time to Brush Our Teeth
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Tomorrow's People
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Trim the Tree
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Tune Out
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Turn the World Around
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Under the Bed
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Under the Big Umbrella
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Untanglin' the Christmas Lights
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Upside Down Boy
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Walkin' Shoes
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Water, Sand, Blocks and Clay
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Well May the World Go
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Who Wants to Wear Shoes
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - With a Little Help from My Friends
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Words That I Know
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - You Can Get It If You Really Want
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - You Do You
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - You Gotta Eat Your Fruits
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Your Love Turns the World Around
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - Your Smile
Brave Combo - The Hokey Pokey
Brenda Lee - Papa Noel
Brian Setzer - Jingle Bells
Brian Setzer - Run Rudolph Run
Brian Wilson - Baby Mine
Brian Wilson - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Brian Wilson - Colors of the Wind
Brian Wilson - Heigh-Ho Whistle While You Work Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) (Medley)
Brian Wilson - I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Brian Wilson - Kiss the Girl
Brian Wilson - Stay Awake
Brian Wilson - The Bare Necessities
Brian Wilson - We Belong Together
Brian Wilson - When You Wish Upon a Star
Brian Wilson - You've Got a Friend in Me
Brooke White - Never Grow up (feat. Daniel Tashian)
Brooks & Dunn - Keep On Swinging (Album Version)
Brooks & Dunn - Swing It (Album Version)
Bruce Springsteen - Chicken Lips And Lizard Hips
Bruno Mars - Count on Me (EP Version)
Buck Howdy - Baked Beans
Buckner & Garcia - Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph
Bucky Covington - You'll Be In My Heart Album Version
Buffalo Tom - Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here
Bugs Bunny & Friends - Have Yourself A Looney Christmas
Bugs Bunny & Friends - The Christmas Song
Bunga - Bunga the Wise
Bunga - Zuka Zama
Burl Ives - A Holly Jolly Christmas
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - Cloudland Canyon
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - Dream a Little Dream
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - Dreamin'
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - Fly Away
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - Rock into the Night
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - Sleep Sleep Sleep
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - The Journey
Burt Wolff & Joe Wolff - The Sweetest Song
Butterfly Boucher - Changes
Butterfly Boucher - I'm Different
Bzots - Power Down
CAKE - Mahna Mahna
CCBB - Roses Of Success
CYN - Moment Of Truth
Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come To My House
Caetano Fernandez - The Strawberry Fairy
Cam Clarke - We Are One
Camilla And The Chickens - Forget You
Camille Harris - Baby on the Subway
Camille Harris - Chopsticks
Camille Harris - Get up and Try Again
Camille Harris - Lullaby
Camille Harris - Muffin Man
Camille Harris - Old MacDonald
Camille Harris - Procrastination Song (Untitled)
Camille Harris - The Aegean Sea
Camille Harris - The Backwards Alphabet
Camille Harris - The Jiggly Wiggly
Camille Harris - The Wheels on the Bus
Camille Harris - Twinkle TwinkleBaa Baa Black SheepAbc's Medley
Camille Saint-SaensWurttemberg Chamber Orchestra HeilbronnJorg FaerberMarylene DosseAnne Petit - Carnival of the Animals, XIII. the Swan
Captain Bogg & Salty - Bunnyjacks
Captain Bogg & Salty - Don't Drink Sea Water
Captain Bogg & Salty - Emphatical Piratical
Captain Bogg & Salty - Frogg Island
Captain Bogg & Salty - Never Smile at a Crocodile
Captain Bogg & Salty - Port Side
Captain Bogg & Salty - Purple Tiki
Captain Bogg & Salty - Sea Monster II
Captain Bogg & Salty - The Plank Walker
Captain Bogg & Salty - Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold
Captain Bogg & Salty - Waltz of the Waves
Captain Bogg & Salty - Who's at Captain's Table
Carl Perkins - All Mama's Children
Carlinhos Brown - Bola Viva
Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling
Carly Simon - A Pavane for the Nursery
Carly Simon - A Red, Red Rose
Carly Simon - Calico Pie
Carly Simon - I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Carly Simon - Sleep Baby, Sleep
Carly Simon - The Lamb
Carly Simon - The Lamplighter
Carly Simon - The Lobster Quadrille
Carly Simon - The Owl and the Pussycat
Carly Simon - Who Has Seen the Wind
Carly Simon - Wynken, Blynken and Nod
Carmen Twillie - Circle of Life
Carole King - Beautiful
Carrie Lyn - The Pansy Fairy
Carrie Underwood - Ever Ever After
Carter Burwell - Lost Fur
Caspar Babypants - $9.99
Caspar Babypants - A Dancing Tree
Caspar Babypants - A Thousand Tiny Doughnuts
Caspar Babypants - All Of Your Life
Caspar Babypants - All That I Have Got
Caspar Babypants - All Together Now
Caspar Babypants - All You Need Is Love
Caspar Babypants - All You Pretty Babies
Caspar Babypants - All the Fish
Caspar Babypants - Alphabet Christmas Lullaby
Caspar Babypants - Always Keep a Ukulele in Your Trunk
Caspar Babypants - Annabelle Pancake
Caspar Babypants - Another Head Hits The Pillow
Caspar Babypants - Ant's Can't Dance
Caspar Babypants - Anything for You My Love
Caspar Babypants - Anytime at All
Caspar Babypants - Ba Ba Black Sheep
Caspar Babypants - Babies Little Self (feat. Jen Wood)
Caspar Babypants - Baby Bear
Caspar Babypants - Baby Cloud (feat. Rachel Loshak)
Caspar Babypants - Baby You're a Rich Man
Caspar Babypants - Baby and the Animals
Caspar Babypants - Baby in a Corn Tree
Caspar Babypants - Baby of Mine
Caspar Babypants - Baby's Getting Up
Caspar Babypants - Bad Blue Jay
Caspar Babypants - Banana Bread
Caspar Babypants - Be in the Sea
Caspar Babypants - Because I Love You
Caspar Babypants - Bedtime Blues
Caspar Babypants - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
Caspar Babypants - Beneath the Water
Caspar Babypants - Billy Pringle
Caspar Babypants - Bird in an Airplane Suit
Caspar Babypants - Birthday
Caspar Babypants - Blackberry Pie
Caspar Babypants - Blackbird
Caspar Babypants - Bold Little Bird
Caspar Babypants - Bookworm
Caspar Babypants - Boot Got Grounded
Caspar Babypants - Bounce Your Baby
Caspar Babypants - Bright Bug
Caspar Babypants - Bring My Chimpy Home
Caspar Babypants - Brown and Lonely Worm
Caspar Babypants - Bubble Rap
Caspar Babypants - Buckeye Jim
Caspar Babypants - Bug in the Cuff
Caspar Babypants - Bunny Brown
Caspar Babypants - Butterfly Driving a Truck
Caspar Babypants - Bye Bye Day
Caspar Babypants - Call the Crooked Crows
Caspar Babypants - Calling from Clouds (feat. Jen Wood)
Caspar Babypants - Candle in the Snow
Caspar Babypants - Candy Cane
Caspar Babypants - Check It Out
Caspar Babypants - Chicken in the Cornbread
Caspar Babypants - Cotton Eyed Joe
Caspar Babypants - Counting Sheep
Caspar Babypants - Cozy
Caspar Babypants - Crawl
Caspar Babypants - Crazy Blue Beetle
Caspar Babypants - Cricket the King
Caspar Babypants - Cry Baby Cry
Caspar Babypants - Cut That Coconut Down
Caspar Babypants - Dark of Night (feat. Elizabeth Mitchell)
Caspar Babypants - Day Is Gone
Caspar Babypants - Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne)
Caspar Babypants - Dear Prudence
Caspar Babypants - Deck the Halls
Caspar Babypants - Deep in the Dirt
Caspar Babypants - Diggin' with the Clams
Caspar Babypants - Disco Hippo
Caspar Babypants - Does The Moon Hang Low
Caspar Babypants - Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone
Caspar Babypants - Dragonfly Blue
Caspar Babypants - Drift off in Time
Caspar Babypants - Drive My Car
Caspar Babypants - Dropped My Lollypop
Caspar Babypants - Drowsy Dopey Dozy Dog
Caspar Babypants - Ducky is the Name of My Bike
Caspar Babypants - Dust Mite
Caspar Babypants - Early Bird
Caspar Babypants - Early Morning Early Evening
Caspar Babypants - Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
Caspar Babypants - Eleanor The Elegant Elephant
Caspar Babypants - Emotional Robot
Caspar Babypants - Even Bugs Are Sleeping
Caspar Babypants - Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
Caspar Babypants - Everything Has a Song
Caspar Babypants - Fiddlehead Fern
Caspar Babypants - First Star
Caspar Babypants - Fly High Bright Firefly
Caspar Babypants - For You Blue
Caspar Babypants - Free Couch
Caspar Babypants - Free Like a Bird
Caspar Babypants - Freres Jaques
Caspar Babypants - Froggie Went a Courtin'
Caspar Babypants - Frozen Penguin
Caspar Babypants - Funny Bone
Caspar Babypants - Fuzz
Caspar Babypants - Fuzzy Wuzzy
Caspar Babypants - Go Go Go!
Caspar Babypants - Go Slow Sluggy
Caspar Babypants - Golden Slumbers
Caspar Babypants - Golden Sunset
Caspar Babypants - Good Day Sunshine
Caspar Babypants - Good Morning (Rise and Shine!)
Caspar Babypants - Goodnight
Caspar Babypants - Googly Eyes
Caspar Babypants - Got a Little Ghost
Caspar Babypants - Groggy Baby
Caspar Babypants - Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Caspar Babypants - Heard a Bird
Caspar Babypants - Helicopter
Caspar Babypants - Hello Goodbye
Caspar Babypants - Here Comes the Sun
Caspar Babypants - Hey Jude
Caspar Babypants - Hobo Baby
Caspar Babypants - Hold Fast Baby Barnacle
Caspar Babypants - Honey Pie
Caspar Babypants - Hush Little Baby
Caspar Babypants - I Don't Mind
Caspar Babypants - I Feel Better
Caspar Babypants - I Found You
Caspar Babypants - I Thought I Saw Bats
Caspar Babypants - I Wanna Be a Snowman
Caspar Babypants - I'm Only Sleeping
Caspar Babypants - I'm a Nut
Caspar Babypants - I've Been Sleepy on the Railroad
Caspar Babypants - Ice Cream Man
Caspar Babypants - If I Was A
Caspar Babypants - If You're Sleepy
Caspar Babypants - It's Been A Long Day
Caspar Babypants - It's Gonna Rain
Caspar Babypants - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Caspar Babypants - Jellyfish Jones
Caspar Babypants - Jingle Bells
Caspar Babypants - John Mousey
Caspar Babypants - Johnny Jackrabbit Jones
Caspar Babypants - Joy to the World
Caspar Babypants - Just A Kite
Caspar Babypants - Just Wondering
Caspar Babypants - Just for You
Caspar Babypants - Kangaroo
Caspar Babypants - Lady Madonna
Caspar Babypants - Lazy Daisy
Caspar Babypants - Let the S Go
Caspar Babypants - Light it Up
Caspar Babypants - Little Broken Truck
Caspar Babypants - Little Brown Pencil
Caspar Babypants - Little Child
Caspar Babypants - Little Ditty
Caspar Babypants - Little Sleeper
Caspar Babypants - London Bridge is Falling Apart
Caspar Babypants - Lonely Glove
Caspar Babypants - Long Long Dream
Caspar Babypants - Look At All These Elephants
Caspar Babypants - Looking Up
Caspar Babypants - Loud and Quiet (feat. Frances England)
Caspar Babypants - Love Me Do
Caspar Babypants - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Caspar Babypants - Lullaby In The Sky
Caspar Babypants - Made Up My Mind
Caspar Babypants - Made for You This Little Song
Caspar Babypants - Made of Light
Caspar Babypants - Mary and Her Friends
Caspar Babypants - Me and My Echo
Caspar Babypants - Me and You
Caspar Babypants - Messy Face
Caspar Babypants - Mister Cloud
Caspar Babypants - Mister Rabbit (feat. Charlie Hope)
Caspar Babypants - Mister Winter Bee
Caspar Babypants - Monkey River
Caspar Babypants - Moody Susan
Caspar Babypants - More Moles
Caspar Babypants - Mother Nature's Son
Caspar Babypants - Mud Puddle
Caspar Babypants - My Flea Has Dogs
Caspar Babypants - My Lullaby Got Too Loud
Caspar Babypants - My Pants Are on Vacation
Caspar Babypants - Mysterious Things
Caspar Babypants - No More Jumping
Caspar Babypants - Noodles and Butter
Caspar Babypants - O Christmas Tree
Caspar Babypants - Ob La Di Ob La Da
Caspar Babypants - Octopus's Garden
Caspar Babypants - On Top of a Mountain
Caspar Babypants - One After 909
Caspar Babypants - Pale Moon
Caspar Babypants - Penny Lane
Caspar Babypants - Piggies
Caspar Babypants - Poor Dust Bunnies
Caspar Babypants - Pop Goes the Weasel
Caspar Babypants - Pretty Crabby
Caspar Babypants - Pumpkin in the Pines
Caspar Babypants - Pushy the Tug
Caspar Babypants - Pussycat Pussycat
Caspar Babypants - Put Your Baby in the Air
Caspar Babypants - Rain And Thunder
Caspar Babypants - Rain Rain Come Today
Caspar Babypants - Rain
Caspar Babypants - Ramshackle
Caspar Babypants - Rattlesnake
Caspar Babypants - Rhymes with Orange
Caspar Babypants - Rig a Jig Jig
Caspar Babypants - Ring Around the Rosie
Caspar Babypants - Robin on a Wire
Caspar Babypants - Rock a Bye Baby
Caspar Babypants - Rocks and Flowers
Caspar Babypants - Roly Poly Buggy Ball
Caspar Babypants - Row Row Row Your Boat
Caspar Babypants - Rubber Ball
Caspar Babypants - Run Away
Caspar Babypants - Run Baby Run
Caspar Babypants - Sad Baby
Caspar Babypants - Say Farewell
Caspar Babypants - Scared Scare Crow
Caspar Babypants - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
Caspar Babypants - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Caspar Babypants - Shadow
Caspar Babypants - Shine It Up
Caspar Babypants - Shoo Fly
Caspar Babypants - Shortnin Bread (feat. Fysah Thomas)
Caspar Babypants - Silent Night
Caspar Babypants - Silly Bird
Caspar Babypants - Simple Symphony
Caspar Babypants - Sittin on this Rock
Caspar Babypants - Sittin' in a High Chair
Caspar Babypants - Skeletone
Caspar Babypants - Sleep Mister Sandman
Caspar Babypants - Sleeping Baby
Caspar Babypants - Sleepy Eyed
Caspar Babypants - Sleepy Head
Caspar Babypants - Sleepy Snail and Speedy Spider
Caspar Babypants - Sliver (feat. Krist Novoselic)
Caspar Babypants - Sliver Moon
Caspar Babypants - Small Bird
Caspar Babypants - Small Black Ant
Caspar Babypants - Snowman In The Summer
Caspar Babypants - Speedy Centipede
Caspar Babypants - Spider John
Caspar Babypants - Spiders Lullaby
Caspar Babypants - Stompy The Bear
Caspar Babypants - Strawberry Fields Forever
Caspar Babypants - Sugar Ant
Caspar Babypants - Summer Baby (Let It Ride)
Caspar Babypants - Sun Go (feat. Frances England)
Caspar Babypants - Sweepin' Broom
Caspar Babypants - Take It Easy
Caspar Babypants - Take the Sun
Caspar Babypants - Ten Little Piggies
Caspar Babypants - The Animal Lunch
Caspar Babypants - The Creatures Under My Bed
Caspar Babypants - The Cuckoo
Caspar Babypants - The End
Caspar Babypants - The Fool on the Hill
Caspar Babypants - The Frogs
Caspar Babypants - The Girl with the Squirrel in Her Hat
Caspar Babypants - The Island Hop
Caspar Babypants - The Land of Shush
Caspar Babypants - The Legend of the Bone
Caspar Babypants - The Littlest Worm
Caspar Babypants - The Runaway Shoes
Caspar Babypants - The Softest Guitar on the Moon
Caspar Babypants - The Stump Hotel
Caspar Babypants - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Caspar Babypants - The Word
Caspar Babypants - Them Bones (feat. Outtasite)
Caspar Babypants - There Was a Small Fly
Caspar Babypants - This Is the Way the Woods Wake Up
Caspar Babypants - This Old Whale
Caspar Babypants - Three Blind Mice
Caspar Babypants - Through Your Window
Caspar Babypants - Tiger Through the Trees
Caspar Babypants - Tiny Horse
Caspar Babypants - Too Dirty To Love
Caspar Babypants - Tumble
Caspar Babypants - Turtle Train
Caspar Babypants - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Caspar Babypants - Under a Rock
Caspar Babypants - Underground
Caspar Babypants - Undo Your Mind
Caspar Babypants - Unhuggable
Caspar Babypants - Up All Night
Caspar Babypants - Wanderin' Baby
Caspar Babypants - Watch Petunia Dance
Caspar Babypants - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Caspar Babypants - What Do You Find
Caspar Babypants - When I'm Sixty Four
Caspar Babypants - When a Penguin Moves to California
Caspar Babypants - Where Do You Go
Caspar Babypants - Where Oh Where
Caspar Babypants - Who in the Circus is Me
Caspar Babypants - Wide Bright Eyes
Caspar Babypants - Wild Wild Time
Caspar Babypants - Winter Party
Caspar Babypants - With a Little Help from My Friends
Caspar Babypants - Wonder Why You Hide
Caspar Babypants - Woods Behind My Home
Caspar Babypants - Yellow Submarine
Caspar Babypants - Yes and No
Caspar Babypants - You Are the Baby
Caspar Babypants - Your Mother Should Know
Cast - Frozen - Fixer Upper (From FrozenSoundtrack Version)
Cast - James And The Giant Peach - Family (From James and the Giant Peach Soundtrack Version)
Cast - ZOMBIES - Fired Up
Cast - ZOMBIES - Fired Up
Cast - ZOMBIES - My Year
Cast - ZOMBIES - My Year
Cast - ZOMBIES - Our Year
Cast Of Return Of Jafar - Nothing In The World (Quite Like A Friend)
Cat Doorman - All the Birds
Cat Doorman - Effervescing Elephant
Cat Doorman - Inspiration
Cat Doorman - Let's Get Dressed Up
Cat Doorman - Little Red Wagon
Cat Doorman - Lonely Girl
Cat Doorman - Madame Claire
Cat Doorman - Peaceful
Cat Doorman - So Many Words
Cat Doorman - Turn Around
Cat Doorman - Two Old Shoes
Cat Doorman - Wake Up
Cat Doorman - Whistling Song
Cat Doorman - With Linked Arms
Cat Doorman - Yeah!
Cat and a Bird - 150 Year Old Surfer Turtle
Cat and a Bird - Bat Bada Bing
Cat and a Bird - Bee Jive
Cat and a Bird - Butterfly
Cat and a Bird - Cat and a Bird
Cat and a Bird - I Wanna Be Like You
Cat and a Bird - Kangaroo
Cat and a Bird - Lion and the Challengers
Cat and a Bird - Night Owl
Cat and a Bird - Platypus
Cat and a Bird - Tadpole at Heart
Cat and a Bird - Thriller Caterpillar
Cathy & Marcy - Barnyard Dance
Cathy & Marcy - Hip-Hop Humpty Dumpty (feat. Christylez Bacon)
Cathy & Marcy - It's the Beatbox (feat. Christylez Bacon)
Cathy & Marcy - Jubilation (feat. Christylez Bacon)
Cathy & Marcy - Soup,Soup (feat. Christylez Bacon)
Cathy & Marcy - Syncopated Washboard Rhythm Song
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - The Rhythm Of The World
Cee-Lo - Kung Fu Fighting
Channing Tatum - Perfection
Chantal Grosleziat - Uélélé moilbé makasi
Chantal Habyalimana - Gato gato
Chantal Habyalimana - Injangwe yanjye
Chantal Habyalimana - Kabuye kaniye
Chantal Habyalimana - Nkwihoreze
Chantal Habyalimana - Yum maa yehii jaabe
Charity and the JAMband - Amazing Rocket Ship
Charity and the JAMband - Beach
Charity and the JAMband - Cake
Charity and the JAMband - Get Your Booty Out of Bed
Charity and the JAMband - Happy Birthday Baby
Charity and the JAMband - Happy Fluffy
Charity and the JAMband - Into Space
Charity and the JAMband - JAM Is
Charity and the JAMband - Juggle the Stars
Charity and the JAMband - Jump into the Middle
Charity and the JAMband - Moon Hug
Charity and the JAMband - Pancakes
Charity and the JAMband - Party
Charity and the JAMband - Peace Dream
Charity and the JAMband - Rock-a-Bye
Charity and the JAMband - Rockstar
Charity and the JAMband - Row Row Row Your Boat
Charity and the JAMband - So Long to the Day
Charity and the JAMband - Some More S'mores
Charity and the JAMband - Song in Your Heart
Charity and the JAMband - Super Hero
Charity and the JAMband - The Bird
Charity and the JAMband - The Reminder
Charity and the JAMband - Towel Tango
Charity and the JAMband - Travellin'
Charity and the JAMband - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Charity and the JAMband - We Are Stardust
Charity and the JAMband - We Need Mud
Charity and the JAMband - Whatcha Gonna Bring
Charity and the JAMband - Wish
Charles Kimbrough - A Guy Like You
Charles Perry - Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat
Charli XCX - Red Balloon (From The Home Soundtrack)
Charlie Hope - Alouette (feat. Caspar Babypants)
Charlie Hope - Ants Go Marching
Charlie Hope - Apples and Bananas
Charlie Hope - Barges
Charlie Hope - Best Friends
Charlie Hope - Best Part
Charlie Hope - Bingo
Charlie Hope - Blue Balloon
Charlie Hope - Brush Your Teeth
Charlie Hope - Cowboy Boots
Charlie Hope - Did You Ever See a Lassie
Charlie Hope - Down by the Bay
Charlie Hope - Dreamland
Charlie Hope - Every Little Star
Charlie Hope - Fire Truck
Charlie Hope - Five Green and Speckled Frogs
Charlie Hope - Five Little Ducks
Charlie Hope - Frog Song
Charlie Hope - From You
Charlie Hope - Frère Jacques
Charlie Hope - Go in and out Window
Charlie Hope - Happy Birthday to You
Charlie Hope - Happy Wanderer
Charlie Hope - Harmony (feat. Elizabeth Mitchell)
Charlie Hope - Hello Song
Charlie Hope - Here We Go Loopty Loo
Charlie Hope - Hot Air Balloon
Charlie Hope - I Can!
Charlie Hope - I Hear You Singing
Charlie Hope - I Love the Mountains
Charlie Hope - I'm Me!
Charlie Hope - If I Lie Here
Charlie Hope - If I Were a Bird
Charlie Hope - If I...
Charlie Hope - Land of the Silver Birch
Charlie Hope - Like an Evergreen
Charlie Hope - Little Green Frog
Charlie Hope - Little One
Charlie Hope - Little Rooster
Charlie Hope - Love Shining Inside Me
Charlie Hope - Loved
Charlie Hope - Miss Mary Mack
Charlie Hope - Mr. Sun
Charlie Hope - My Baby
Charlie Hope - My Balloon
Charlie Hope - My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
Charlie Hope - My Dog
Charlie Hope - My Teddy Bear and Me
Charlie Hope - Naptime
Charlie Hope - New Baby
Charlie Hope - Old MacDonald
Charlie Hope - One That I Love
Charlie Hope - Over in the Meadow
Charlie Hope - Picnic Party
Charlie Hope - Polly Wolly Doodle
Charlie Hope - Rain Song
Charlie Hope - Rainbow
Charlie Hope - Robin In the Rain
Charlie Hope - Roll Over
Charlie Hope - Row Row
Charlie Hope - Sailing, Sailing
Charlie Hope - Sally Go Round
Charlie Hope - See You Soon
Charlie Hope - Shadow
Charlie Hope - Skip to My Lou
Charlie Hope - So Free
Charlie Hope - Sun and Moon
Charlie Hope - Thank You
Charlie Hope - The Big Ship Sails
Charlie Hope - The Clouds Are Gonna Roll Away
Charlie Hope - The Grand Old Duke of York
Charlie Hope - The Green Grass Grew All Around
Charlie Hope - The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Charlie Hope - The More We Get Together
Charlie Hope - The Next Time I See You
Charlie Hope - There's a Little Wheel Turning in My Heart
Charlie Hope - This Little Light of Mine
Charlie Hope - This Old Man
Charlie Hope - Train Song
Charlie Hope - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Charlie Hope - Two Little Blackbirds
Charlie Hope - Up in a Tree
Charlie Hope - We'll Sing a Song
Charlie Hope - Welcome Song
Charlie Hope - What I Like To Do
Charlie Hope - Wheels on the Bus
Charlie Hope - When the Ice Worm Nests Again
Charlie Hope - With You (feat. Morgan Taylor)
Charlie Hope - Won't You Sing With Me
Charlie Hope - You Are My Sunshine
Charlie Hope - Zoom Zoom
Chavez - Little Twelvetoes
Cheryl Freeman - A Star Is Born
Cheryl Freeman - I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Cheryl Freeman - Zero To Hero
Cheryl Wheeler - Potato (KC305 Edit)
China Anne McClain - Dig a Little Deeper
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chiwetel Ejiofor - Be Prepared (2019)
Choo Choo Soul - ABC Gospel (Original Version)
Chris Assaad - Ground
Chris Classic - Witch Doctor
Chris Rice - Billy Joe McGuffrey
Chris Rock - Afro CircusI Like To Move It
Christina Aguilera - Haunted Heart
Christina Milian - Call Me, Beep Me! (The Kim Possible Song) (From Kim Possible )
Christopher Jackson - Where You Are
Christopher Walken - I Wan'na Be Like You (2016)
Christy Carlson Romano - Colors of the Wind
Chubby Checker - Doin' The Zombie
Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run (Single Version)
Chuei Yoshikawa - Asadoya Yunta
Chukie Tethong - Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Hum
Cindy Ramos - De abobora faz melao
Claude McKenzie - Assikuman-Tetapuakan
Claudia Martínez - Arriba Del Cielo
Click - It's The Click Heard Round The World
Coal Train Railroad - Do It Again
Cody Simpson - Shine Supernova
Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime
Combo Kings - Batman A Go Go
Company of SpongeBob SquarePants, The New Musical - SpongeBob SquarePants Theme
Corby T - Chugga Choo
Corby T - Fun in the Yard
Corby T - I've Got a Boat
Cordovan - Baby Elephant Walk
Cordovan - Glow Worm
Cordovan - Hush Little Baby
Cordovan - Lullaby
Cordovan - Old Macdonald
Cordovan - Panda Stroll
Cordovan - Pillowhead
Cordovan - Puff the Magic Dragon
Cordovan - Sir Bunny Meets the Queen
Cordovan - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Cordovan - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Cordovan - When You Wish Upon a Star
Cosmo Sheldrake - Come Along
Cozi Zuehlsdorff - Just One Day (From “Freaky Friday” the Disney Channel Original Movie)
Craig 'n Co. - Deli-Ightful
Craig 'n Co. - Piece of the Dream
Craig Taubman - Baby Sitter
Craig Taubman - Choices
Craig Taubman - Family
Craig Taubman - Haircut
Craig Taubman - Handy Dandy
Craig Taubman - I Like It
Craig Taubman - My Way
Craig Taubman - New Beginning
Craig Taubman - One
Craig Taubman - Seven Wonders
Craig Taubman - The Flu
Craig Taubman - Word Play
Craig Taubman - Working Together
Craig Wedren - Who Let the Dogs
Crazy Frog - Axel F
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
Curtis King - I Sing You A Song
D Lime - London Is The Place For Me
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Albuquerque Turkey
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Celery Cake
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Cowgirl
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Disco Dancing Panda
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Fish with a Wish
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Fishing at the Old Mill Pond
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Hungry Hungry Hobo Hands
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - I Love Bubbles
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Lego Block Robot
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Make Good Choices (And Play the Kazoo)
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Mystery of the Missing Shoe
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Nitpicker's Picnic
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Odiferousaurus
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Opa's Potatoes
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Pug with Opposable Thumbs
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Ralph Liked to Pick His Nose
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Reading Escapades
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Road Trip Video Game
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Scat Scat
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Sweetly Sings the Donkey
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Ten
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - The Hiccuping Hippopotamus (Hiccup-O-Potamus)
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - The Kitchen Drummer
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - The Song of the Goat and Dog
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - This Place Is a Zoo
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Train in the Sky
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Twice the Pirate
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Wrong End
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Yellow Rubber Boots
D.B. Rouse and the Blue Kazoo - Yon Yonson
DB Rouse - Trampoline Magazine
DCappella - All I Want for Christmas Is You
DCappella - Feliz Navidad
DCappella - Friend Like Me
DCappella - Here Comes Elastigirl - Elastigirl's Theme (A Cappella)
DCappella - How Far I'll Go
DCappella - I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
DCappella - Immortals
DCappella - Jingle Bell Rock
DCappella - Last Christmas
DCappella - Let It GoDo You Want to Build a Snowman
DCappella - Part of Your WorldA Whole New World
DCappella - Remember Me
DCappella - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
DCappella - Step in Time
DCappella - Trashin' the Camp
DCappella - When She Loved Me
DCappella - You'll Be in My Heart
DJ Khaled - I Believe (As featured in the Walt Disney Pictures' A WRINKLE IN TIME )
DJ WILLY WOW! - Buy Some Girl Scout Cookies
DJ WILLY WOW! - M.L.K. That Way!
DNCE - Forever
Dame Peggy Ashcroft - Incidents In The Life Of My Uncle Arly
Dan Auerbach - Run That Race
Dan Zanes & Aimee Mann - Night Owl
Dan Zanes & Andrew Bird - I Don't Need Sunny Skies
Dan Zanes & Barbara Brousal - Hello
Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell - Coney Island Avenue
Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell - Sail Away Ladies
Dan Zanes & Friends - Gary, Indiana The Wells Fargo Wagon
Dan Zanes & Friends - Goodnight, My Someone
Dan Zanes & Friends - Hill And Gully Rider
Dan Zanes & Friends - I Am What I Am
Dan Zanes & Friends - I Won't Grow Up
Dan Zanes & Friends - I'm Flying
Dan Zanes & Friends - Red Tail Hawk
Dan Zanes & Friends - Seventy Six Trombones
Dan Zanes & Friends - Summer Trains
Dan Zanes & Friends - Thank You
Dan Zanes & Friends - The Farmer Is The One
Dan Zanes & Friends - The Inch Worm
Dan Zanes & Friends - Tonight Tonight
Dan Zanes & Friends - You I Like
Dan Zanes & Friends - You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Angelique Kidjo - Jamaica Farewell
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Brian Stokes Mitchell - I Like Ev'rybody
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Carol Channing - Hello Dolly!
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. De'Adre Aziza - I Don't Need Anything But You
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Derick K. Grant - I Can Do That
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Father Goose - Big on Broadway
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Father Goose - Thumbelina
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Matthew Broderick - Before The Parade Passes By
Dan Zanes & Friends feat. Sonia De Los Santos - Tomorrow (Manana)
Dan Zanes & Friends with Andrew Bird - I Don't Need Sunny Skies
Dan Zanes & Friends with Barbara Brousal - Saro Jane
Dan Zanes & Friends with Bonga - La Siren
Dan Zanes & Friends with Donald Saaf - Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere
Dan Zanes & Friends with Father Goose - Jim Along Josie
Dan Zanes & Friends with Joan Osborne - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Dan Zanes & Friends with Sharon Jones - In The Basement
Dan Zanes & Friends with Shine - Wake Up Baby!
Dan Zanes & Friends with Tareq Abboushi - Salaam
Dan Zanes & Friends with the Sea Rascals - John Kanakanaka
Dan Zanes & Friends with the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars - Little Nut Tree
Dan Zanes & La Bruja - Pollito Chicken
Dan Zanes & The Rocket Ship Revue - Pay Me My Money Down
Dan Zanes & The Rocket Ship Revue - Wonder Wheel
Dan Zanes & The Villa-Lobos Brothers - Colas
Dan Zanes - All Around The Kitchen (Video Version)
Dan Zanes - Bam Bam
Dan Zanes - Catch That Train
Dan Zanes - Flying Machine
Dan Zanes - Green, Green Rocky Road
Dan Zanes - House Party Time
Dan Zanes - Jump Up (Video Version)
Dan Zanes - Let's Shake
Dan Zanes - Skip To My Lou
Dan Zanes - Smile Smile Smile
Dan Zanes - Summer Trains
Dan Zanes, Father Goose & The Dandelion Chorus - Down In The Valley
Daniel Johnston - Unpack Your Adjectives
Daniel Tashian - Someone With A Dream
Danielle Sansone - Bed of Roses
Danielle Sansone - Blanket
Danielle Sansone - I'd Love to Go
Danielle Sansone - Like An Angel
Danielle Sansone - One More
Danielle Sansone - Shimmering
Danielle Sansone - Sleep So Sweetly
Danielle Sansone - So Many Ways
Danielle Sansone - Sometimes
Danielle Sansone - The Sleepy Mile
Danielle Sansone - There Is You
Danielle Sansone - Too Much Coffee
Danielle Sansone - Two Flowers
Danielle Sansone - Whisper
Danny Elfman - Jack's Obsession
Danny Elfman - Making Christmas
Danny Elfman - Overture (The Nightmare Before Christmas) (From “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Score)
Danny Elfman - What's This (From Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack Version)
Danny Kaye - Tubby The Tuba - (Digitally Remastered 2009)
Danny Weinkauf & Britta Phillips - Superstar
Danny Weinkauf - A Song About Anything
Danny Weinkauf - Alphabet Tebahpla
Danny Weinkauf - Archaeology
Danny Weinkauf - Bah Bah Song
Danny Weinkauf - Botany
Danny Weinkauf - Cast My Vote
Danny Weinkauf - Champion of the Spelling Bee
Danny Weinkauf - Danny Weinkauf and His Red Pants Band
Danny Weinkauf - Driving Me Crazy
Danny Weinkauf - Eyes in the Back of Her Head
Danny Weinkauf - Groovy Red Pants
Danny Weinkauf - Hey!
Danny Weinkauf - I'm a Girl (Step Aside)
Danny Weinkauf - Ice Cream
Danny Weinkauf - It's Your Birthday
Danny Weinkauf - Look at Those Clouds
Danny Weinkauf - Love Is in the Air
Danny Weinkauf - Lullaby for Quinn
Danny Weinkauf - Marsupial
Danny Weinkauf - My Magic Helicopter
Danny Weinkauf - N Then We Danced
Danny Weinkauf - No School Today
Danny Weinkauf - Oh No Oh Yeah
Danny Weinkauf - One Big Happy Family
Danny Weinkauf - Only One You
Danny Weinkauf - Osome
Danny Weinkauf - Our Love Fits
Danny Weinkauf - Perfect Day
Danny Weinkauf - Picky Eaters
Danny Weinkauf - Pumpkins (Are My Favorite Fruit)
Danny Weinkauf - Put Down That Smartphone
Danny Weinkauf - Rock Inside My Shoe
Danny Weinkauf - Rubber Ball
Danny Weinkauf - Smartphone (New Wave)
Danny Weinkauf - Sunshine Sunny Sun Sunshine Day
Danny Weinkauf - Super Powered Mindy (Deluxe Version)
Danny Weinkauf - The Ballad of Bed
Danny Weinkauf - The Kidney That Lived in Four People
Danny Weinkauf - The Moon Is Made of Cheese
Danny Weinkauf - This Dogs Best Friend
Danny Weinkauf - Three Little Words
Danny Weinkauf - Together We Can Fly
Danny Weinkauf - Transportation
Danny Weinkauf - Whipped Cream
Danny Weinkauf - Your Love
Dar Williams - The Babysitter's Here
Daryl Hall & John Oates - You Make My Dreams
Dave Edmunds - The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Dave Rawlings Machine - Monkey And The Engineer
David Ari Leon - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
David Bowie - Dancing in the Street (2002 Remaster)
David Bowie - Space Oddity (2015 Remaster)
David Gibb - A Song for a Friend
David Gibb - Buried Treasure
David Gibb - Dance Little Baby
David Gibb - Floating Down the River
David Gibb - I'm Gonna Eat You
David Gibb - It Was the Middle of the Night
David Gibb - Little Bird
David Gibb - Long Green Grass
David Gibb - Please Leave the Light On
David Gibb - Riding on the Top Deck of a Bus
David Gibb - Rolling Down the Road
David Gibb - Sunflower
David Gibb - The Thing About Bats
David Gibb - Tree House
David Gibb - Wiggly Woo
David Newman & Van Dyke Parks - City of Lights
David Newman & Van Dyke Parks - Cutting Edge
David Newman & Van Dyke Parks - It's A B Movie
David Newman & Van Dyke Parks - Worthless
David Ogden Stiers - Mine, Mine, Mine
David Seville - Witch Doctor (Classic Version)
David Wolfert - Oboe and Mandolin Interlude
David Wolfert - Violin, Cello and Guitar Interlude
Dawn Buckholz - Cello Interlude
Dean Jones & Jerrice Baptiste - Little By Little
Dean Jones - Baby in My Pocket
Dean Jones - Birthday
Dean Jones - Butterfingers
Dean Jones - Flat Tire
Dean Jones - Frenzy
Dean Jones - Hail! Hail! the Gang's All Here!
Dean Jones - Isthmus Be the Pirate Waltz
Dean Jones - Lefty LooseyRighty Tighty
Dean Jones - Lucky
Dean Jones - Mama Said No
Dean Jones - Miss Mary Jane
Dean Jones - Poison Ivy
Dean Jones - Rock Paper Scissors
Dean Jones - Roncando
Dean Jones - Sing Like a Sparrow
Dean Jones - Snail Mail
Dean Jones - Surprise
Dean Jones - Throw on the Charm
Dean Jones - Tomorrow
Dean Jones - Town Town
Debbie Friedman - The 613 Commandments
Dee Carstensen - Amy's Angel
Dee Carstensen - Bless My Child
Dee Carstensen - Can You Hear A Lullaby
Dee Carstensen - Harp Interlude
Dee Carstensen - I Have The World In My Arms
Dee Carstensen - Man On The Moon
Dee Carstensen - No Small Wonder
Dee Carstensen - This Night
Deluxx Folk Implosion - I'm Just a Bill
Demi Lovato - Let It Go (From Frozen Single Version)
Dennis Caraher - Bit by Bit
Dennis Caraher - Dog Bone Town
Dennis Caraher - Let it Go
Dennis Caraher - Life is So Confusing
Dennis Caraher - Little Bit Late
Dennis Caraher - So Long, See ya' Later
Dennis Caraher - The Little River
Dennis Caraher - Time to go to Bed
Diana Panton - Alice In Wonderland
Diana Panton - Everybody Sleeps
Diana Panton - Halfway Down The Stairs
Diana Panton - Hushabye Mountain
Diana Panton - I'm Going To Go Back There Someday
Diana Panton - Imagination
Diana Panton - In A World Of My Own
Diana Panton - Little Things
Diana Panton - Pure Imagination
Diana Panton - Sing
Diana Panton - Sleep Is A Precious Thing
Diana Panton - Slumber My Darling
Diana Panton - The Rainbow Connection
Diana Panton - When You Wish Upon A Star
Diane Tatum, Serena Engel & Jeremy Engel - The Kingcup Fairy
Dillon Francis - Catchy Song (feat. T-Pain & That Girl Lay Lay)
Doctor Noize - A Merit Badge Is Just Like a Cat
Doctor Noize - Do You Qualify
Doctor Noize - I Got the Blues
Doctor Noize - It's How You Feel
Doctor Noize - Noun Town
Doctor Noize - Vacation
Doctor Noize - Welcome to Grammaropolis
Dog On Fleas - A Little Hiccup
Dog On Fleas - As Far As the Eye Can See
Dog On Fleas - Baby U
Dog On Fleas - Beautiful World
Dog On Fleas - Big Black Snake
Dog On Fleas - Blueberry Pie
Dog On Fleas - Buffalo Gals
Dog On Fleas - Can Do Attitude
Dog On Fleas - Charm Them Birdies
Dog On Fleas - Clouds
Dog On Fleas - Crawl to Your Mother
Dog On Fleas - Did You See That Squirrel
Dog On Fleas - Dig
Dog On Fleas - Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step
Dog On Fleas - Doppelgänger
Dog On Fleas - Dry Beans
Dog On Fleas - Fortunate Mistake
Dog On Fleas - Goodnight Fudge
Dog On Fleas - Grand March from Aïda
Dog On Fleas - Great Big Ball
Dog On Fleas - Happy
Dog On Fleas - Has Anybody Seen My Shoes
Dog On Fleas - Herring's Head
Dog On Fleas - High School Reunion
Dog On Fleas - Hinterlands
Dog On Fleas - Huckleberries
Dog On Fleas - Hundredaires
Dog On Fleas - I Am a Sailor
Dog On Fleas - I Must Be a Genius
Dog On Fleas - I'd Rather Walk
Dog On Fleas - I'm an Optimist
Dog On Fleas - If I Were You Id' Give Me a Kiss
Dog On Fleas - If You Wanna Dance Say Yeah!
Dog On Fleas - Invisible Friends
Dog On Fleas - It's a Miracle
Dog On Fleas - It's a Ruse
Dog On Fleas - Just Another Finger
Dog On Fleas - Memory Lane
Dog On Fleas - Oh Lazy Me
Dog On Fleas - Over the Waves
Dog On Fleas - Palindrome
Dog On Fleas - Pardon My Pajamas
Dog On Fleas - Party
Dog On Fleas - Peapod
Dog On Fleas - Ridin' on a Pony
Dog On Fleas - Rub a Dub
Dog On Fleas - Sail Away Ladies
Dog On Fleas - Sing About The Sun
Dog On Fleas - So Sweet You Are
Dog On Fleas - Sting Along
Dog On Fleas - Sunny Day Song
Dog On Fleas - Tell Me What You Love
Dog On Fleas - The Moon Song
Dog On Fleas - The Smelt
Dog On Fleas - There's a Band in My Head
Dog On Fleas - Thinking Good Thoughts
Dog On Fleas - Treehouse
Dog On Fleas - Twistification
Dog On Fleas - Ugly Fruit
Dog On Fleas - Village D'étoile
Dog On Fleas - Wanna Be
Dog On Fleas - When I Get Little
Dog On Fleas - Word Association
Dog On Fleas - Worms
Donny Osmond - I'll Make a Man Out of You
Dora The Explorer - La Bamba (featuring Los Lonely Boys)
Dove Cameron - Good to Be Bad (From Descendants 3)
Dove Cameron - VK Mashup
Dovie Thomason - Beaver Woman and the Eagle-SHHH
Dovie Thomason - Creation-The Making of Animals-Rabitt's Lament
Dovie Thomason - Frog and Turtle-To Be a Human Being
Dovie Thomason - Mouse and the Moon-Ink Pah Tdah
Dovie Thomason - The War Party-Turtle Goes Mad
Dovie Thomason - Turtle Learns to Fly-North Carolina Ease on Down the Road Song
Dovie Thomason - Two Chipmunks
Dr. Doofenshmirtz - Sith-Inator
Dr. John - Cruella De Vil (from 101 Dalmatians (Live Action)
Dr. John - Down in New Orleans
Dr. John - Let's Make a Better World
Dragon Tales - And the World Goes Round and Round
Dragon Tales - Be a Dragon
Dragon Tales - Betcha Can
Dragon Tales - Clap
Dragon Tales - Dance
Dragon Tales - Doodli-Do
Dragon Tales - Hum
Dragon Tales - Pretend
Dragon Tales - Shake Your Dragon Tail
Dragon Tales - Stretch!
Dragon Tales - The Hello Song
Dragon Tales - The Silly Song
Dragon Tales - Touch
Dragon Tales - Try
Dragon Tales - Wake Up
Dragon Tales - Wiggle Song
Dragon Tales - Zoo
Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Llamanator Mix)
Duke Otherwise - Always Home
Duke Otherwise - Atticus
Duke Otherwise - Eats Like You
Duke Otherwise - Elementary Crush
Duke Otherwise - Everybody Spin
Duke Otherwise - Gavin
Duke Otherwise - Golden Wheel Spider
Duke Otherwise - Joy's a Grump
Duke Otherwise - Slow Monster
Duke Otherwise - So Full
Duke Otherwise - There's a Lion in My Room
Duke Otherwise - Twins
Duke Otherwise - Yodeling Lament
Duke Otherwise - Zane
Duncan Wells - Blame It On a Matchstick
Duncan Wells - Buckle Up
Duncan Wells - Have You Ever Had One of Those Days
Duncan Wells - I Got a Secret
Duncan Wells - Kiss the Hurt Away
Duncan Wells - Michael's Rhyme
Duncan Wells - Shine
Duncan Wells - The Bullies On the School Ground
Duncan Wells - The Kayak Song
Duncan Wells - Welcome to the Club
Duncan Wells - Whoa Nellie
Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome
ESPN - The Jock Jam
Eagle Eye Cherry - Don't Give Up (KC305 Edit)
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Eartha Kitt - Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song)
Ed Helms - How Bad Can I Be
Ed Stewart & Una Stubbs - The Three Little Pigs (Narration)
Eddie Coker - Big Voice
Eddie Coker - Bored
Eddie Coker - Don't Hit
Eddie Coker - Interaction
Eddie Coker - Meant To Be
Eddie Coker - Mr. Woodpecker
Eddie Coker - Mrs. Gillafrudnick
Eddie Coker - My Wife
Eddie Coker - Sadness Train
Eddie Coker - Woo Woo Dance
Eddie From Ohio - Catchers Drummers Anchormen
Eddie Murphy - Thank You (Falletin' Me Be Mice Elf Again)
Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Eileen Barton - If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake (1954) (R&B Version)
Elijah Kelly - Three Little Birds
Eliza Gilkyson - Child of Mine
Eliza Gilkyson - Midnight in Missoula
Elizabeth Falconer - Aka Tonbo
Elizabeth Mitchell & Children of Agape Choir - This Little Light of Mine
Elizabeth Mitchell & Dan Zanes - Green, Green Rocky Road
Elizabeth Mitchell & Jon Langford - Little Buckaroo
Elizabeth Mitchell & Levon Helm (Drums) - Keep on the Sunny Side
Elizabeth Mitchell & Levon Helm (Drums) - Mystery Train
Elizabeth Mitchell & Levon Helm (Drums) - School Days
Elizabeth Mitchell - Blue Clouds (Bonus Track)
Elizabeth Mitchell - Blue Sky (Little Martha Intro)
Elizabeth Mitchell - Bright Morning Stars
Elizabeth Mitchell - David’s Mandolin
Elizabeth Mitchell - Elephants All Over the World
Elizabeth Mitchell - Fairy Tale Lullaby
Elizabeth Mitchell - Keep on the Sunny Side
Elizabeth Mitchell - Little Buckaroo
Elizabeth Mitchell - Lovely Day
Elizabeth Mitchell - Lovely Day
Elizabeth Mitchell - May This Be Love
Elizabeth Mitchell - Mr. Rabbit
Elizabeth Mitchell - Mystery Train
Elizabeth Mitchell - Oh, John the Rabbit
Elizabeth Mitchell - Ong Tal Sam (Little Spring)
Elizabeth Mitchell - Ooki Na Kuri No Ki No Shita De (Under the Big Chestnut Tree)
Elizabeth Mitchell - Phytoplankton
Elizabeth Mitchell - Reggae in the Fields
Elizabeth Mitchell - School Days
Elizabeth Mitchell - Shoo Lie Loo
Elizabeth Mitchell - Sunny Day
Elizabeth Mitchell - Tell It Again
Elizabeth Mitchell - This Little Light of Mine
Elizabeth Mitchell - Tsuki (Moon)
Elizabeth Mitchell - Tsuki (Moon)
Elizabeth Mitchell - Yuki (Snow)
Elliott Park - All Ways
Elliott Park - Baby Snake
Elliott Park - Bicycle
Elliott Park - Hero Bay
Elliott Park - Just Be
Elliott Park - Little Paper Angel
Elliott Park - Rock Paper Scissors
Elliott Park - Simple Song
Ellis Paul - I Lost a Day to the Rain
Ellis Paul - Pinwheel
Elska - Arctic Fox
Elska - Click Click
Elska - Don't Make Fun of The Goobler
Elska - Frozen in Time
Elska - Hiddi Hiddi
Elska - I Just Had an Idea
Elska - In the Middle of Nowhere
Elska - Man-Made Hole
Elska - Midnight Sun in the Arctic
Elska - The Elska Express
Elska - The Land of Lost Socks
Elska - Winter Bear
Elton John - Crocodile Rock
Elton John - I Just Can'T Wait To Be King
Elton John - Never Too Late
Elvis Presley - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Elvis Presley - Clambake
Elvis Presley - Hound Dog
Emily Arrow - Are We There, Yeti Song
Emily Arrow - Follow Your Arrow
Emily Arrow - I Am Yoga Song
Emily Arrow - I Wish You More Song
Emily Arrow - Louise Loves Art Song
Emily Arrow - One Day, The End Song
Emily Arrow - Peanut to My Butter
Emily Arrow - Poem in Your Pocket
Emily Arrow - The Curious Garden Song
Emily Arrow - The Dot Song
Emily Blunt - Can You Imagine That
Emily Curtis - We Belong
Emily Morrell - The Mallow Fairy
Emily Who - Colour My Way
Emily Who - Count With Me
Emily Who - Deep Blue Sea
Emily Who - Do the Who
Emily Who - Eye Spy
Emily Who - Hide and Seek
Emily Who - Horsey in a Cafe
Emily Who - Left Foot, Right Foot
Emily Who - Pets Are Great
Emily Who - Sweet Dreams and Ice Creams
Emily Who - The End of the Day
Emily Who - Who Is Emily Today
Emily Who - You and Me
Emme - Dokokade Yoruga Naita (A Crying Night)
Eric Clapton - Willie And The Hand Jive
Erick Manana - Ny Fitiavako An'i Mama
Erick Morillo - I Like To Move It (Album Version)
Ernie - Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree
Erran Baron Cohen - Dreidel (feat. Jules Brookes)
Ethan Burch - Little Pink Guitar
Ethan Slater - BFF
Ethan Slater - Best Day Ever
Ethan Slater - Hero is My Middle Name
Europe - The Final Countdown
Evan Rachel Wood - All Is Found
Everett Bradley - Sweet Dreams
Everlife - Strangers Like Me
Evynne Hollens - Touch the Sky (From Brave)
Ewan McGregor - Be Our Guest
Ewan McGregor - Something There
Ezra Koenig - I Promise You (Ezra's Demo)
FAN 3 - It's a Small World (RapMania! Mix) (RapMania! Mix Pop Version)
Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas (From Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas Soundtrack)
Fall Out Boy - I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Fall Out Boy - Immortals
Farmer Jason - Have You Ever
Fatcat & Fishface - You Are What You Eat
Father Goose feat. Coolie Ranx - Bam Bam
Felicia Barton - DuckTales (From DuckTales Extended Version)
Fifth Harmony - I'm In Love With a Monster
Fish Out of Water - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Fitz and The Tantrums - 123456
Fitz and The Tantrums - I Just Wanna Shine (Radio Edit)
Five Iron Frenzy - Oh, Canada
Flannery Brothers - Best Pillow in the World
Flight of the Conchords - Not Crying (Album)
Formidable Vegetable - Singing Makes It Better
Fortuna - Durme Durme
Frances England - All the Ways
Frances England - Animal Friends
Frances England - Animal Inside You
Frances England - Best Friends
Frances England - Bicycle Built for Two
Frances England - Bicycle
Frances England - Big Heart
Frances England - Blink of an Eye
Frances England - Carefree
Frances England - Come Back Home
Frances England - Cookies & Milk
Frances England - Day You Were Born
Frances England - Do You Hear the Birds Singing
Frances England - Don't Fly Away
Frances England - Explorer of the World
Frances England - Family Tree
Frances England - Fast Train to Grandma's
Frances England - Firefly
Frances England - Free to Be Me
Frances England - Giddy Up
Frances England - Goldilocks Zone
Frances England - Good Day
Frances England - High on the Mountainside
Frances England - Home
Frances England - I Scream, You Scream
Frances England - If You Want to Sing Out
Frances England - Into the Wild
Frances England - Jacques Cousteau
Frances England - Ladybug
Frances England - Little Wings
Frances England - Look How the Light Dances With Trees
Frances England - Mama Said
Frances England - Mind of My Own
Frances England - Move Like Saturday Night
Frances England - Not Just My Sister
Frances England - Perfect Tuesday Afternoon
Frances England - Pieces of Me
Frances England - Place In Your Heart
Frances England - Place in the Sun
Frances England - Red Balloon
Frances England - Salt Water Spin
Frances England - Sleepyhead Mommy
Frances England - Spring Has Sprung
Frances England - Tea Party
Frances England - Tell Me It All
Frances England - That's What Friends Are For
Frances England - The Sun Will Shine Again
Frances England - To Be
Frances England - Tugboat
Frances England - Up a Tree
Frances England - Vacation Delights
Frances England - Watching You Grow
Frances England - You & Me
Francie Kelley - Babies Won't Keep
Francie Kelley - Ce Ce Te Nana (Have a Great Day)
Francie Kelley - Happiness
Francie Kelley - Hey Little Suzy
Francie Kelley - I Know a Little Girl
Francie Kelley - If You Listen Very Closely
Francie Kelley - Jammin' In My Jammies
Francie Kelley - Kiss the Moon and Stars Goodnight
Francie Kelley - Precious One
Francie Kelley - Sleepyhead Song
Francie Kelley - Song of Life
Francie Kelley - Stay Awake
Frank & Deane - Hot Diggity Dog
Fred Penner - Moonlight Express
Fred Penner - Sandwiches
Fred Penner - The Cat Came Back
Freddie Prinze w Brak - Highway 40
FuLi - My Own Way
Gael Garcia Bernal - Remember Me (Lullaby)
Gael Garcia Bernal - Un Poco Loco
Gene Kelly with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor - Good Morning (Singin’ In The Rain)
Gene Kelly,Donald O'Connor - Moses
General Public - I'll Take You There
Genevieve - Show Your Colors
George Harrison - Apple Scruffs
Gerson Leonardi - Teresinha de Jesus
Ghislaine Noupa - Ndi le e
Ghislaine Noupa - Nwou wo'lâ nzi ntâ nseu
Gilbert Gottfried - I'm Looking Out For Me (The Return Of Jafar) - Soundtrack
Givers - Up Up Up
Goldo - Boom da Boom
Goodness - Electricity, Electricity
Grace VanderWaal - Hideaway (from Wonder Park)
Greg & Steve - A-walking We Will Go
Greg & Steve - Dancin' Machine
Greg & Steve - Daydreams
Greg & Steve - Desert Nights
Greg & Steve - Disco Limbo
Greg & Steve - Down On the Farm
Greg & Steve - Friends Forever
Greg & Steve - Get Up and Go
Greg & Steve - Good Morning
Greg & Steve - I Like Potatoes
Greg & Steve - If You're Happy and You Know It
Greg & Steve - Let's Go to the Market
Greg & Steve - Listen and Move
Greg & Steve - Lotus Flower
Greg & Steve - Months of the Year (Eng.)
Greg & Steve - Months of the Year (Span.)
Greg & Steve - Morning Mist
Greg & Steve - Muffin Man
Greg & Steve - Nocturne
Greg & Steve - Old Brass Wagon
Greg & Steve - Piggy Bank
Greg & Steve - Popcorn
Greg & Steve - Quiet Time
Greg & Steve - Rainbow of Colors
Greg & Steve - Resting
Greg & Steve - Rock 'N Roll Rhythm Band
Greg & Steve - Rock 'Round the Mulberry Bush 1, Hygiene
Greg & Steve - Rock 'Round the Mulberry Bush 2
Greg & Steve - Shapes
Greg & Steve - She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain 1
Greg & Steve - She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain 2
Greg & Steve - Siesta
Greg & Steve - Simon Says 1, Body Parts
Greg & Steve - Simon Says 2
Greg & Steve - Sing a Happy Song
Greg & Steve - Skyward
Greg & Steve - The Boogie Walk
Greg & Steve - The Freeze
Greg & Steve - The Number Game
Greg & Steve - The Number Rock
Greg & Steve - The World Is a Rainbow
Greg & Steve - Tradewinds
Greg & Steve - We're All Together Again
Greg Cipes - Go! 
Grenadilla - Arabella Angelique
Grenadilla - C'mon C'mon
Grenadilla - Can't Wait
Grenadilla - Do My Thing
Grenadilla - Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doo
Grenadilla - Exactly Where I Want To Be
Grenadilla - I Like To Walk
Grenadilla - Oh Sing A Song To The Sun
Grenadilla - Rhyming
Grenadilla - Sitting On Top Of The World
Grenadilla - Smiling
Grenadilla - Sunday Afternoon
Grenadilla - The Same As Me
Grenadilla - The Way It Goes
Grenadilla - When I Fall Asleep
Grizfolk - Way Back When
Gummibär - The Gummy Bear Song (I Am A Gummy Bear)
Gunnar Madsen - 10,000 Pancakes
Gunnar Madsen - Always On the Bottom
Gunnar Madsen - City of Sardines (feat. Frances England)
Gunnar Madsen - Cutest Little Guy
Gunnar Madsen - Diet of Worms
Gunnar Madsen - Divine Bovine
Gunnar Madsen - Egg Salad in the Sun
Gunnar Madsen - Food Too Fast
Gunnar Madsen - I Am Your Food
Gunnar Madsen - I Feel a Waltz Coming On
Gunnar Madsen - I'm Growing
Gunnar Madsen - In My Soup
Gunnar Madsen - Library Party
Gunnar Madsen - Liver (feat. Bill Harley)
Gunnar Madsen - Lunch Is in a Paper Bag
Gunnar Madsen - Mozart's At the Window
Gunnar Madsen - Pumpkin Hair
Gunnar Madsen - Raise Your Voices
Gunnar Madsen - Shelf Life
Gunnar Madsen - Shenandoah
Gunnar Madsen - Simple
Gunnar Madsen - Sun Comes Up
Gunnar Madsen - The Longest Night (feat. Justin Roberts)
Gunnar Madsen - There's a Bowl of Milk in the Moonlight
Gunnar Madsen - Tonight
Gunnar Madsen - Walkin' Back to Texas
Gunnar Madsen - What If I
Gustafer Yellowgold - A Cooler World
Gustafer Yellowgold - A Shadow
Gustafer Yellowgold - An Erring Ant
Gustafer Yellowgold - Baconstein
Gustafer Yellowgold - Brighter Side
Gustafer Yellowgold - Butter Pond Lake
Gustafer Yellowgold - Cakenstein
Gustafer Yellowgold - Cinnamon Tap
Gustafer Yellowgold - Constellation Pies
Gustafer Yellowgold - Dark Pie
Gustafer Yellowgold - Eggs
Gustafer Yellowgold - Ellen Lemon
Gustafer Yellowgold - Fa And A La
Gustafer Yellowgold - Fireworks!
Gustafer Yellowgold - Four Leaved Clover
Gustafer Yellowgold - Getting In A Treetop
Gustafer Yellowgold - Gravy Insane
Gustafer Yellowgold - Green Heart
Gustafer Yellowgold - Hot Nights (with Pat Sansone)
Gustafer Yellowgold - I Jump On Cake
Gustafer Yellowgold - I Jump on Cake '17
Gustafer Yellowgold - I Love the Night
Gustafer Yellowgold - I Sandwich
Gustafer Yellowgold - I'm From The Sun
Gustafer Yellowgold - Keep It Simple Sweetheart
Gustafer Yellowgold - King of the Sun
Gustafer Yellowgold - Lucky Day
Gustafer Yellowgold - Meet Me by the Fun
Gustafer Yellowgold - Melter Swelter
Gustafer Yellowgold - Midsummer's Son
Gustafer Yellowgold - Mint Green Bee
Gustafer Yellowgold - My Dragon
Gustafer Yellowgold - New Blue Star
Gustafer Yellowgold - New Is The New Old
Gustafer Yellowgold - One's Onions
Gustafer Yellowgold - Pancake Smackdown
Gustafer Yellowgold - Panther Stamps Pants
Gustafer Yellowgold - Penguin Day
Gustafer Yellowgold - Pterodactyl Tuxedo
Gustafer Yellowgold - Pumpkin Pied
Gustafer Yellowgold - Quite Easily Lost (with Lisa Loeb)
Gustafer Yellowgold - Ride a Line o' Stars
Gustafer Yellowgold - Rock Melon
Gustafer Yellowgold - Rocket Shoes
Gustafer Yellowgold - Slim Gets In 'Em
Gustafer Yellowgold - Strawberry Love
Gustafer Yellowgold - Sugar Boat (with Wilco's Pat Sansone and John Stirratt)
Gustafer Yellowgold - Sunny Side
Gustafer Yellowgold - Sunpod
Gustafer Yellowgold - The Brightest Beef
Gustafer Yellowgold - The Carvery (with Pat Sansone)
Gustafer Yellowgold - Tiny Purple Moon
Gustafer Yellowgold - Underwater Stars
Gustafer Yellowgold - Werewolves Rock
Gustafer Yellowgold - Window
Gustafer Yellowgold - Your Eel
Guy Davis - Annabel
Guy Davis - Down at the Sea Hotel
Guy Davis - Midnight Lullaby
Guy Davis - Nothing But a Child
Gwen Stefani - Rainbow Connection
Haby Sy - Eya be
Haby Sy - Faatima hawwaa
Haim Saban - Go Go Power Rangers - End Titles
Hairy & Scary Creatures - This Is Halloween (From The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Haley Bonar - Beautiful You
Haley Bonar - For Sister
Haley Bonar - I Wanna Be Like You
Haley Bonar - If I Had a Rainbow
Haley Bonar - Sing With Me
Hampton the Hamster - The HampsterDance Song
Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect (From Hannah Montana 2)
Hanson - I Was Born
Hanson - MMMBop
Hap Palmer - Baby's Bed
Hap Palmer - It Was All A Dream
Hap Palmer - Lovey And Me
Hap Palmer - Security Don't Wash My Blanket
Hap Palmer - Sleepy Time Sea
Harmonica Pocket - O Susanna
Harry Belafonte - Turn the World Around
Harry Connick Jr. - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Album Version)
Harry Connick Jr. - The Lonely Goatherd (Album Version)
Harry Connick Jr. - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (Album Version)
Harry Nilsson - Coconut
Harry Nilsson - Me and My Arrow
Harry Nilsson - The Puppy Song
Heat Miser - Heat Miser Song
Heather Headley - Love Will Find A Way (End Title)
Heidi Mollenhauer - God Help The Outcasts
Helena Bonham Carter - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song)
Henry Cooper - The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Narration)
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme (Malibu Remix)
Heywood Banks - If Pigs Had Wings (featuring The Heylettes)
Heywood Banks - Toast (Live)
Heywood Banks - Toast
High School Musical Cast - We're All In This Together (From High School Musical Soundtrack Version)
Homegrown Kids - Boondocks
Homegrown Kids - Coming Home
Homegrown Kids - Dirt On My Boots
Homegrown Kids - Down On The Farm
Homegrown Kids - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Homegrown Kids - Get Along
Homegrown Kids - Happy Girl
Homegrown Kids - Heartland
Homegrown Kids - John Deere Green
Homegrown Kids - Life's A Dance
Homegrown Kids - Meant to Be
Homegrown Kids - Meet In The Middle
Homegrown Kids - Most People Are Good
Homegrown Kids - No Such Thing as a Broken Heart
Homegrown Kids - Road Less Travelled
Homegrown Kids - Should've Been A Cowboy
Homegrown Kids - The River
Homegrown Kids - Wagon Wheel
Homegrown Kids - Wide Open Spaces
Hopalong Andrew - Thank God I'm a City Boy
Howard Jones - I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)
Huck & Lilly - Daydreamin' at Night
Huck & Lilly - Fuzzy Slipper Blues
Huck & Lilly - I Sat on a Porcupine
Huck & Lilly - It's Hard to Live in a Zoo
Huck & Lilly - Slo-Mo Joe
Huck & Lilly - Sugar Cookies
Huck & Lilly - Tell Me What You See in the Clouds
Huck & Lilly - The Fiddler Crab (He Don't Play the Fiddle)
Huck & Lilly - There's a Tree Growing in My Room
Huck & Lilly - Yumbo Gumbo
Huey Lewis & The News - Back In Time
Huey Lewis & The News - Back In Time
Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love
Hugh Jackman - The Greatest Show
Hyenas - Panic and Run
Idina Menzel Evan Rachel Wood - Show Yourself
Idina Menzel - Let It Go (From FrozenSoundtrack Version)
Idina Menzel featuring AURORA - Into The Unknown
Imagination Movers - Animal Dancing
Imagination Movers - Be Yourself
Imagination Movers - Big Hola
Imagination Movers - Big
Imagination Movers - Birthday
Imagination Movers - Blast Off
Imagination Movers - Boing Cluck Cluck
Imagination Movers - Bounce
Imagination Movers - Brainstorming
Imagination Movers - Breakfast Time Holler
Imagination Movers - Buckets and Cans
Imagination Movers - Buckle Me In
Imagination Movers - Butterfly Wings
Imagination Movers - Butterfly
Imagination Movers - Calling All Movers
Imagination Movers - Can You Do It
Imagination Movers - Caribbean Rhapsody
Imagination Movers - Cheese
Imagination Movers - Chicken Pot Pie
Imagination Movers - Clean My Room
Imagination Movers - Dad Says
Imagination Movers - Dance Kung Fu
Imagination Movers - Dance Like It's Halloween
Imagination Movers - Dear Old Dad
Imagination Movers - Do It By Myself
Imagination Movers - Dump Truck
Imagination Movers - Easy Come, Easy Go
Imagination Movers - Eureka (Remix)
Imagination Movers - Everybody Sing
Imagination Movers - Everybody's Game
Imagination Movers - Everybody's Going to the Movies
Imagination Movers - Farm
Imagination Movers - Fast As A Cat
Imagination Movers - Field Trip
Imagination Movers - Firetruck
Imagination Movers - First Day of School
Imagination Movers - Fix it Up
Imagination Movers - Following My Mom Around
Imagination Movers - Friendly Guy
Imagination Movers - Game On
Imagination Movers - Get Serious
Imagination Movers - Get Up
Imagination Movers - Getting Stronger
Imagination Movers - Gimme Strength
Imagination Movers - Give Me Your Hand
Imagination Movers - Give a Gift
Imagination Movers - Gonna Have a Party
Imagination Movers - Good Guys
Imagination Movers - Good Ideas
Imagination Movers - Good Morning Sunshine
Imagination Movers - Gotta Get Our Work Done
Imagination Movers - Growing Up
Imagination Movers - Gust of Wind
Imagination Movers - Have Some Fun Today
Imagination Movers - Here Comes Summer
Imagination Movers - Here We Go
Imagination Movers - Hey Rock
Imagination Movers - I Want My Mommy (Time for Bed)
Imagination Movers - I Want My Mommy
Imagination Movers - I'd Eat It Anyway
Imagination Movers - I've Never Seen a Unicorn
Imagination Movers - IMHFT
Imagination Movers - Idea Box
Imagination Movers - Imagination Movers Theme
Imagination Movers - Is That Wrong
Imagination Movers - It's Christmas
Imagination Movers - Its A Holiday
Imagination Movers - Jungle Room
Imagination Movers - Kick It (Original Version)
Imagination Movers - Kindergarten Graduation
Imagination Movers - Knockin' At Your Door
Imagination Movers - L.O.S.T.
Imagination Movers - Let the Sun Shine In
Imagination Movers - Let's Have Fun
Imagination Movers - Line Cutter
Imagination Movers - Little Red Wagon
Imagination Movers - Look Around You
Imagination Movers - Looking Out the Window
Imagination Movers - Luck of the Irish
Imagination Movers - Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Imagination Movers - Magic
Imagination Movers - March Like A Mover
Imagination Movers - Mother in You
Imagination Movers - Mover Music (Jump Up!)
Imagination Movers - Moving On
Imagination Movers - My Favorite Snack
Imagination Movers - My Friends and Me
Imagination Movers - Nina's Song
Imagination Movers - Now We're Cooking
Imagination Movers - Numbers in a Bag
Imagination Movers - On My Way Home (Hawaiian Lullaby)
Imagination Movers - On Your Marks
Imagination Movers - One More Book
Imagination Movers - Paint the Day Away
Imagination Movers - Patience
Imagination Movers - Playing Catch
Imagination Movers - Please and Thank You
Imagination Movers - Pop
Imagination Movers - Rain Rain
Imagination Movers - Recipe (Stir it Up)
Imagination Movers - Remember When
Imagination Movers - Riding My Bike
Imagination Movers - Riding the Waves
Imagination Movers - Robot Chase Song
Imagination Movers - Rock-O-Matic
Imagination Movers - Rollin'
Imagination Movers - Save It Up (I Am Energy)
Imagination Movers - Seven Days A Week
Imagination Movers - Seventeen Mismatched Socks
Imagination Movers - Shakable You
Imagination Movers - Sleeping Bag
Imagination Movers - Slip Sliding
Imagination Movers - Slow Clap (Mystery and Misuse of the Comedy of Numbers)
Imagination Movers - Snackin' ABCs
Imagination Movers - So Glad You're Here
Imagination Movers - Socks
Imagination Movers - Spaceman Jam
Imagination Movers - Spaceman
Imagination Movers - Springtime!
Imagination Movers - Springtime
Imagination Movers - Stacking Game
Imagination Movers - Stale Bread
Imagination Movers - Sunblock
Imagination Movers - Sunday Morning Song
Imagination Movers - Sunrise Sunset
Imagination Movers - Super Movers
Imagination Movers - Superstar
Imagination Movers - Tag - You're It
Imagination Movers - Take A Picture
Imagination Movers - Take a Look at This Place
Imagination Movers - Talking to the Baby
Imagination Movers - Teddy Bear Song
Imagination Movers - Thank You
Imagination Movers - The Boom Boom Song
Imagination Movers - The Greatest Dance
Imagination Movers - The Hiking Song
Imagination Movers - The Last Song
Imagination Movers - The Medicine Song
Imagination Movers - The Sensible Life of a Pirate
Imagination Movers - The Wah-Wah Song
Imagination Movers - There Once Was a Knight
Imagination Movers - Three-Legged Dog
Imagination Movers - Time Out
Imagination Movers - Today's Parade
Imagination Movers - Toothache
Imagination Movers - Tow Truck
Imagination Movers - Try Again
Imagination Movers - Up, Up, Up
Imagination Movers - Wanna Be a Frog
Imagination Movers - We Can Work Together
Imagination Movers - We Got Each Other (The Evacuation Song)
Imagination Movers - We're On a Mission
Imagination Movers - We've Got Each Other
Imagination Movers - What's That Sound
Imagination Movers - What's in the Fridge
Imagination Movers - When You Grow Up
Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World
Imagine Dragons - Zero
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow What A Wonderful World
JANJA - Outta the Way
JANJA - Tonight We Strike
JD McCrary - I Just Can't Wait to Be King
JD McPHERSON - Let The Good Times Roll
JD McPHERSON - Wolf Teeth
Jack Forman - #Goals
Jack Forman - A Little Cheese
Jack Forman - All Seasons
Jack Forman - Blue Cheese
Jack Forman - Candy Tour
Jack Forman - Dog Park
Jack Forman - Give You a Call
Jack Forman - Harmony with You
Jack Forman - I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing
Jack Forman - I Had to Pee (On a Ferris Wheel)
Jack Forman - I Lost My Lunch
Jack Forman - In My Nintendo
Jack Forman - My Car
Jack Forman - No Name
Jack Forman - No Time for Questions
Jack Forman - No Tooting on the Dance Floor
Jack Forman - Not A Cloud
Jack Forman - Sportball Anthem
Jack Forman - Stand In
Jack Forman - Stumble into You
Jack Forman - These Droids
Jack Forman - This Cat (Will Eat Anything)
Jack Forman - This Is The End
Jack Forman - Tooth Fairy Works Nights
Jack Forman - Watermelon
Jack Forman - When I Was Young
Jack Forman - Yodeling Yoda
Jack Johnson - The 3 R's
Jack Johnson - The Sharing Song
Jack Johnson - Upside Down
Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
Jackson 5 - ABC
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
Jackson 5 - Little Bitty Pretty One
Jackson 5 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Jaden - Way Up
James Brown - I Got You (I Feel Good)
James Corden - I Promise You (from the Motion Picture Peter Rabbit)
James Corden - Percy's Pressure
Jamie - All God's Critters
Jamie - All The Pretty Little Horses
Jamie - All Through The Night
Jamie - For Baby (for Bobbie)
Jamie - Garden Song
Jamie - Golden Slumbers
Jamie - Hush Little Baby Don't Say A Word
Jamie - I Can Sing A Rainbow
Jamie - Inuit Lullaby
Jamie - Isle au Haut Lullabye
Jamie - Little Brand New Baby
Jamie - Lullaby (Like A Ship)
Jamie - Lullaby And Goodnight
Jamie - Morningtown Ride
Jamie - Petite Chat Noir
Jamie - Rubber Duckie
Jamie - That's An Irish Lullaby
Jamie - The Brandy Tree
Jamie - Turn Around
Jamie - Unknown Track Title
Jamie - Water
Jamie - Where Do You Sleep
Jamie - You Can't Make A Turtle Come Out
Jamiroquai - Canned Heat
Jamison Sevits - 3-D
Jamison Sevits - Beautiful Outside
Jamison Sevits - Easy as 1, 2, 3
Jamison Sevits - Everything Grows
Jamison Sevits - Feel That Gravity
Jamison Sevits - Geometric Boogie
Jamison Sevits - Goin' for a Ride
Jamison Sevits - Round & Round
Jamison Sevits - Smarty Pants Dance
Jamison Sevits - Veggies & Fruits
Jamison Sevits - When It Snows
Jamison Sevits - Zach & Alexandra
Janelle Monae - Tightrope (KPL Edit)
Janelle Monáe - All Dolled Up (feat. Kelly Clarkson)
Janelle Monáe - What Is Love
Jason Derulo - Can You Feel The Love TonightNants' Ingonyama
Jason Mraz - Have It All
Jason Weaver - I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Jazzy Ash - All the Pretty Little Horses
Jazzy Ash - Baby Loves Beignets
Jazzy Ash - Backyard Camping
Jazzy Ash - Ballin' the Jack
Jazzy Ash - Bubbles
Jazzy Ash - Buddy
Jazzy Ash - Coming Around the Mountain
Jazzy Ash - Down by the Riverside
Jazzy Ash - Eh La Bas
Jazzy Ash - Every Family's Different
Jazzy Ash - Everybody Loves My Baby
Jazzy Ash - Firefly
Jazzy Ash - Goodbye in the Bayou
Jazzy Ash - Hambone
Jazzy Ash - Heebie Jeebies
Jazzy Ash - Hide and Seek
Jazzy Ash - Home
Jazzy Ash - Hop to School
Jazzy Ash - Ice Skates
Jazzy Ash - Jazzy Ash Blues
Jazzy Ash - Jazzy Ash Theme Song
Jazzy Ash - Jitterbug
Jazzy Ash - King Cobra
Jazzy Ash - Leap Frog
Jazzy Ash - Li'l Liza Jane
Jazzy Ash - Miss Mary Mack
Jazzy Ash - Monsters
Jazzy Ash - Round The Village
Jazzy Ash - Salmon Song
Jazzy Ash - Sister Kate
Jazzy Ash - Tandem Bike
Jazzy Ash - Throw Me Something Mista
Jazzy Ash - Tight Rope Walker
Jazzy Ash - Tuba Lullaby
Jazzy Ash - When the Saints Go Marching In
Jean Marie Bolangassa - Uele Moliba Makasi
Jelly of the Month Club - Brand New Friend
Jelly of the Month Club - Cucina
Jelly of the Month Club - Dolphins and Porpoises
Jelly of the Month Club - Girlfriend
Jelly of the Month Club - Gone Squatchin' (feat. James Bobo Fay)
Jelly of the Month Club - Lemonade Stand Off
Jelly of the Month Club - Smile
Jelly of the Month Club - Tell Someone
Jelly of the Month Club - The English Language
Jelly of the Month Club - Waffle Boogie
Jelly of the Month Club - Welcome to the Carnival
Jemaine Clement - Shiny
Jenifer Lewis - Dig a Little Deeper
Jenny Lewis - Barking at the Moon
Jeremy Engel - The Nasturtium Fairy
Jeremy Irons - Be Prepared
Jerrice Baptiste - Many Hands
Jerry Orbach - Are You In Or Out - Soundtrack
Jess Harnell - Casper the Friendly Ghost
Jess Penner - Forever in My Heart
Jess Penner - I Don't Want to Live on the Moon
Jess Penner - I've Got No Strings
Jess Penner - Imagination
Jess Penner - Mr. Sun
Jess Penner - Thank You for Being a Friend
Jess Penner - You Are My Sunshine
Jesse & Joy - Live Life
Jesse Eisenberg - Real In Rio
Jesse McCartney - When You Wish Upon a Star
Jessie J - Part Of Your World
Jessie Ware - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Jewel - You Were Meant For Me
Jhené Aiko - In A World Of My OwnVery Good Advice
Jim Carmichael - When I See An Elephant Fly (From Dumbo)
Jim Weiss - Scheherazade
Jimmy Buffett - An Attitude Of Gratitude
Jimmy Buffett - Mele Kalikimaka
Jimmy Buffett - Off To See The Lizard (Album Version)
Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now
Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It If You Really Want
JoJo & the Pinecones - Breakfast for Dinner
JoJo & the Pinecones - Dream a Little Dream
JoJo & the Pinecones - Farewell and Goodnight
JoJo & the Pinecones - Have a Good Day
JoJo & the Pinecones - How High the Moon
JoJo & the Pinecones - I Can See Clearly Now
JoJo & the Pinecones - I Spy (feat. Tim Kubart)
JoJo & the Pinecones - It's Time to Wake up (feat. Jazzy Ash)
JoJo & the Pinecones - Night and Day
JoJo & the Pinecones - Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
JoJo & the Pinecones - Orange Colored Sky
JoJo & the Pinecones - Seasons Lullaby
JoJo & the Pinecones - Storytime
JoJo & the Pinecones - You're a Firefly
JoJo Siwa - #1U
JoJo Siwa - Boomerang
JoJo Siwa - Bop!
JoJo Siwa - D.R.E.A.M.
JoJo Siwa - Every Girl's a Super Girl
JoJo Siwa - Everyday Popstars
JoJo Siwa - High Top Shoes
JoJo Siwa - Hold the Drama
JoJo Siwa - It's Time to Celebrate
JoJo Siwa - Kid in a Candy Store
JoJo Siwa - My Story
JoJo Siwa - Only Getting Better
JoJo Siwa - Worldwide Party
Joan Osborne & Isaac Hayes - I'm Just A Bill
Joanie Bartels - All The Stars In The Sky
Joanie Bartels - Dreamland
Joanie Bartels - Land Of Make Believe
Joanie Bartels - Little Birds And Flying Machines
Joanie Bartels - Nature Boy
Joanie Bartels - Never Never Land
Joanie Bartels - Softly, Softly
Joanie Bartels - Starbright
Joanie Bartels - The Moon Is Made Of Gold
Joanie Bartels - Tomorrow's A Dream World Away
Joanie Bartels - Turn Around
Joanie Bartels - What A Wonderful World
Joanie Leeds - All The Animals
Joanie Leeds - Are We There Yet
Joanie Leeds - Back To School
Joanie Leeds - Bandwagon
Joanie Leeds - Bed
Joanie Leeds - Big Blue Whale
Joanie Leeds - Canon Song
Joanie Leeds - En Espanol
Joanie Leeds - Falling
Joanie Leeds - Give Me A Hug
Joanie Leeds - Goodbye Goodbye
Joanie Leeds - Happy As A Clam
Joanie Leeds - Helmet
Joanie Leeds - Hummingbird
Joanie Leeds - I Like Jazz
Joanie Leeds - I Love New York
Joanie Leeds - I Wanna Be Green
Joanie Leeds - I'm A Rock Star
Joanie Leeds - If You Go
Joanie Leeds - It Was The Elf
Joanie Leeds - Joanie Says
Joanie Leeds - Jump Jump
Joanie Leeds - Let's Go
Joanie Leeds - Little Cloud
Joanie Leeds - More Cowbell
Joanie Leeds - Mosquitos
Joanie Leeds - My Butterfly
Joanie Leeds - Nightlights
Joanie Leeds - Nutritious
Joanie Leeds - Pony Boy
Joanie Leeds - Popcorn
Joanie Leeds - Possum
Joanie Leeds - Put A Little Smile On Your Face
Joanie Leeds - Sea Cow
Joanie Leeds - Sunglasses
Joanie Leeds - Tofurky Song
Joanie Leeds - UFO
Joanie Leeds - Use Your Words
Joanie Leeds - Wimoweh
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Always On the Run
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Confusing Costume
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Dino On the Uws
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Dr. Lowett
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Drummer Dan
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Food Fight
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Germs
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Good Egg
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Hipster in the Making
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - I Love You
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Kids Place
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - My Dad
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Shadow
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - Stories from the Road
Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights - The World Is Your Oyster
Joanie Leeds w Jonatha Brooke - Family Tree
Joanie Leeds w Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Froggie Went A Courtin'
Joanne Hammil - Alligator Pie
Joanne Hammil - Bears In Chairs
Joanne Hammil - Breakfast
Joanne Hammil - Clouds & Me
Joanne Hammil - Dancin' To The Beat
Joanne Hammil - Dreams of Harmony
Joanne Hammil - Jenny Get Dressed
Joanne Hammil - Morning Rhythms
Joanne Hammil - Mud
Joanne Hammil - Pizza Boogie
Joanne Hammil - Quiet Times
Joanne Hammil - Rules
Joanne Hammil - Teddy Bear Fever
Joanne Hammil - Tell The World
Joanne Hammil - The Brontosaurus Chorus
Joanne Hammil - Where's My Pajamas
Jodi Benson - Down to the Sea (from The Little Mermaid II Return to the Sea)
Jodi Benson - Part of Your World
Jodi Benson w Tara Charendoff - For A Moment - From The Little Mermaid 2 Return to the Sea Soundtrack Version
Joe Jackson - Five Guys Named Moe
Joe Jonas - It's Party Time (From Hotel Transylvania 3)
Joe McDermott - Air Guitar
Joe McDermott - Baby Kangaroo
Joe McDermott - Clap Your Hands
Joe McDermott - Come To Hawii
Joe McDermott - Don't Drop A Brick On Your Foot (It Will Hurt)
Joe McDermott - Dont Get Close To the Alligator
Joe McDermott - Everywhere You Go
Joe McDermott - Flying Saucer
Joe McDermott - Holiday Break
Joe McDermott - I Am Baby
Joe McDermott - I Got Stuck In An Elevator
Joe McDermott - Kitty Fight (Radio Version)
Joe McDermott - Let The Dog Go Out
Joe McDermott - Let Your Light Shine
Joe McDermott - My Cat Can Fly
Joe McDermott - Noise
Joe McDermott - Our Family Car Is A Helicopter
Joe McDermott - Patience And Time
Joe McDermott - Ride, Ride,Ride
Joe McDermott - Roller Coaster
Joe McDermott - Spider Detective
Joe McDermott - Sport Comes To the Rescue
Joe McDermott - Thank You Mud
Joe McDermott - Way Out West
Joe McDermott - What's Not To Love About A Skunk
Joe Scruggs - Goo Goo Ga Ga (Witch Version)
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - A Dinosaur Named Fred
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Air Guitar
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Big Bed Now
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Eliza
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Everybody's Rollin'
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Exraordinary Day
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Goodbye Song
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - I'm Flyin'
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Jambalaya Road
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Meet You At the Playground
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - My Front Door
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - One Family
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Tag Song
John Carlin & the Kids Music Underground - Welcome to the Underground
John Debney - Dora the Explorer Theme Song
John Fogerty - Centerfield
John Goodman - Let There Be Snow (KC305 Edit)
John Gorka - Do La Lay
John Gorka - Things We've Handed Down
John McCutcheon - Camping in the Wilderness
John McCutcheon - Dad and Me
John McCutcheon - Haircut
John McCutcheon - I Love Summer
John McCutcheon - Ice Cream Man
John McCutcheon - Kid Who Hates Summer
John McCutcheon - Meteors The Perseid
John McCutcheon - Mud
John McCutcheon - Own Backyard
John McCutcheon - Power Mower
John McCutcheon - Riding My Bike
John McCutcheon - Swimming Hole
John Mulaney - Music, Music Everywhere (KPL Edit)
John Mulaney - Pay Attention!
John Mulaney - Plain Plate of Noodles
John Popper - The Preamble
John Powell - Dumpling Warrior (Remix)
John Powell - Together from Afar (How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World)
John Riggio - Summer Vacation
John Williams - Cantina Band
Johnny Bregar - A Lot of Moving
Johnny Bregar - Arkansas Traveler
Johnny Bregar - Blue Canoe
Johnny Bregar - Christmas Cove
Johnny Bregar - Clam Jam
Johnny Bregar - Country Dog
Johnny Bregar - Dragonfly
Johnny Bregar - Fireman With a Rocket Ship
Johnny Bregar - Flower
Johnny Bregar - Goin' to the Farm
Johnny Bregar - Honey Bees
Johnny Bregar - How Many Stars
Johnny Bregar - Ice Cream Man
Johnny Bregar - In The Sky
Johnny Bregar - Mac and Cheese
Johnny Bregar - Molly Jo
Johnny Bregar - My Neighborhood
Johnny Bregar - Pancho
Johnny Bregar - Paper Airplane
Johnny Bregar - Polly's Rain Dance
Johnny Bregar - Salt and Pepper
Johnny Bregar - Shoo Fly Pie
Johnny Bregar - Time
Johnny Bregar - Two Thumbs Up
Johnny Bregar - Una Sardina
Johnny Bregar - Weekend
Johnny Bregar - What Do You Do
Johnny Bregar - Yes I Can
Johnny Bregar - You'll Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song
Johnny Cash - Dinosaur Song
Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm
Jon McLaughlin - So Close
Jonas Brothers - Like It's Christmas
Jonas Brothers - Play My Music
Jonathan Coulton - The Princess Who Saved Herself
Jonathan Freeman - You're Only Second Rate - From The Return of Jafar Soundtrack Version
Jonathan Groff - Lost In The Woods
Jonathan Groff - When We're Together
Jordan Fisher - You're Welcome (Jordan Fisher Lin-Manuel Miranda Version)
Jordin Sparks - Beauty and the Beast
Jorge Blanco - Drive My Car
Joseph Rumi Fiordaliso Riahi and Mike West - Dreamin'
Josh And The Jamtones - 1 of a Kind
Josh And The Jamtones - Amen
Josh And The Jamtones - Artik Menta
Josh And The Jamtones - Bear Hunt
Josh And The Jamtones - Bring the Music
Josh And The Jamtones - Bring the Sunshine (Oh Yea!)
Josh And The Jamtones - Brush Yo Teef
Josh And The Jamtones - Build the World a Home
Josh And The Jamtones - Clap It Tap It Sing Out Loud
Josh And The Jamtones - Everybody Dance
Josh And The Jamtones - Fill It Up
Josh And The Jamtones - Fun!
Josh And The Jamtones - Germs
Josh And The Jamtones - Great Big World
Josh And The Jamtones - Green and Spakkled Frogs
Josh And The Jamtones - Hallo-What!
Josh And The Jamtones - Hi Five Jive
Josh And The Jamtones - Hi Five Torah Jive
Josh And The Jamtones - I Love U
Josh And The Jamtones - Id Like To Build The World A Home
Josh And The Jamtones - Iko Iko
Josh And The Jamtones - Is This Love
Josh And The Jamtones - Jump Up!
Josh And The Jamtones - Mamaweyah
Josh And The Jamtones - Me & Julio
Josh And The Jamtones - Move Around
Josh And The Jamtones - Move Ur Feet
Josh And The Jamtones - Oseh Shalom
Josh And The Jamtones - Pirate's Life
Josh And The Jamtones - Ride of Your Life (Life Is Good)
Josh And The Jamtones - Snow Day
Josh And The Jamtones - Straight Outta Latkes
Josh And The Jamtones - Sunflower
Josh And The Jamtones - Swing Low
Josh And The Jamtones - The Snow Is Falling Down
Josh And The Jamtones - Tiny Leaf
Josh And The Jamtones - Turkey Ran Away
Josh And The Jamtones - Vamos a Lay Playa
Josh And The Jamtones - Water Is Wide
Josh And The Jamtones - We Are O.N.E
Josh And The Jamtones - Why Can't We Be Friends
Josh Gad - Gaston
Josh Gad - In Summer
Josh Gad - That Time of Year
Josh Gad - When I Am Older
Josh Gracin - When I See an Elephant Fly Album Version
Josh Groban - Believe
Josh Kelley - Feels Like Home (Original Version)
Josh Lovelace - A Bear In The Woods
Josh Lovelace - Annie Beth
Josh Lovelace - Blanket
Josh Lovelace - Butterfly
Josh Lovelace - Calypso
Josh Lovelace - Climb A Tree
Josh Lovelace - Daddy's Beard
Josh Lovelace - Eat Your Vegetables
Josh Lovelace - Going To Knoxville
Josh Lovelace - Goodbyes Are the Hardest Thing to Do
Josh Lovelace - Hey It's a Good Day
Josh Lovelace - It's Okay Margo
Josh Lovelace - Let's Go Drive
Josh Lovelace - Messy Bessy
Josh Lovelace - More Time with You
Josh Lovelace - Sing A Song For Me
Josh Lovelace - This is a New Song
Josh Lovelace - Traveling Band (When I Grow up)
Josh Lovelace - Upside Down
Josh Lovelace - You Are Loved
Josh Lovelace - You're My Very Best Friend
Josh Lovelace - You've Got Me and I've Got You
Josh Lovelace - Your Love Is On My Heart
Judy Kuhn - Colors of the Wind
Judy Kuhn - Just Around the Riverbend
Julie Andrews - A Spoonful of Sugar (From Mary Poppins)
Julie Andrews - Jolly Holiday
Julie Andrews - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Julie Andrews - When You Act
Julie Dansky - Mick's Song (Rockabye Baby and Me)
Julie Dansky - My Little One
Julie Fowlis - Touch The Sky (From Brave Soundtrack)
Julie May - Bye Bye Baby
Julie May - Sleeping Dog
Julie Silver - Sim Shalom
Jump5 - Aloha, E Komo Mai (From Lilo & Stitch The Series)
Jump5 - Beauty and the Beast
Jump5 - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Pop Version)
JumpStart - A Goat In My Room
JumpStart - Caterpillar Blues
JumpStart - Days Of The Week
JumpStart - If You Were My Friend
JumpStart - It's A Noun
JumpStart - Panana Parrot
JumpStart - Pen Pal
JumpStart - Reading Is Fun
JumpStart - Vegetable ABCs
JumpStart - Zero Is Nothing
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
Justin Bieber - Baby
Justin Fox & Sophia Anderson - The Wallflower Fairy
Justin Roberts - 2 X 4
Justin Roberts - A Wild One
Justin Roberts - All Eyes on You
Justin Roberts - All For You
Justin Roberts - Big Field Trip
Justin Roberts - Cardboard Box
Justin Roberts - Cartwheels & Somersaults
Justin Roberts - Check Me out, I'm at the Checkout
Justin Roberts - Count Them As They Go
Justin Roberts - Dodgeball
Justin Roberts - Easier To Do
Justin Roberts - Eight Legged Octopus
Justin Roberts - Every Little Step
Justin Roberts - Fire Drill
Justin Roberts - From Scratch
Justin Roberts - Fruit Jar
Justin Roberts - Get Me Some Glasses
Justin Roberts - Giant-Sized Butterflies
Justin Roberts - GiraffeNightingale
Justin Roberts - Gym Class Parachute
Justin Roberts - Heart of Gold
Justin Roberts - Henrietta's Hair
Justin Roberts - Hey Hippoptamus
Justin Roberts - Hopscotch
Justin Roberts - How Lucky We Are
Justin Roberts - I Chalk
Justin Roberts - I'll Be an Alien
Justin Roberts - If I Were
Justin Roberts - In the Car
Justin Roberts - Its Your Birthday
Justin Roberts - Kickboard, Baby, Yeah
Justin Roberts - Koala Bear Diner
Justin Roberts - Lemonade
Justin Roberts - Long as I Got You
Justin Roberts - Looking for Trains
Justin Roberts - Lullaby
Justin Roberts - Mama Is Sad
Justin Roberts - Maybe the Monster
Justin Roberts - Me and My Kangaroo
Justin Roberts - Meltdown
Justin Roberts - More Than Just a Minute
Justin Roberts - Must Be This Tall
Justin Roberts - My Brother Did It
Justin Roberts - My Secret Robot
Justin Roberts - Never Getting Lost
Justin Roberts - New Haircut
Justin Roberts - No Matter How Far
Justin Roberts - Nothing On You
Justin Roberts - Obsessed by Trucks
Justin Roberts - One Little Cookie
Justin Roberts - Otis
Justin Roberts - Our Imaginary Rhino
Justin Roberts - Pop Fly
Justin Roberts - Recess
Justin Roberts - Red Bird
Justin Roberts - Rocketship
Justin Roberts - Rolling Down the Hill
Justin Roberts - Sandcastle
Justin Roberts - School's Out (Tall Buildings)
Justin Roberts - She Sits
Justin Roberts - She's a Yellow Reflector
Justin Roberts - Sign My Cast
Justin Roberts - Sleepoverland
Justin Roberts - Snow Day
Justin Roberts - Song for You
Justin Roberts - Stay-At-Home Dad
Justin Roberts - Taking off My Training Wheels
Justin Roberts - The Backyard Super Kid
Justin Roberts - The Princess Wore Pink
Justin Roberts - This Is How We Bring in the Sun
Justin Roberts - Thought It Was a Monster
Justin Roberts - Tickle My Toes
Justin Roberts - Tie Your Shoe
Justin Roberts - Tree Home
Justin Roberts - Trick or Treat
Justin Roberts - Valentine (I Don't Wanna Be Yours)
Justin Roberts - We Go Duck
Justin Roberts - We Got Two
Justin Roberts - What The Stork Sent
Justin Roberts - Willy Was a Whale
Justin Roberts - Yellow Bus
Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (Original Song from DreamWorks Animation's TROLLS)
Justin Timberlake - September (from DreamWorks Animation's TROLLS )
Jónsi - Sticks & Stones
KB Whirly - Cinnamon Jam
KB Whirly - Come Gather 'Round
KB Whirly - Cool Man Cool
KB Whirly - Every Little Thing
KB Whirly - Wandering Child
KC and The Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes
Kacey Musgraves - A Spoonful Of Sugar
Kacey Musgraves - All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Version)
Kacey Musgraves - Cup Of Tea (KPL Edit)
Karen O - All Is Love
Kat Vellos - 3 Tripod Trio
Kat Vellos - 4 Dancefloor
Kat Vellos - 5 On 5
Kat Vellos - 6 Family Reunion
Kat Vellos - 7's Tall Tales
Kat Vellos - Double Dutch
Kat Vellos - Musiplication Intro
Kat Vellos - Musiplication Outro
Kat Vellos - Nutritious 9
Kat Vellos - Superpower 8
Kat Vellos - Top 10
Kate Winslet & Weird Al Yankovic - I Need a Nap
Kathryn Beaumont - You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (From Peter Pan )
Katie Ha Ha Ha - Sometimes I Rise
Katie Herzig - Best Day of Your Life
Katy Perry - Firework
Katy Perry - Roar
Kay Kyser & His Orch., vocals Ginny Simms, Harry Babbit, Ish Kabible - Three Little Fishes
Kay Kyser - Three Little Fishies
Keala Settle - This Is Me
Keb' Mo' - Big Yellow Taxi (Album Version)
Keith Munslow - Absentee Polka
Keith Munslow - Accidentally
Keith Munslow - Are You Gonna Eat That
Keith Munslow - Baby Brother
Keith Munslow - Bad Robot
Keith Munslow - Big Buncha Buddies
Keith Munslow - Big Muddy
Keith Munslow - Bridgie B
Keith Munslow - Bug In the Tub
Keith Munslow - Cardboard Box
Keith Munslow - Code Id By Doze
Keith Munslow - Coffee Breath
Keith Munslow - Dad Is Takin' a Nap
Keith Munslow - Dancin' In The Kitchen
Keith Munslow - Don't Go To The Bog, Bob
Keith Munslow - Don't Grow up to Fast
Keith Munslow - Dragon Breath
Keith Munslow - Dressed Up For The Party
Keith Munslow - Dust Bunny
Keith Munslow - Every Day Is A Summer Day
Keith Munslow - Fried Baloney
Keith Munslow - Get Along Little Kitty
Keith Munslow - Go Jump in the Water
Keith Munslow - I Can Still Say I Love You
Keith Munslow - I Can't Get Up This Mornin'
Keith Munslow - I Can't Sit Still
Keith Munslow - I Just Wanna Be A Frog
Keith Munslow - I Love the Beach
Keith Munslow - Intelligent Clam
Keith Munslow - It's an Adventure
Keith Munslow - Jilly the Ghost
Keith Munslow - Jumpin' Beans O'Grady
Keith Munslow - Magic Bike
Keith Munslow - Seeing Monkeys
Keith Munslow - Spork
Keith Munslow - Stick Pony
Keith Munslow - Stray Dog
Keith Munslow - Tall and Small
Keith Munslow - That Was a Bad Idea
Keith Munslow - The Boogieman
Keith Munslow - The Last Chicken Wing
Keith Munslow - The Leftovers
Keith Munslow - The Loneliest Whale
Keith Munslow - Tiny Destroyer
Keith Munslow - Too Much Sugar
Keith Munslow - Two Wet Dogs
Keith Munslow - Walkin' to the Bus Stop
Keith Munslow - Watchin' All the Cars Go By
Keith Munslow - Weird Kid in the Class
Keith Munslow - Why Did You Teach Me That Word
Keller Williams - Because I Said So
Keller Williams - Car Seat
Keller Williams - Good Advice
Keller Williams - Grandma's Feather Bed
Keller Williams - Hey Little Baby
Keller Williams - Hulahoop to da Loop
Keller Williams - Keep It on the Paper
Keller Williams - Lucy Lawcy
Keller Williams - Mama Tooted
Keller Williams - My Neighbor Is Happy Again
Keller Williams - Soakie Von Soakerman
Keller Williams - Taking a Bath
Kelly Clarkson - Couldn't Be Better (Movie Version)
Kelly Clarkson - Couldn't Be Better (Pop Version)
Kelly Clarkson - Unbreakable
Kelsang Chukie Tethong - Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Hum
Ken Elkinson - All the Pretty Little Horses
Ken Elkinson - Aludj Baba, Aludjál
Ken Elkinson - Dodo, L'enfant Dors
Ken Elkinson - Dormite Niñito
Ken Elkinson - Fi La Nane Mi Bel Fiole
Ken Elkinson - Frerè Jacques
Ken Elkinson - Ho Ho Watanay
Ken Elkinson - Hush a Bye Baby
Ken Elkinson - Kehto Luala
Ken Elkinson - Komoriuta
Ken Elkinson - Mociute Mano
Ken Elkinson - Nenna Nenna
Ken Elkinson - O Sweetly Does My Baby Sleep
Ken Elkinson - Rouxinol Do Pico Preto
Ken Elkinson - Schlaf in Guter Ruh
Ken Elkinson - Sleep My Baby
Ken Elkinson - Sofdu Únga Ástin Mín
Ken Elkinson - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Ken Johnson - Los Colores De La Primavera
Kenny Loggins - 1234
Kenny Loggins - All Together Now
Kenny Loggins - All the Pretty Little Ponies
Kenny Loggins - Cody's Song
Kenny Loggins - Come Go With Me
Kenny Loggins - First There Is A Mountain
Kenny Loggins - GandhiBuddha
Kenny Loggins - Long Tailed Cat
Kenny Loggins - Love
Kenny Loggins - Moose 'n Me
Kenny Loggins - Neverland Medley
Kenny Loggins - Puppy Song
Kenny Loggins - Rainbow Connection
Kenny Loggins - Return to Pooh Corner
Kenny Loggins - St. Judy's Comet
Kenny Loggins - The Horses
Kenny Loggins - The Last Unicorn
Kenny Loggins - To-Ra-Loo-Ra
Kenny Loggins - Underneath The Same Sky
Kenny Loggins - You Can All Join In
Kenny Loggins - You Got A Friend In Me
Kenny Loggins - Your Lollipop
Kenny Loggins w Jim Messina - Two Of Us
Kermit - Rainbow Connection (From The Muppet Movie Soundtrack Version)
Kerry Fenster - Hygiene
Kerry Fenster - Personal Space
Kerry Fenster - Pinball Wizard
Kerry Fenster - Quiet Hands
Kerry Fenster - Use Your Words
Kesha - Best Day (Angry Birds 2 Remix)
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - (Sing a Song of) Christmas Cheer
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Angels We Have Heard on High
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Christmas Pudding
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Christmas Time is Here
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Don Mario's Song
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - It's So Good
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Jingle Bells
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Mary the Fairy
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - O Christmas Tree
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Pepito
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Silent Night
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Summertime Lullaby
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke - Talking Pet Pig
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Animal Alphabet
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Big Pet Pig
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Bigga Bagga
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Candyman
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Chuckers
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Conversation
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Eggplant Man
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Falling Star
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Favrorite Names
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Funkee Flora De Fiesta
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Going to the Moon
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - I Had a Little Dog
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - John the Rabbit
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - King of the Town
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Lazy Raisins
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Pleased to Meet You
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Railroad Medley
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Raised by Trolls
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Rise and Shine
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Take Ten
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - The Rattling Can
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Trondaxx Berserker
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - Wander Round the World
Kid Pan Alley - A Happy, Happy Birthday Song
Kid Pan Alley - Best Friends
Kid Pan Alley - I Forgot to Charge My Phone Today
Kid Pan Alley - I've Got an Apple Pie in My Book Bag
Kid Pan Alley - La Vida Es Bella
Kid Pan Alley - Life Is Good
Kid Pan Alley - My Shadow Leads a Double Life
Kid Pan Alley - Quit This Job
Kid Pan Alley - Santa's on Vacation
Kid Pan Alley - School's Out!
Kid Pan Alley - Sister for Sale
Kid Pan Alley - Who Decided
Kidz Bop Kids - ...Ready For It
Kidz Bop Kids - 1 Thing
Kidz Bop Kids - 1, 2 Step
Kidz Bop Kids - 1985
Kidz Bop Kids - 22
Kidz Bop Kids - 24K Magic
Kidz Bop Kids - 2U
Kidz Bop Kids - 4 Minutes
Kidz Bop Kids - 7 Rings
Kidz Bop Kids - 7 Things
Kidz Bop Kids - 7 Years
Kidz Bop Kids - A Moment Like This
Kidz Bop Kids - A Public Affair
Kidz Bop Kids - A Thousand Miles
Kidz Bop Kids - Accidentally In Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Ain't It Fun
Kidz Bop Kids - Airplanes
Kidz Bop Kids - Alejandro
Kidz Bop Kids - Alive
Kidz Bop Kids - All About That Bass
Kidz Bop Kids - All Around The World
Kidz Bop Kids - All Of Me
Kidz Bop Kids - All Star (Dance Remix)
Kidz Bop Kids - All Star
Kidz Bop Kids - All The Right Moves
Kidz Bop Kids - All The Small Things
Kidz Bop Kids - All Time Low
Kidz Bop Kids - All You Wanted
Kidz Bop Kids - Already Gone
Kidz Bop Kids - Am I Wrong
Kidz Bop Kids - American Boy
Kidz Bop Kids - Angel Of Mine
Kidz Bop Kids - Angel
Kidz Bop Kids - Animal
Kidz Bop Kids - Apologize
Kidz Bop Kids - Applause
Kidz Bop Kids - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Are You Happy Now
Kidz Bop Kids - As Long As You Love Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Attention
Kidz Bop Kids - Axel F (The Frog Song)
Kidz Bop Kids - Baby
Kidz Bop Kids - Back To You
Kidz Bop Kids - Bad At Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Bad Blood
Kidz Bop Kids - Bad Day
Kidz Bop Kids - Bad Liar
Kidz Bop Kids - Bad Liar
Kidz Bop Kids - Baila Baila Baila
Kidz Bop Kids - Bailamos
Kidz Bop Kids - Battlefield
Kidz Bop Kids - Be Alright
Kidz Bop Kids - Be Without You
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful (Dance Remix)
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful Girls
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful Liar
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful People
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful Soul
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful
Kidz Bop Kids - Beautiful
Kidz Bop Kids - Beauty And A Beat
Kidz Bop Kids - Because Of You
Kidz Bop Kids - Behind These Hazel Eyes
Kidz Bop Kids - Believe
Kidz Bop Kids - Believer
Kidz Bop Kids - Bella Donna
Kidz Bop Kids - Best Day Of My Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Best Song Ever
Kidz Bop Kids - Best Time Ever
Kidz Bop Kids - Better In Time
Kidz Bop Kids - Better Now
Kidz Bop Kids - Beverly Hills
Kidz Bop Kids - Big Girls Don't Cry
Kidz Bop Kids - Billionaire
Kidz Bop Kids - Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
Kidz Bop Kids - Blame
Kidz Bop Kids - Blank Space
Kidz Bop Kids - Bleeding Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Kidz Bop Kids - Boom Boom Pow
Kidz Bop Kids - Boom Clap
Kidz Bop Kids - Born This Way
Kidz Bop Kids - Boston
Kidz Bop Kids - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Kidz Bop Kids - Boy With Luv
Kidz Bop Kids - Boyfriend
Kidz Bop Kids - Boyfriend
Kidz Bop Kids - Break Free
Kidz Bop Kids - Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored
Kidz Bop Kids - Break Your Heart
Kidz Bop Kids - Breakaway
Kidz Bop Kids - Breakeven
Kidz Bop Kids - Breathin
Kidz Bop Kids - Bring Me To Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Broken
Kidz Bop Kids - Bubbly
Kidz Bop Kids - Bulletproof
Kidz Bop Kids - Burn
Kidz Bop Kids - Burn
Kidz Bop Kids - Burnin Up
Kidz Bop Kids - Bye Bye Bye
Kidz Bop Kids - Cake By The Ocean
Kidz Bop Kids - California Gurls
Kidz Bop Kids - Call Me Maybe
Kidz Bop Kids - Calma
Kidz Bop Kids - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Kidz Bop Kids - Can't Hold Us
Kidz Bop Kids - Can't Stop The Feeling!
Kidz Bop Kids - Castle On The Hill
Kidz Bop Kids - Caught Up
Kidz Bop Kids - Centuries
Kidz Bop Kids - Chained To The Rhythm
Kidz Bop Kids - Chariot
Kidz Bop Kids - Chasing Cars
Kidz Bop Kids - Cheap Thrills
Kidz Bop Kids - Cheerleader
Kidz Bop Kids - Chicken Noodle Soup
Kidz Bop Kids - Cinderella
Kidz Bop Kids - Circus
Kidz Bop Kids - Clarity
Kidz Bop Kids - Close To Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Closer
Kidz Bop Kids - Club Can't Handle Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Clumsy
Kidz Bop Kids - Cold Water
Kidz Bop Kids - Cold
Kidz Bop Kids - Come & Get It
Kidz Bop Kids - Come Back To Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Come Clean
Kidz Bop Kids - Come On Over Baby
Kidz Bop Kids - Complicated
Kidz Bop Kids - Con Altura
Kidz Bop Kids - Con Calma
Kidz Bop Kids - Confident
Kidz Bop Kids - Congratulations
Kidz Bop Kids - Cool Kids
Kidz Bop Kids - Cool
Kidz Bop Kids - Cool
Kidz Bop Kids - Cooler Than Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Counting Stars
Kidz Bop Kids - Crazy For This Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Crazy For This Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Crazy In Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Crazy
Kidz Bop Kids - Cruise
Kidz Bop Kids - Crush
Kidz Bop Kids - Cry Me A River
Kidz Bop Kids - Crying In The Club
Kidz Bop Kids - Cupid's Chokehold Breakfast In America
Kidz Bop Kids - Cups
Kidz Bop Kids - DJ Got Us Falling In Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Damaged
Kidz Bop Kids - Dance Again
Kidz Bop Kids - Dare You To Move
Kidz Bop Kids - Dark Horse
Kidz Bop Kids - Dear Future Husband
Kidz Bop Kids - Desconocidos
Kidz Bop Kids - Diamonds
Kidz Bop Kids - Dilemma
Kidz Bop Kids - Disturbia
Kidz Bop Kids - Do You Remember
Kidz Bop Kids - Domino
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Call Me Up
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Forget About Us
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Let Me Get Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Lie
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Matter
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Stop The Music
Kidz Bop Kids - Don't Stop The Party
Kidz Bop Kids - Don’t Let Me Down
Kidz Bop Kids - Don’t Mind
Kidz Bop Kids - Don’t Wanna Know
Kidz Bop Kids - Down
Kidz Bop Kids - Downtown
Kidz Bop Kids - Drag Me Down
Kidz Bop Kids - Drive By
Kidz Bop Kids - Dynamite
Kidz Bop Kids - Easier
Kidz Bop Kids - Eastside
Kidz Bop Kids - Elastic Heart
Kidz Bop Kids - Electricity
Kidz Bop Kids - End Game
Kidz Bop Kids - Evacuate The Dancefloor
Kidz Bop Kids - Everybody Talks
Kidz Bop Kids - Everything Has Changed
Kidz Bop Kids - Everywhere
Kidz Bop Kids - Ex's And Oh's
Kidz Bop Kids - Exit Sign
Kidz Bop Kids - FRIENDS
Kidz Bop Kids - Fahrrad
Kidz Bop Kids - Fallin'
Kidz Bop Kids - Family Affair
Kidz Bop Kids - Fancy
Kidz Bop Kids - Far Away
Kidz Bop Kids - Feel Good Inc.
Kidz Bop Kids - Feel It Still
Kidz Bop Kids - Feel So Close
Kidz Bop Kids - Feel This Moment
Kidz Bop Kids - Feels Like Tonight
Kidz Bop Kids - Feels
Kidz Bop Kids - Fight Song
Kidz Bop Kids - Finesse
Kidz Bop Kids - Fire Burning
Kidz Bop Kids - Fireflies
Kidz Bop Kids - Firework
Kidz Bop Kids - First Time
Kidz Bop Kids - Float On
Kidz Bop Kids - Fly
Kidz Bop Kids - Fly
Kidz Bop Kids - Follow Me
Kidz Bop Kids - For You I Will (Confidence)
Kidz Bop Kids - Forever
Kidz Bop Kids - Forget You
Kidz Bop Kids - FourFiveSeconds
Kidz Bop Kids - GDFR
Kidz Bop Kids - Galway Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Gangnam Style
Kidz Bop Kids - Get The Party Started
Kidz Bop Kids - Ghost
Kidz Bop Kids - Giant
Kidz Bop Kids - Girl Next Door
Kidz Bop Kids - Girl On Fire
Kidz Bop Kids - Girlfriend
Kidz Bop Kids - Girlfriend
Kidz Bop Kids - Girls And Boys
Kidz Bop Kids - Girls Like You
Kidz Bop Kids - Glad You Came
Kidz Bop Kids - Glamorous
Kidz Bop Kids - God's Plan
Kidz Bop Kids - Gold
Kidz Bop Kids - Good Feeling
Kidz Bop Kids - Good Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Good Old Days
Kidz Bop Kids - Good Time
Kidz Bop Kids - Goodbye
Kidz Bop Kids - Gotta Be Somebody
Kidz Bop Kids - Hanging By A Moment
Kidz Bop Kids - Hanging On
Kidz Bop Kids - Happier
Kidz Bop Kids - Happy
Kidz Bop Kids - Happy
Kidz Bop Kids - Hate That I Love You
Kidz Bop Kids - Havana
Kidz Bop Kids - He Loves U Not
Kidz Bop Kids - Headstrong
Kidz Bop Kids - Heart Attack
Kidz Bop Kids - Heartless
Kidz Bop Kids - Heaven
Kidz Bop Kids - Hello
Kidz Bop Kids - Hello
Kidz Bop Kids - Here With Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Here Without You
Kidz Bop Kids - Here
Kidz Bop Kids - Hero
Kidz Bop Kids - Hero
Kidz Bop Kids - Heroes (We Could Be)
Kidz Bop Kids - Hey Baby
Kidz Bop Kids - Hey Look Ma, I Made It
Kidz Bop Kids - Hey Mama
Kidz Bop Kids - Hey Soul Sister
Kidz Bop Kids - Hey There Delilah
Kidz Bop Kids - Hey Ya!
Kidz Bop Kids - Hide Away
Kidz Bop Kids - High Hopes
Kidz Bop Kids - Ho Hey
Kidz Bop Kids - Hoedown Throwdown
Kidz Bop Kids - Hold On
Kidz Bop Kids - Home
Kidz Bop Kids - Home
Kidz Bop Kids - Honest
Kidz Bop Kids - Honey I'm Good
Kidz Bop Kids - Hot N Cold
Kidz Bop Kids - Hotline Bling
Kidz Bop Kids - How Do You Sleep
Kidz Bop Kids - How Do You Sleep
Kidz Bop Kids - How Far I’ll Go
Kidz Bop Kids - How Long
Kidz Bop Kids - How To Save A Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Hung Up
Kidz Bop Kids - I Cry
Kidz Bop Kids - I Don't Care
Kidz Bop Kids - I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)
Kidz Bop Kids - I Don't Wanna Live Forever
Kidz Bop Kids - I Don't Want To Be
Kidz Bop Kids - I Don’t Like It, I Love It
Kidz Bop Kids - I Gotta Feeling
Kidz Bop Kids - I Hate This Part
Kidz Bop Kids - I Knew You Were Trouble
Kidz Bop Kids - I Like It
Kidz Bop Kids - I Like Me Better
Kidz Bop Kids - I Lived
Kidz Bop Kids - I Love It
Kidz Bop Kids - I Need Your Love
Kidz Bop Kids - I Want It That Way
Kidz Bop Kids - I Want You To Know
Kidz Bop Kids - I'd Do Anything
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm A Believer
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm Not The Only One
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm Real
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm So Tired...
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm Still In Love With You
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm The One
Kidz Bop Kids - I'm Yours
Kidz Bop Kids - I've Been Waiting
Kidz Bop Kids - Ice Box
Kidz Bop Kids - If Everyone Cared
Kidz Bop Kids - If I Ain't Got You
Kidz Bop Kids - If I Can't Have You
Kidz Bop Kids - If I Were A Boy
Kidz Bop Kids - If Today Was Your Last Day
Kidz Bop Kids - In My Blood
Kidz Bop Kids - In My Feelings
Kidz Bop Kids - Incomplete
Kidz Bop Kids - Intuition
Kidz Bop Kids - Invisible
Kidz Bop Kids - Irreplaceable
Kidz Bop Kids - Issues
Kidz Bop Kids - It Ain't Me
Kidz Bop Kids - It Ends Tonight
Kidz Bop Kids - It Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - It Will Rain
Kidz Bop Kids - It's Gonna Be Me
Kidz Bop Kids - It's My Life
Kidz Bop Kids - It's Not My Time
Kidz Bop Kids - It's Not Over
Kidz Bop Kids - It's Your Birthday
Kidz Bop Kids - Jealous
Kidz Bop Kids - Jenny From The Block
Kidz Bop Kids - Juju On That Beat
Kidz Bop Kids - Just A Dream
Kidz Bop Kids - Just A Friend (2002)
Kidz Bop Kids - Just Give Me A Reason
Kidz Bop Kids - Just Got Paid
Kidz Bop Kids - Just Like Fire
Kidz Bop Kids - Just The Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Just The Way You Are
Kidz Bop Kids - Karma
Kidz Bop Kids - Kiss Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Knock You Down
Kidz Bop Kids - Kryptonite
Kidz Bop Kids - L.O.V.E.
Kidz Bop Kids - Latch
Kidz Bop Kids - Lean On
Kidz Bop Kids - Leave (Get Out)
Kidz Bop Kids - Leiser
Kidz Bop Kids - Let It Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Let It Rock
Kidz Bop Kids - Let Me Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Let Me Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Let Me Love You (Live)
Kidz Bop Kids - Let Me Love You
Kidz Bop Kids - Let Me Love You
Kidz Bop Kids - Let's Get It Started
Kidz Bop Kids - Let's Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Life Of The Party
Kidz Bop Kids - Like I'm Gonna Lose You
Kidz Bop Kids - Lips Are Movin
Kidz Bop Kids - Lips Of An Angel
Kidz Bop Kids - Listen To You Heart
Kidz Bop Kids - Live While We're Young
Kidz Bop Kids - Live Your Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Livin' La Vida Loca
Kidz Bop Kids - Locked Out Of Heaven
Kidz Bop Kids - Lonely No More
Kidz Bop Kids - Look What You Made Me Do
Kidz Bop Kids - Lose My Breath
Kidz Bop Kids - Lost Boy
Kidz Bop Kids - Lost In Japan
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Lies
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Me Harder
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Me Like You Do
Kidz Bop Kids - Love On The Brain
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Somebody
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Song
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Story
Kidz Bop Kids - Love Yourself
Kidz Bop Kids - Low
Kidz Bop Kids - Lucid Dreams
Kidz Bop Kids - MAKE SOME NOISE!
Kidz Bop Kids - ME!
Kidz Bop Kids - MIA
Kidz Bop Kids - Magic
Kidz Bop Kids - Makes Me Wonder
Kidz Bop Kids - Malibu
Kidz Bop Kids - Maps
Kidz Bop Kids - Me Against The Music
Kidz Bop Kids - Me Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Me Myself & I
Kidz Bop Kids - Me Too
Kidz Bop Kids - Me, Myself, And I
Kidz Bop Kids - Meant To Be
Kidz Bop Kids - Meant To Live
Kidz Bop Kids - Meet Me Halfway
Kidz Bop Kids - Mercy
Kidz Bop Kids - Mi Gente
Kidz Bop Kids - Mi Gente
Kidz Bop Kids - Mine
Kidz Bop Kids - Mine
Kidz Bop Kids - Mirrors
Kidz Bop Kids - Miss Independent
Kidz Bop Kids - More
Kidz Bop Kids - Move Along
Kidz Bop Kids - Move It Like This
Kidz Bop Kids - Moves Like Jagger
Kidz Bop Kids - Mr. Saxobeat
Kidz Bop Kids - My Boo
Kidz Bop Kids - My Happy Ending
Kidz Bop Kids - My House
Kidz Bop Kids - My Immortal
Kidz Bop Kids - My Love Is Your Love
Kidz Bop Kids - My Love
Kidz Bop Kids - My Way
Kidz Bop Kids - NO
Kidz Bop Kids - Natural
Kidz Bop Kids - Naturally
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Again
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Be Like You
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Forget You
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Leave You
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Really Over
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Say Never
Kidz Bop Kids - Never Say Never
Kidz Bop Kids - New Rules
Kidz Bop Kids - No Air
Kidz Bop Kids - No Brainer
Kidz Bop Kids - No Letting Go
Kidz Bop Kids - No One
Kidz Bop Kids - No Promises
Kidz Bop Kids - No Tears Left To Cry
Kidz Bop Kids - Nobody's Home
Kidz Bop Kids - Not A Bad Thing
Kidz Bop Kids - Nothin On You
Kidz Bop Kids - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (UK Version)
Kidz Bop Kids - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (US Version)
Kidz Bop Kids - Now Or Never
Kidz Bop Kids - Obsession
Kidz Bop Kids - Ocean Avenue
Kidz Bop Kids - Old Town Road
Kidz Bop Kids - On My Mind
Kidz Bop Kids - On The Floor
Kidz Bop Kids - On The Way Down
Kidz Bop Kids - One Call Away
Kidz Bop Kids - One Dance
Kidz Bop Kids - One Kiss
Kidz Bop Kids - One Step At A Time
Kidz Bop Kids - One Thing
Kidz Bop Kids - One Time
Kidz Bop Kids - One Touch
Kidz Bop Kids - Oops... I Did It Again
Kidz Bop Kids - Out Of The Woods
Kidz Bop Kids - Outside
Kidz Bop Kids - Over And Over
Kidz Bop Kids - Over My Head (Cable Car)
Kidz Bop Kids - Over You
Kidz Bop Kids - Paparazzi
Kidz Bop Kids - Paris
Kidz Bop Kids - Part Of Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Party In The USA
Kidz Bop Kids - Party Like A Rockstar
Kidz Bop Kids - Party Rock Anthem
Kidz Bop Kids - Payphone
Kidz Bop Kids - Perfect
Kidz Bop Kids - Perfect
Kidz Bop Kids - Photograph
Kidz Bop Kids - Photograph
Kidz Bop Kids - Phänomenal
Kidz Bop Kids - Pieces Of Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Please Don't Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Please Don't Leave Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Pocketful Of Sunshine
Kidz Bop Kids - Pompeii
Kidz Bop Kids - Pon De Replay
Kidz Bop Kids - Praying
Kidz Bop Kids - Price Tag
Kidz Bop Kids - Problem
Kidz Bop Kids - Pump It
Kidz Bop Kids - Put Your Records On
Kidz Bop Kids - Rather Be
Kidz Bop Kids - Really Don't Care
Kidz Bop Kids - Regenbogenfarben
Kidz Bop Kids - Reggaetón Lento
Kidz Bop Kids - Renegades
Kidz Bop Kids - Replay
Kidz Bop Kids - Rich Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Ride
Kidz Bop Kids - Rise
Kidz Bop Kids - Roar
Kidz Bop Kids - Rocketeer
Kidz Bop Kids - Rolling In The Deep
Kidz Bop Kids - Royals
Kidz Bop Kids - Rude
Kidz Bop Kids - Ruin My Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Rush
Kidz Bop Kids - SOS
Kidz Bop Kids - SOS
Kidz Bop Kids - Safe And Sound
Kidz Bop Kids - Same Old Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Savin' Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Say Hey (I Love You)
Kidz Bop Kids - Say It Right
Kidz Bop Kids - Say Something KB Live Version
Kidz Bop Kids - Say Something
Kidz Bop Kids - Say You Won't Let Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Scars To Your Beautiful
Kidz Bop Kids - Scream & Shout
Kidz Bop Kids - Second Chance
Kidz Bop Kids - See You Again
Kidz Bop Kids - See You Again
Kidz Bop Kids - Send My Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Set Fire To The Rain
Kidz Bop Kids - Señorita
Kidz Bop Kids - Señorita
Kidz Bop Kids - Shake It Off
Kidz Bop Kids - Shallow
Kidz Bop Kids - She Will Be Loved
Kidz Bop Kids - Shower
Kidz Bop Kids - Shut Up And Dance
Kidz Bop Kids - Since U Been Gone
Kidz Bop Kids - Sing
Kidz Bop Kids - Single Ladies
Kidz Bop Kids - Sit Next To Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Sit Still Look Pretty
Kidz Bop Kids - Sk8er Boi (Dance Remix)
Kidz Bop Kids - Sk8er Boi
Kidz Bop Kids - So What
Kidz Bop Kids - So Yesterday
Kidz Bop Kids - Soak Up The Sun
Kidz Bop Kids - Some Nights
Kidz Bop Kids - Somebody That I Used To Know
Kidz Bop Kids - Somebody To Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Somebody
Kidz Bop Kids - Someday
Kidz Bop Kids - Someone Like You
Kidz Bop Kids - Someone You Loved
Kidz Bop Kids - Something Just Like This
Kidz Bop Kids - Sorry Not Sorry
Kidz Bop Kids - Sorry
Kidz Bop Kids - Sorry
Kidz Bop Kids - Speed Of Sound
Kidz Bop Kids - Starships
Kidz Bop Kids - Starving
Kidz Bop Kids - Stay
Kidz Bop Kids - Steal My Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - Steal My Sunshine
Kidz Bop Kids - Stereo Hearts
Kidz Bop Kids - Stickwitu
Kidz Bop Kids - Still Got Time
Kidz Bop Kids - Still Into You
Kidz Bop Kids - Stitches
Kidz Bop Kids - Stop And Stare
Kidz Bop Kids - Story Of My Life
Kidz Bop Kids - Stressed Out
Kidz Bop Kids - Stronger
Kidz Bop Kids - Style
Kidz Bop Kids - Sucker
Kidz Bop Kids - Sugar
Kidz Bop Kids - Suit & Tie
Kidz Bop Kids - Summer Girls
Kidz Bop Kids - Summertime Sadness
Kidz Bop Kids - Sunflower
Kidz Bop Kids - Superstar
Kidz Bop Kids - Survivor
Kidz Bop Kids - Sweet Dreams
Kidz Bop Kids - Take A Bow
Kidz Bop Kids - Take Me Out
Kidz Bop Kids - Take You There
Kidz Bop Kids - Talk
Kidz Bop Kids - Tattoo
Kidz Bop Kids - Team
Kidz Bop Kids - Teardrops On My Guitar
Kidz Bop Kids - Telephone
Kidz Bop Kids - Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Kidz Bop Kids - Tell Me You Love Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Thank U, Next (Japanese Version)
Kidz Bop Kids - Thank U, Next (UK Version)
Kidz Bop Kids - Thank U, Next (US Version)
Kidz Bop Kids - That Don't Impress Me Much
Kidz Bop Kids - That's What I Like
Kidz Bop Kids - That’s My Girl
Kidz Bop Kids - The Anthem
Kidz Bop Kids - The Climb
Kidz Bop Kids - The Edge Of Glory
Kidz Bop Kids - The First Cut Is The Deepest
Kidz Bop Kids - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)
Kidz Bop Kids - The Game Of Love
Kidz Bop Kids - The Git Up
Kidz Bop Kids - The Great Escape
Kidz Bop Kids - The Greatest
Kidz Bop Kids - The Heart Wants What It Wants
Kidz Bop Kids - The Ketchup Song
Kidz Bop Kids - The Lazy Song
Kidz Bop Kids - The Man
Kidz Bop Kids - The Middle
Kidz Bop Kids - The Middle
Kidz Bop Kids - The One That Got Away
Kidz Bop Kids - The Only Exception
Kidz Bop Kids - The Reason
Kidz Bop Kids - The Story Of Us
Kidz Bop Kids - The Sweet Escape
Kidz Bop Kids - The Time
Kidz Bop Kids - There's Gotta Be
Kidz Bop Kids - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
Kidz Bop Kids - These Words
Kidz Bop Kids - Thinking Out Loud
Kidz Bop Kids - This Feeling
Kidz Bop Kids - This Is Me
Kidz Bop Kids - This Is What You Came For
Kidz Bop Kids - This Love
Kidz Bop Kids - This Town
Kidz Bop Kids - Thrift Shop
Kidz Bop Kids - Thunder
Kidz Bop Kids - Till The World Ends
Kidz Bop Kids - Timber
Kidz Bop Kids - Time Of Our Lives
Kidz Bop Kids - Tonight Is The Night
Kidz Bop Kids - Tonight Tonight
Kidz Bop Kids - Too Close
Kidz Bop Kids - Too Good At Goodbyes
Kidz Bop Kids - Too Little Too Late
Kidz Bop Kids - Toxic
Kidz Bop Kids - Treasure
Kidz Bop Kids - Treat You Better
Kidz Bop Kids - True
Kidz Bop Kids - Truth Hurts
Kidz Bop Kids - Try Again
Kidz Bop Kids - Try Everything
Kidz Bop Kids - Turn Off The Light
Kidz Bop Kids - Two Is Better Than One
Kidz Bop Kids - U Don't Have To Call
Kidz Bop Kids - U Remind Me
Kidz Bop Kids - U.S.A.
Kidz Bop Kids - Uma Thurman
Kidz Bop Kids - Umbrella
Kidz Bop Kids - Underneath It All
Kidz Bop Kids - Unwritten
Kidz Bop Kids - Uptown Funk
Kidz Bop Kids - Use Somebody
Kidz Bop Kids - Vertigo
Kidz Bop Kids - Wait For You
Kidz Bop Kids - Wait
Kidz Bop Kids - Waiting On The World To Change
Kidz Bop Kids - Wake Me Up When September Ends
Kidz Bop Kids - Wake Me Up
Kidz Bop Kids - Wake Up
Kidz Bop Kids - Walk Away
Kidz Bop Kids - Walk Me Home
Kidz Bop Kids - Want To Want Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Want U Back
Kidz Bop Kids - Wasting My Time
Kidz Bop Kids - Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae)
Kidz Bop Kids - Waves
Kidz Bop Kids - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Kidz Bop Kids - We Belong Together
Kidz Bop Kids - We Don’t Talk Anymore
Kidz Bop Kids - We Found Love
Kidz Bop Kids - We Run The Show
Kidz Bop Kids - Welcome To My Life
Kidz Bop Kids - What A Girl Wants
Kidz Bop Kids - What About Now
Kidz Bop Kids - What About Us
Kidz Bop Kids - What Do You Mean
Kidz Bop Kids - What Goes Around, Comes Around
Kidz Bop Kids - What Hurts The Most
Kidz Bop Kids - What Makes You Beautiful
Kidz Bop Kids - What's Left Of Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Whataya Want From Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Whatever It Takes
Kidz Bop Kids - When I Grow Up
Kidz Bop Kids - When I'm Gone
Kidz Bop Kids - When The Party's Over
Kidz Bop Kids - When You Look Me In The Eyes
Kidz Bop Kids - When You're Gone
Kidz Bop Kids - Whenever, Wherever
Kidz Bop Kids - Where Are Ü Now
Kidz Bop Kids - Where'd You Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Wherever You Will Go
Kidz Bop Kids - Whip My Hair
Kidz Bop Kids - Who Do You Love
Kidz Bop Kids - Who Knew
Kidz Bop Kids - Who Says You Can't Go Home
Kidz Bop Kids - Who Says
Kidz Bop Kids - Why Don't You And I
Kidz Bop Kids - Wide Awake
Kidz Bop Kids - Wie schön Du bist
Kidz Bop Kids - Wild Ones
Kidz Bop Kids - Wildest Dreams
Kidz Bop Kids - Wish You Well
Kidz Bop Kids - With Love
Kidz Bop Kids - With You
Kidz Bop Kids - With You
Kidz Bop Kids - Without Me
Kidz Bop Kids - Without You
Kidz Bop Kids - Wolves
Kidz Bop Kids - Work
Kidz Bop Kids - Worth It
Kidz Bop Kids - Wrecking Ball
Kidz Bop Kids - Written In The Stars
Kidz Bop Kids - You And Me
Kidz Bop Kids - You Belong With Me
Kidz Bop Kids - You Don't Know My Name
Kidz Bop Kids - You Found Me
Kidz Bop Kids - You Know You Like It
Kidz Bop Kids - You Make Me Feel…
Kidz Bop Kids - You Say
Kidz Bop Kids - You're Beautiful
Kidz Bop Kids - Youngblood
Kidz Bop Kids - Échame la Culpa
Kieran Shudall - Everything Is Better
Kimberly Locke - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Pop Version)
Kimya Dawson - Wiggle My Tooth
Kindermusik International - The Lion and the Mouse (Story Reading)
Kindiana Jones - The Questions
Kion - We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa)
Kira Willey - All I Wanna Do Is Dance
Kira Willey - Big Brown Bear
Kira Willey - Black Dog in the River
Kira Willey - Caterpillar Caterpillar
Kira Willey - Colors (2014)
Kira Willey - Colors
Kira Willey - Community
Kira Willey - Dance for the Sun
Kira Willey - Follow Me
Kira Willey - Go Plane Go
Kira Willey - Gotta Lotta Happy
Kira Willey - Kings & Queens of the Forest
Kira Willey - Let the Sun Shine In
Kira Willey - Let's Go to Work
Kira Willey - Little Deer Isle
Kira Willey - Making Pie
Kira Willey - Mama Nature
Kira Willey - Midnight Moonlight
Kira Willey - Mr. Cricket Hop
Kira Willey - Namaste Song
Kira Willey - Roller Coaster
Kira Willey - Stand Up
Kira Willey - Surfer Mama
Kira Willey - Tap My Drum
Kira Willey - The Dancing Mountain
Kira Willey - The Mixing Bowl
Kira Willey - The Shimmy
Kira Willey - The Sound I Found
Kira Willey - Underneath the Rainbow
Kira Willey - Welcome to Fireflies
Kishi Bashi - The Ballad of Mr. Steak
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - All I Eat Is Pizza
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Cat Party
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Get Yo Body Movin'
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Hot Sauce
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Pop See Ko
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - The Coolest Person
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - You Are the Best
Kool & The Gang - Celebration
Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Josh Gad Jonathan Groff and Cast - Some Things Never Change
Kristen Bell - Do You Want To Build A Snowman
Kristen Bell - For the First Time in Forever (From FrozenSoundtrack Version)
Kristen Bell - Love Is an Open Door (From FrozenSoundtrack Version)
Kristen Bell - The Next Right Thing
Kristin Andreassen - Crayola Doesn't Make a Color for Your Eyes
Kuana Torres Kahele - Lava
Kyle Lemle & IndiAna Seerley Gowland - The Gorse Fairies
Kyung-Shin Im - Ja jang ja jang
L (Raphaële Lannadère) - Yankele
Lady And The Tramp II - A World Without Fences
Lady And The Tramp II - Always There
Lady And The Tramp II - I Didn't Know That I Could Feel This Way
Lady And The Tramp II - Junkyard Society Rag
Lady Gaga w Elton John - Hello Hello
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Old McDonald (Zulu Style)
Lalah Hathaway - Surrender
Lalaine - Cruella De Vil
Lard Dog & The Band of Shy - Dreamers
Lard Dog & The Band of Shy - I Like
Laura Doherty - El Train
Laura Doherty - Elevator Escalator
Laura Doherty - Farmer's Market
Laura Doherty - Firefly
Laura Doherty - Hello Hippopotamus
Laura Doherty - Hot Dog
Laura Doherty - I Spy
Laura Doherty - Kitty Cat
Laura Doherty - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Laura Doherty - Rockin' At the Zoo
Laura Doherty - Sweet Home Chicago
Laura Doherty - Uncle Ukulele's Band
Laura Doherty - Wheels in the City
Laura Freeman - Blue
Laura Freeman - Green
Laura Freeman - Indigo and Violet
Laura Freeman - Make a Rainbow
Laura Freeman - Orange
Laura Freeman - Purple
Laura Freeman - Red
Laura Freeman - Yellow
Laura Veirs - Little Black Rock
Laura Veirs - Tumblebee
Lea Michele - Work With Me
Lea Salonga - A Girl Worth Fighting For
Lea Salonga - Honor To Us All
Lebo M - Digga Tunnah Dance
Lebo M - He Lives In You
Leftover Cuties - When You're Smiling (Bonus Track)
Lei Qiang - Lullaby
Lenny Graf - Water
Li Song - Shi shang zhi you mama hao
Lin-Manuel Miranda - A Cover Is Not the Book
Lin-Manuel Miranda - Trip a Little Light Fantastic (From Mary Poppins Returns Edit)
Lindiwe Mkhize - Circle of Life Nants' Ingonyama
Lindsey Stirling - Something Wild
Lionel Jeffries - Posh!
Lipps Inc. - Funkytown
Lisa Kelly - If You Believe
Lisa Loeb - A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Lisa Loeb - All the Pretty Little Horses
Lisa Loeb - Are You Ready for the Summer
Lisa Loeb - Be My Baby
Lisa Loeb - Best Friend
Lisa Loeb - Close Your Eyes
Lisa Loeb - Don't Stop
Lisa Loeb - Dream a Little Dream
Lisa Loeb - Father Abraham
Lisa Loeb - Feel What U Feel (feat. Craig Robionson)
Lisa Loeb - Going Away
Lisa Loeb - Home On The Range
Lisa Loeb - I Was Here
Lisa Loeb - In My Room
Lisa Loeb - Inch Worm
Lisa Loeb - It's Not Goodbye
Lisa Loeb - It’s All Right to Cry (feat. Craig Robinson)
Lisa Loeb - Let’s Keep the Band Together
Lisa Loeb - Linger
Lisa Loeb - Love is a Rose
Lisa Loeb - Lullaby Girl
Lisa Loeb - Moon Star Pie (It’s Gonna Be Alright)
Lisa Loeb - O-O-H Child
Lisa Loeb - Peanut Butter & Jelly
Lisa Loeb - Rainbow Connection
Lisa Loeb - Say Hello
Lisa Loeb - The Cookie Jar Chant
Lisa Loeb - The Cookie Jar Song
Lisa Loeb - The Disappointing Pancake
Lisa Loeb - The Sky Is Always Blue
Lisa Loeb - The Wake Up Song
Lisa Loeb - Tomorrow
Lisa Loeb - Wanna Do Day (feat. Ed Helms)
Lisa Loeb - What the Wold Needs Now Is Love
Lisa Loeb - When It Rains
Lisa Loeb - Wiggle
Lisa Loeb - You Can Count on Me (Lullaby)
Lisa Loeb - You Can Count on Me
Lisa Loeb - You Have It in You
Little Big Town - We Go Together Soundtrack
Little Eva - The Locomotion
Little Miss Ann - Hill and Gully Rider
Little Miss Ann - Keep on Keepin' On
Little Miss Ann - L.O.V.E.
Little Miss Ann - Shake & Sing
Little Miss Ann - Swing Me
Little Miss Ann - The 606
Little Miss Ann - The Senses Song
Little Miss Ann - Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Little Miss Ann - Ube
Little Miss Ann - Where Is Thumbkin
Little Richard - Keep A Knockin'
Liz Callaway - Love Will Find A Way
Liz Callaway - Upendi
Liz Callaway w Gilbert Gottfried And Brad Kane - Forget About Love (The Return Of Jafar) - From The Return of JafarSoundtrack Version
Liz English - Scales and Arpeggios (Original Soundtrack Version)
Loch Lomond - Little Boxes
Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club - Happy Noodle vs. Sad Noodle
Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club - I Love The Ocean
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - Compassion
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - Everlovin Water
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - I Like Myself
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - Just a Minute
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - Love & Gratitude
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - Solar Energy
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - Something You Learn
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - What Do You Wish
Lori Henriques & The Sunbeam Collective - You Love You
Lori Henriques - Album for the Young, Op. 68, No. 5 A Little Piece
Lori Henriques - Another Good Year
Lori Henriques - Beau Paris (feat. Leo Keeslar)
Lori Henriques - Chew, Chew, Chew
Lori Henriques - Counting by Six Is Sublime
Lori Henriques - Crunchy Privilege
Lori Henriques - Curiosity
Lori Henriques - Dinosaur
Lori Henriques - Dream Jane Dream
Lori Henriques - Enough Is Enough
Lori Henriques - Everlovin' Water
Lori Henriques - Free Ride Everyday
Lori Henriques - Frenchy Rs
Lori Henriques - Green Leaf On The Ground
Lori Henriques - Groove
Lori Henriques - Gymnopédie No. 1
Lori Henriques - Gymnopédie No. 3
Lori Henriques - Happy To Be Me
Lori Henriques - Heisenberg’s Aha!
Lori Henriques - How Great Can This Day Be
Lori Henriques - I Am Your Friend (feat. Matt Keeslar)
Lori Henriques - I Say Woo
Lori Henriques - If I Had A Twin
Lori Henriques - In a Park
Lori Henriques - It's Hard To Wait For Your Birthday
Lori Henriques - Larghetto in E Minor
Lori Henriques - Le Français Est Magnifique
Lori Henriques - Life Is Yes
Lori Henriques - Lyric Pieces, Op. 12, No. 1 Arietta
Lori Henriques - Mean People
Lori Henriques - Monkey Monkey Monkey
Lori Henriques - My T.O.
Lori Henriques - Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Posthumus
Lori Henriques - Outside My Door
Lori Henriques - Parts of Speech
Lori Henriques - Pictures from Childhood Andantino Ivan's Song
Lori Henriques - Prelude in C Major, BWV 846
Lori Henriques - Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15, No. 1
Lori Henriques - Smile It's Your Birthday
Lori Henriques - Something You Learn
Lori Henriques - Sometimes Things
Lori Henriques - Sonata No. 10 in C Major, Hob. XVI1 I. Allegro
Lori Henriques - Sonata No. 15 in C Major, K. 545 II. Andante
Lori Henriques - Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13 Pathétique II. Adagio
Lori Henriques - Sonata in G Major, K. 431 (L. 83)
Lori Henriques - Songs Without Words, Op. 30, No. 6 Venetian Gondola Song
Lori Henriques - The Poop Song
Lori Henriques - The World Is a Curious Place to Live
Lori Henriques - To Count by Threes
Lori Henriques - Vocabulary
Lori Henriques - When I Look into the Night Sky Saint James Infirmary
Lori Henriques - When in Norway
Lori Henriques w Joel Henriques - Mellows on My Mind
Los Lobos - Bare Necessities
Los Lobos - Bella Notte
Los Lobos - Cruella De Vil
Los Lobos - Grim Grinning Ghosts
Los Lobos - Heigh-Ho
Los Lobos - I Wan'na Be Like You
Los Lobos - I Will Go Sailing No More
Los Lobos - Not In Nottingham
Los Lobos - Oo-De-Lally
Los Lobos - The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
Los Lobos - The Ugly Bug Ball
Los Lobos - Walk Don't Rango
Los Lobos - When You Wish Upon A StarIt's a Small World
Los Lobos - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Lou Bega - Disney Mambo #5
Lou Del Bianco - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Louis Cole - Dance of Doom
Louis Cole - Dance of Doom
Louis Jordan - Chartreuse
Louis Prima - I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Louis and Dan and The Invisible Band - Cheese Digest
Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band - Snow Day
Lucas Miller - A Deer In My Cadillac (Oh, Deer)
Lucas Miller - A Deer In My Cadillac
Lucas Miller - A Tail Is a Wonderful Thing
Lucas Miller - Animals Rock
Lucas Miller - Bluebonnet Time
Lucas Miller - Can You See the Connection
Lucas Miller - Go Wild-READ
Lucas Miller - Goin' Down to Mexico (the Monarch Butterfly Song)
Lucas Miller - I Love Earth
Lucas Miller - I Won't
Lucas Miller - I'm Lookin' Fine
Lucas Miller - I'm a Mako Shark
Lucas Miller - It's All About the Hive
Lucas Miller - Living In Symbiosis
Lucas Miller - Living In a Wetland
Lucas Miller - Metamorphosis (Tadpole Into a Frog)
Lucas Miller - Mutually
Lucas Miller - Out on the Prairie (Whoop-De-Doo Poo-Poo!)
Lucas Miller - Send Them Back Home to Brazil (the Fire Ant Song)
Lucas Miller - Slimy!
Lucas Miller - Stinkle, Stinkle, Little Skunky
Lucas Miller - The Anaconda La Bamba
Lucas Miller - We Can Bring Them Back
Lucas Miller - Who's in that Egg
Lucie Da Silvera - Baranin
Lucie Da Silvera - Tutu gbovi
Lucienne Samson - Dodo fillette
Lucienne Yansanne - Bo bo bo bo
Lucienne Yansanne - In ga
Lucky Diaz - Blue Bear
Lucky Diaz - Explorer Featuring Micah Player
Lucky Diaz - Feliz Navidad
Lucky Diaz - Fire Fighter Girl
Lucky Diaz - Let Me Be Yours
Lucky Diaz - This Old Man
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - 8000 Ft
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - A Bailar
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - ABC Adelante
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Aquel Caracol
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Cantaba La Rana
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Cha Cha Cha
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Contamos Asta Seis
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Duck Ellington
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Gato Astronauta
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Goodnight My Love
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Guacamole Boy
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - La Pequena Arana
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - La Rata Vieja
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - La Vibora
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Lines and Dots
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Los Numeros
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Oso Azul
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Pescado Asustado
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Pinata Attack (Spanish Version)
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Pockets
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Quantos Tacos (The Taco Song)
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Que Dices
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Sol Solecito
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Speedy Gonzalez
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Thingamajig
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Til There Was You
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - Tres Ratones
Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band - When I Grow Up
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Buenos Dias
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Como Se Dice
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Echo Park
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - El Corazon
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - El Sol Te Siga
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Estrellita
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Fiesta De La Brea
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Jackie
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Jelly
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - L A
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Los Niños
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Made in La
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Mix It Up
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Nacho Song
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Paletero Man
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Pan Dulce
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Pato Loco
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Silver Lake Stairs
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Taco Tuesday
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - The Magic Believers
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - The Siblings Shake
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Traffic
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Wake Up
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - When It Rained
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - Zapatitos
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Ain’t No Dog Like Mister
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - All the Sounds
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Are You Afraid of the Dark
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Bunny Hop
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Flick of My Wrist
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Grateful
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Howl to the Moon
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - I Know a Little Fellow
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - It's Snowing
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - It's the Holidays!
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - La Cosecha
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - My Mommy Is a Mummy
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Sounds of Summer
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - That's a Wrap
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - The Peace Song
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Travelin’ All Around
Lucy Kalantari - Balloon
Lucy Kalantari - Big Things
Lucy Kalantari - Birthday
Lucy Kalantari - Close the Loop
Lucy Kalantari - Fantastic
Lucy Kalantari - It's Halloween
Lucy Kalantari - Love You Always
Lucy Kalantari - Lovely
Lucy Kalantari - My Neighbor
Lucy Kalantari - Mysterious Mose
Lucy Kalantari - Our Garden
Lucy Kalantari - Song for My Son
Lucy Kaplansky - Dreamland
Lucy Kaplansky - Goodnight, My Angel
Lullaby Baby Trio - A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella)
Lullaby Baby Trio - A Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)
Lullaby Baby Trio - A Whole New World (Aladdin)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Baby Mine (Dumbo)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Circle of Life (The Lion King)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Go the Distance (Hercules)
Lullaby Baby Trio - I See the Light (Tangled)
Lullaby Baby Trio - I Won't Say (Hercules)
Lullaby Baby Trio - It's a Small World (Disney Theme Park Songbook)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Let It Go (Frozen)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Love Is an Open Door (Frozen)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Stay Awake (Mary Poppins)
Lullaby Baby Trio - The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book)
Lullaby Baby Trio - The Rainbow Connection (The Muppets)
Lullaby Baby Trio - This Is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Under the Sea (Little Mermaid)
Lullaby Baby Trio - What's This (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Lullaby Baby Trio - When You Wish Upon a Star (Pinocchio)
Lullaby Baby Trio - You Can Fly (Peter Pan)
Lullaby Baby Trio - You'll Be in My Heart (Tarzan)
Lullaby Baby Trio - You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)
Lullaby Baby Trio - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (Song of the South)
Lunch Money - A Cookie As Big As My Head
Lunch Money - A Walk in the Rain
Lunch Money - Are You a Rabbit
Lunch Money - At the River
Lunch Money - Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food
Lunch Money - Awake
Lunch Money - Caboose
Lunch Money - Come Over to My Dollhouse
Lunch Money - Dizzy
Lunch Money - Everybody's Coming to the Zoo
Lunch Money - Follow Me Home
Lunch Money - Friend Donut
Lunch Money - Getaway Car
Lunch Money - Gingerbread Man
Lunch Money - Got to Watch Out
Lunch Money - I Love My Library
Lunch Money - I Want a Dog
Lunch Money - I Want to Push Buttons
Lunch Money - It Only Takes One Night to Make a Balloon Your Friend
Lunch Money - Miniature Things
Lunch Money - My Bed
Lunch Money - Nightlights
Lunch Money - Original Friend
Lunch Money - Picking Teams
Lunch Money - Please Don't Move (to Another Time Zone)
Lunch Money - Puzzle Pieces Within
Lunch Money - Roller Coaster
Lunch Money - S.p.e.l.l.
Lunch Money - Silly Reflection
Lunch Money - Snow Globe
Lunch Money - Somehow a Frog Finds a Pond
Lunch Money - Spicy Kid
Lunch Money - Time Out
Lunch Money - Tiny Dinosaurs
Lunch Money - To Be a Fossil
Lunch Money - Translator
Lunch Money - Tricycle
Lunch Money - Umbrella
Lunch Money - Wake Up, World
Lunch Money - What Will You Ever See
Lunch Money - Yes, We Have Rhythm
Lunch Money - You Are Here
Lunch Money - You Were a Basket of Flowers
Lunch Money - You and Me and a Bottle of Bubbles
LunchMoney Lewis - It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day (The Secret Life of Pets 2)
Lyle Lovett - You've Got A Friend In Me (From Toy Story Duet)
Lynn Miles - Everybody Cries
Lynn Miles - Little Seahorse
Lynn Morrison - Cradle Spell of Dunvegan
Lyric Language - Let's Go On A Picnic
Lyric Language - The Opposite Song
Lyric Language - There Is A River
MC Fireworks (with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo) - Rocket Science
MC Hammer - Addams Groove
MC Handel - Serengeti Wind
Maccabeats - Candlelight
Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear - Silent Movies
Madonna - Holiday
Mae Robertson (Duet With Cally Robertson) - Smile
Mae Robertson - Burgundy Heart-Shaped MedallionThe Water Is Wide
Mae Robertson - Child of Mine
Mae Robertson - Dream a Dream
Mae Robertson - Dreamland
Mae Robertson - Every December Sky
Mae Robertson - Forever Young
Mae Robertson - Godspeed
Mae Robertson - Golden Slumbers
Mae Robertson - Great Big World
Mae Robertson - Hush, Little Baby
Mae Robertson - I See the Moon
Mae Robertson - I Will Not Be Broken
Mae Robertson - In White Light
Mae Robertson - Irish Heartbeat
Mae Robertson - Julia
Mae Robertson - Lullabies
Mae Robertson - Mama Said
Mae Robertson - Meet the Sun Halfway
Mae Robertson - Midnight Lullaby
Mae Robertson - One Moment More
Mae Robertson - Rather Have the Song
Mae Robertson - Seven Shades of Blue
Mae Robertson - Single Drop of Rain
Mae Robertson - Smile
Mae Robertson - St. Judy's Comet
Mae Robertson - Stone by Stone
Mae Robertson - The Land of 10,000 Mothers
Mae Robertson - The One Who Knows
Mae Robertson - Tomorrow Night
Mae Robertson - What Remains Is Love
Mae Robertson - Winken, Blinken and Nod
Mae Robertson - You Can Close Your Eyes
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Driving Home
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Home (Version 2)
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Home to Me
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Home
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - I'm Coming Home
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Our House
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Sweet Dreams of Home
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - The Heart
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - This Must Be the Place
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Twilight Is Stealing
Mae Robertson and Eric Garrison - Until We Meet Again
Magic System - Magic in the Air (feat. Ahmed Chawki)
Mah Tovu - Round and Round
Mahna Mahna And The Two Snowths - Mah Na Mah Na
Mama Doni Band - Challah-Day
Mama Doni Band - Honey, This Ain't Money
Man Or Astro-Man - Interplanet Janet
Mandy Moore - I See the Light (From Tangled Soundtrack Version)
Mandy Moore - I've Got a Dream (From TangledSoundtrack Version)
Mandy Moore - When Will My Life Begin (From Tangled Soundtrack Version)
Marc Scibilia - How Bad We Need Each Other
Maria Muldaur - Aba Daba Honeymoon
Maria Muldaur - Animal Fair
Maria Muldaur - Choo'N Gum
Maria Muldaur - Codfish Ball
Maria Muldaur - Cooking Breakfast
Maria Muldaur - Heck, I'd Go!
Maria Muldaur - Mocking Bird Hill
Maria Muldaur - Never Swat A Fly
Maria Muldaur - On The Sunny Side
Maria Muldaur - Peanut
Maria Muldaur - Prairie Lullaby
Maria Muldaur - Side By Side
Maria Muldaur - Singin' In The Rain
Maria Muldaur - Swing On A Star
Maria Muldaur - The Circus Song
Maria Muldaur - The Story Book Ball
Maria Muldaur - Three Little Fishes
Maria Muldaur - You've Got To Eat
Marie-Cécile Maloumbi Mata - Wa wa wa wa
Marie-Paule Dantin - Manman mwen
Marilyne Seredouma - Dunga
Marilyne Seredouma - Itä zâke - Awe bebëe
Mark Erelli - Alright For Now (feat. Jeffrey Foucault)
Mark Erelli - Close Your Eyes
Mark Erelli - Comfort
Mark Erelli - Defying Gravity
Mark Erelli - I Don't Know Why
Mark Erelli - I'll Be Here In the Morning
Mark Erelli - Innocent When You Dream
Mark Erelli - Little Torch
Mark Erelli - Lullaby 101
Mark Erelli - My Darling
Mark Erelli - Tired Eyes
Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - He Mele No Lilo
Mark Kozelek - Bedtime Lullaby
Mark Lennon - Friends Forever
Mark Orton & Loch Lomond - The Boxtrolls Song (feat. Sean Patrick Doyle)
Mark Ronson - Then There Were Two
Mark Taylor - Busy
Mark Thomas, Vic Reeves & Rizzle Kicks - Life's A Treat - Shaun The Sheep Theme (Rizzle Kicks Mix)
Marta Budkiewizc - Lulajze, Jezuniu
Marta Gómez - Arrorró
Marta Gómez - Arrurrú
Marta Gómez - Belén
Marta Gómez - Canción de Cuna Para Dormir a Un Negrito
Marta Gómez - Dormite
Marta Gómez - Drume la Negrita
Marta Gómez - Duerme Negrito
Marta Gómez - El Niño Duerme Sonriendo Párpado de Agua
Marta Gómez - Las Estrellas
Marta Gómez - Plegaria Para Un Niño Dormido
Marta Gómez - Tristeza
Marta Gómez - Tutú Marambá
Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Marvin Gaye - If I Could Build My Whole World Around You
Marvin Miller - Green Eggs And Ham
Marvin Miller - The Rabbit, The Bear And The Zinniga-Zanniga
Marvin Miller - Yertle The Turtle
Mary Costa - Once Upon a Dream
Mary Lambert - A Singin' Song
Mary Lambert - Adoption Means
Mary Lambert - Angel Boy
Mary Lambert - Apples and Bananas
Mary Lambert - Bamboo
Mary Lambert - Because It's Halloween (Halloween Safety)
Mary Lambert - Big Red Ride
Mary Lambert - Black Fly Boogie
Mary Lambert - Brush Your Teeth
Mary Lambert - Buzzy the Busy Bully Bee (Bullying)
Mary Lambert - Children, Teach Your Parents
Mary Lambert - Cycle Safe and Sound (Bicycle Safety)
Mary Lambert - Daddy's Little Girl
Mary Lambert - Dance to Your Daddy
Mary Lambert - Dem Bones
Mary Lambert - Do Your Ears Hang Low
Mary Lambert - Down At the Worm Farm
Mary Lambert - Down By the Bay
Mary Lambert - Eh Canada
Mary Lambert - Elmer's Funky Dance (School Bus Safety)
Mary Lambert - Families Are Forever
Mary Lambert - Five Little Fishies in the Bathtub
Mary Lambert - Five Little Monkeys
Mary Lambert - Go Go Green
Mary Lambert - Grammy's House
Mary Lambert - Grandma's Feather Bed
Mary Lambert - Grandpa's Farm (Farm Safety)
Mary Lambert - Grandpa's Whiskers
Mary Lambert - Gumpo's False Teeth
Mary Lambert - Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Mary Lambert - Hey Diddle Diddle
Mary Lambert - Hey, Hannah Banana
Mary Lambert - Hibernation is Awesome!
Mary Lambert - Horsey Horsey
Mary Lambert - I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
Mary Lambert - I Love Honey
Mary Lambert - I Love to Sing This Song
Mary Lambert - I Want to Be An RCMP
Mary Lambert - I've Been Working on the Railroad
Mary Lambert - It Ain't Gonna Rain No More
Mary Lambert - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Mary Lambert - Jam Blues
Mary Lambert - Jelly, Jelly
Mary Lambert - Just Dance
Mary Lambert - Kids At Heart
Mary Lambert - Left & Right
Mary Lambert - Lola the Little Litter Bug
Mary Lambert - Mister Sun
Mary Lambert - Monkey Sing, Monkey Do!
Mary Lambert - Monster Methuselah
Mary Lambert - Muskoka Madness
Mary Lambert - My Beach Ball Is Bobbing On Water
Mary Lambert - My Beautiful World
Mary Lambert - My Little Hands
Mary Lambert - My Little Red Wagon
Mary Lambert - My Little Teddy Bear
Mary Lambert - My Moon
Mary Lambert - My Tree House
Mary Lambert - No Up and Down in the Boat (Boating Safety)
Mary Lambert - Old Macdonald's Funky Farm
Mary Lambert - Our Fire Fighters
Mary Lambert - Pajama Party
Mary Lambert - Peanut ButterHunny
Mary Lambert - Press 9-1-1 (Police, Ambulance, Fire)
Mary Lambert - Put Out the Campfire
Mary Lambert - Remember the Pass Word
Mary Lambert - Rock-a-bye Baby
Mary Lambert - Rockin' Robin
Mary Lambert - Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Boating and Buckle Up Safety)
Mary Lambert - Safe Communities (Stranger Danger, Abuse)
Mary Lambert - Sam Spitz
Mary Lambert - Santa's Summer Home
Mary Lambert - Scare-A-Crow
Mary Lambert - Scary Scarecrow
Mary Lambert - She'll Be Comin' 'round the Mountain
Mary Lambert - She
Mary Lambert - Shortnin' Bread
Mary Lambert - Singin' Along
Mary Lambert - Sparky's Funky Dance
Mary Lambert - Splish, Splash
Mary Lambert - Sticky Fingers
Mary Lambert - Stop, Drop & Roll
Mary Lambert - Superdad
Mary Lambert - Swimming, Swimming (Swimming Safety)
Mary Lambert - Swimming, Swimming
Mary Lambert - Swinging On A Star
Mary Lambert - Tabitha Marion Evelyn
Mary Lambert - Take Your Umbrella To The Beach (Sun Safety)
Mary Lambert - Take Your Umbrella To The Beach
Mary Lambert - Teddy Bear's Picnic
Mary Lambert - That's an Irish Lullabye
Mary Lambert - The Alphabet a Musical Joke
Mary Lambert - The Belly Button Peek-a-Boo
Mary Lambert - The Black Fly Boogie
Mary Lambert - The Blankie
Mary Lambert - The Fire Bug II (Fire and Burn Safety)
Mary Lambert - The Fire Bug
Mary Lambert - The Great Escape
Mary Lambert - The Hokey Pokey
Mary Lambert - The Little Green Frog
Mary Lambert - The Mozzie Mash
Mary Lambert - The Name Game (Uniqueness of each child)
Mary Lambert - The Purple People Eater
Mary Lambert - The Quarter Master Store
Mary Lambert - The Shake & Wiggle
Mary Lambert - The Thing
Mary Lambert - The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet
Mary Lambert - The Ugly Duckling
Mary Lambert - The Unicorn Song
Mary Lambert - The Worm Wiggle
Mary Lambert - There Was a Great Big Moose
Mary Lambert - There Was little Rooster
Mary Lambert - There Were Five in the Bed
Mary Lambert - This Is Really Hard to Do!
Mary Lambert - This Old Man Came Jivin' Home!
Mary Lambert - Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
Mary Lambert - Together We Learn (Friendship, tolerance and differences)
Mary Lambert - Tools Not Toys
Mary Lambert - Train Tracks are For Trains (Train Track Safety)
Mary Lambert - Turkey in the Straw
Mary Lambert - Turn It Off!
Mary Lambert - Walk It (Exercise)
Mary Lambert - We're Going To The Fair
Mary Lambert - Wearing a Hat Is Wear It's At!
Mary Lambert - What To Do
Mary Lambert - Wheels On the Bus
Mary Lambert - When The Smoke Alarm Goes Off
Mary Lambert - Where's My Flicker
Mary Lambert - Worms & Dirt
Mary LambertTabitha & Spencer - Rufus Rustus Johnson Brown
Mates of State - I Am a Scientist
Matisyahu - Happy Hanukkah
Matoma - Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My) (The Angry Birds Movie Version genre Dance)
Matt and Kim - Come Together Now
Matthew Sweet - Scooby Doo Where Are You
Max Casella w Stephen Furst And Tara Charendoff - Tip And Dash
Maya Angelou - Name Song
Meca - R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Meco - Star Wars Theme Cantina Band
Meco - The Empire Strikes Back (Medley)
Meco - What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb)
Medeski, Martin & Wood - All Around the Kitchen
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Cat Creeps
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Far East Sweets
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Hickory Dickory Dock
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Let's Go
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Old Paint
Medeski, Martin & Wood - On an Airplane
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Pat a Cake
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Pirates Don't Take Baths
Medeski, Martin & Wood - The Squalb
Medeski, Martin & Wood - The Train Song
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Waking Up
Medeski, Martin & Wood - We're All Connected
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Where's the Music
Megan Mullally - Home On The Range
Meghan Trainor - Better When I'm Dancin'
Meghan Trainor - I Love Me (KPL Edit)
Meghan Trainor - Run Like The River (From Playmobil The Movie Soundtrack)
Mena Massoud - One Jump Ahead
Meredith Brooks - Ball Song
Meredith Brooks - Dance, Shake, Wiggle!
Meredith Brooks - Drive The Car
Meredith Brooks - Every Dog
Meredith Brooks - Good Morning To You
Meredith Brooks - I Did It!
Meredith Brooks - If I Could Be...
Meredith Brooks - My Chair
Meredith Brooks - The La La Song
Meredith Brooks - To Dream Again
Meredith Brooks - Turn It Back Around
Meredith Brooks - What's Your Name
Meredith Brooks - Why
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - A Fish Named Dog
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - A Life That's Good
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - All Together Now
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Babies Cry
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Beautiful Day
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Cardboard Cutout Man
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Choo'n Gum
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Cosmic Vacation
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Dinosaur Haircut
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Elevator Song
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Everything Anything
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Farm Dream
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Feet for Hands
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Fisherman
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Funny Faces
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Growing Bigger
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Humming Song
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - If I Were An Octopus
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - In a Band
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Jump
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Les lumiéres de Paris
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Mairzy Doats
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Micemaker
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Mister Zizowe'
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Mona Lisa
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Move Your Feet
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Mr. Pickle
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Never Know
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - People Places Dancing
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Pirate Song
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Pretty Little World
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Rainbows
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Robot Song
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Rock It!
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - S M I L E
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Same Side
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Seeing Life in 2020
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Side by Side
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Single Digits
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - So Happy
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Squirrel Fight
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Together Forever
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Truck Day
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - When I'm Jumpin'
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Who I Am
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Woodpecker
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - Yes We Can Can
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - You Are My Sunshine
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - You've Got a Friend in Me
Michael Bannett - The Bugle Fairy
Michael Bannett - The Eyebright Fairy
Michael Bannett - The Orchis Fairy
Michael Bannett - The Yellow Deadnettle Fairy
Michael Barry and Friends - A Child is Born
Michael Barry and Friends - Afro-Cuban Lullaby
Michael Barry and Friends - Ana Latu
Michael Barry and Friends - Berceuse
Michael Barry and Friends - Gaelic Lullaby
Michael Barry and Friends - Garten Mothers Lullaby
Michael Barry and Friends - Goodnight
Michael Barry and Friends - Itsuki No Komoriuta
Michael Barry and Friends - Night Wheel
Michael Barry and Friends - Schlafe Mein Prinzchen
Michael Barry and Friends - Tibetan Prayer
Michael Barry and Friends - Utate
Michael Bolton - Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life 
Michael Bublé - Spiderman Theme (Junkie XL Remix)
Michael Feinstein - Alice In Wonderland Medley
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You) (KPL Edit)
Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Micheline Tamachia - Dodo la minèt
Mickey Rooney - Life's A Happy Song
Miguel - Remember Me (Dúo)
Mike Mainieri - Vibraphone Interlude
Mike Phirman - Armpits
Mike Phirman - Baby Is Going to Sleep
Mike Phirman - Cat Cat Frog Frog
Mike Phirman - Chicken Monkey Duck
Mike Phirman - Dance, Little Meatball, Dance
Mike Phirman - Have You Got What It Takes (Doctor)
Mike Phirman - Have You Got What It Takes (Rain)
Mike Phirman - I-C-A-N-T-S-P-E-L-L
Mike Phirman - In Your Biz
Mike Phirman - Mama Called The Doctor
Mike Phirman - Santa Gave Me $100
Mike Phirman - The Day
Mike Phirman - Use Your Imagination
Mike Phirman - What Makes the Breakfast
Mike Phirman - You've Got What It Takes
Mikhaïl Polichtchouk - Baiouchki baiou
Miley Cyrus - I Learned From You (Original Version)
Milkshake - Abc Of Me
Milkshake - Anyday Waltz
Milkshake - Baseball
Milkshake - Bluebird
Milkshake - Book Of Dreams
Milkshake - Boom Boom
Milkshake - Bottle Of Sunshine
Milkshake - Bowling With You
Milkshake - Breakfast Time
Milkshake - Clap My Hands
Milkshake - Close Your Eyes
Milkshake - Dance On My Shoes
Milkshake - Dance in the Sun
Milkshake - Enemies
Milkshake - Fingers & Toes
Milkshake - Fish
Milkshake - Girls Wanna Dance
Milkshake - Go Wild
Milkshake - Goodnight Moon
Milkshake - Happy Place
Milkshake - Happy Song
Milkshake - Help You
Milkshake - Hiccup
Milkshake - Home On The Range
Milkshake - Home
Milkshake - I Love You
Milkshake - Imagination Nation
Milkshake - It's My Birthday
Milkshake - Jump
Milkshake - L'il Song
Milkshake - Let 'em Know
Milkshake - Lookin' Out the Window
Milkshake - Lost Toy
Milkshake - Magic Potion
Milkshake - Magic Ride
Milkshake - Milkshake!
Milkshake - Ms R&R
Milkshake - My Best Friend
Milkshake - Never End
Milkshake - Okay To Be Different
Milkshake - One Wish
Milkshake - One of a Kind
Milkshake - Parade
Milkshake - Pirates
Milkshake - Plant A Garden
Milkshake - Play
Milkshake - Practice Makes Perfect
Milkshake - Rainbow
Milkshake - Rainy Day Dance Party
Milkshake - Rainy Day
Milkshake - Recipe
Milkshake - Rhyme Time
Milkshake - Sally Had a Green Thumb
Milkshake - Scared
Milkshake - School
Milkshake - Seabreeze
Milkshake - Shake It Up
Milkshake - Sleepytown
Milkshake - Smile
Milkshake - Snowy
Milkshake - Space Song
Milkshake - Statue of Me
Milkshake - Superhero
Milkshake - Tall
Milkshake - That’s Me
Milkshake - This Is Our Earth
Milkshake - Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips
Milkshake - Travel Far
Milkshake - Try It
Milkshake - Try
Milkshake - Want It
Milkshake - Washing Machine
Milkshake - We Got A Band
Milkshake - We Just Wanna Have Fun
Milkshake - What Do You Wanna Be
Milkshake - What's That Sound
Milkshake - When I'm Old
Milkshake - When You Are Sleeping
Milkshake - When You Were Born
Milkshake - Woo-Woo
Milkshake - Workin' Kid Blues
Milkshake - You Did It!
Milkshake feat. Alex Handy - More Than Me
Milkshake feat. Jesse Anderson - One Day
Milkshake feat. Kyf Brewer - Starry, Starry Night
Milkshake feat. Vance Thomas - Baltimore
Milo Murphy - It's My World (And We're All Living in It) (From Milo Murphy's Law)
Miranda Cosgrove - Leave It All To Me (Theme from iCarly)
Miranda Cosgrove - Raining Sunshine
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Best Day Ever Ever
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Call Me Mista Cookie Jar
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Crystal Cave
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Free Bubbles
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Happy Place
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Hold on to Your Dreams
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Inner Child Rock
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Lover Not a Fighter
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Lucas!
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Magic Shoes
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Shaggy Bee
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Sleepwalker
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - The Way We Gets Down
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - Ur the Music
Mista Cookie Jar - A Beautiful Shoulder (feat. Anna Pizarro)
Mista Cookie Jar - All I Need Is You
Mista Cookie Jar - Aunt Carol (feat. Jose Gonzales)
Mista Cookie Jar - Ballad of Georgie (feat. Roussel White & Leo Mintek)
Mista Cookie Jar - Buddha Child (feat. South Pa)
Mista Cookie Jar - By Ur Side (feat. Matthue Roth)
Mista Cookie Jar - Circles (feat. Avaroni)
Mista Cookie Jar - Down to Sleep (feat. Angela McGary & Omar Chakaki)
Mista Cookie Jar - Joey the Dogg (feat. Lucas aka Joey)
Mista Cookie Jar - Magic World (feat. Peachy Keen)
Mista Cookie Jar - Problemz (feat. Joe Tarowsky)
Mista Cookie Jar - Serotonin
Mista Cookie Jar - Supertalents (feat. Gregory Brown)
Mista Cookie Jar - The Love Bubble
Mista Cookie Jar - World to Explore (feat. Gregory Brown)
Mister Mark - Bruce Weiner, Zoo Dentist
Mo Phillips - Cloud Skateboard
Moby - Verb That's What's Happening
Montgomery Smith - And Then to Dream
Montgomery Smith - Blissful Afternoon
Montgomery Smith - Gentle Dawn
Montgomery Smith - On the Horizon
Montgomery Smith - Paradise in a Wave
Montgomery Smith - Renewal
Montgomery Smith - The Perfect Repose
Montgomery Smith - The Softness of Sand
Moona Luna - Cantame Una Cancion
Moona Luna - De Colores
Moona Luna - Don't Ever Give Up
Moona Luna - H2O
Moona Luna - Hay Que Trabajar
Moona Luna - Mama No Me Quiero Dormir
Moona Luna - Quieres Bailar
Moona Luna - Te Amo
Moona Luna - Todas Las Comidas
Moona Luna - Tomorrow's Another Day
Moona Luna - We're Gonna Take A Trip
Moona Luna - Would You Like To Dance
Moona Luna w Dan Zanes - Brinca Jump
Moose Tube - Go Bananas (Live)
Mr. DAVID - Dream Away; Sail Away
Mr. Saxophone - Ants in Your Pants Dance
Mr. Saxophone - Daydream
Mr. Saxophone - French Toast
Mr. Saxophone - Go, Go, Go
Mr. Saxophone - Great Big Grandma
Mr. Saxophone - I Can Help
Mr. Saxophone - Sockfeet
Mr. Saxophone - The Fizz is Gone
Mr. Saxophone - The Time Bean
Mr. Saxophone - Treehouse
Mr. Saxophone - Trees are Dancing
Mr. Saxophone - Welcome to the Jungle Gym
Mr. Saxophone - Yes We Have No Bananas
Muriel Hirschman - Dona, dona
Music for Little People Choir - The Zinnia Fairy
Mutemath - Transformers Theme
My Little Pony - That's What I Love About Christmas
Mömandpöp - A Week in the Life
Mömandpöp - Leaves
Mömandpöp - Lookin' Good
Mömandpöp - November Bells
Mömandpöp - Old People Are Cool!
Mömandpöp - Pizza Party
Mömandpöp - Roy G. Biv
Mömandpöp - Socks and Shoes
Mömandpöp - Take Care
Mömandpöp - The Big Water Number
Mömandpöp - This Isn't Goodbye
Mömandpöp - Truly Peculiar
Mömandpöp - We're so Glad to See You
NRBQ - Howard Johnston's Got His Ho-Jo Working
Nadia Rose - Shaun the Sheep (Life's a Treat) (Farmageddon Remix)
Nathan Lane - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Nathan Lane - Hakuna Matata
Nathan Willett - Saturday
Ne-Yo - Friend Like Me
Ned Washington, Oliver Wallace - When I See An Elephant Fly
Negativland - Over the Hiccups
Nehemiah Persoff - There Are No Cats In America (An American Tail Soundtrack Version)
Neil Brewer - Bus Stop Blues
Neil Brewer - Carryin' Myself On Down To School
Neil Brewer - Dodgeball
Neil Brewer - Everybody's Somebody Else
Neil Brewer - Football
Neil Brewer - My Back Is Broken
Neil Brewer - Not Like You
Neil Brewer - Open Up the Doors
Neil Brewer - She's Standing There
Neil Brewer - Three Kids In A Car
Nelly Furtado - Crocodile Rock
Nelsongs - Shalom
Nena - 99 Luftballons
New Hope Club - Tiger Feet
New Radicals - You Get What You Give (KPL Edit)
Niall Horan - Finally Free (From Smallfoot)
Niama Kouyate - Sirada la
Niama Kouyate - Usumani ka dundunnin
Nick Jonas - Home (Film Version)
Nick Jonas - Home
Nicolette Larson - Appalachian Lullaby (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Barefoot Floors (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - I Bid You Goodnight (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Irish Lullaby (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Moon And Me (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Oh Bear (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Rock-A-Bye (Mallory's Song) (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Rocking My Baby To Sleep (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Starlight, Starbright (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - The Moment I Saw You (Album Version)
Nicolette Larson - Welcome To The World (Album Version)
No Small Children - Ghostbusters
No Small Children - Ghostbusters
Noah Budin - One Life
Norig Recher - Durme, durme
Nursery Rhymes ABC - Feed the Birds (Mary Poppins) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Nursery Rhymes ABC - I See the Light (Tangled) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Oh, Hush! - Friends Are Family (feat. Will Arnett & Jeff Lewis)
Oliver & Company - Good Company
Oliver & Company - Once Upon A Time In NYC
Oliver & Company - Streets Of Gold
Olivia Foa'i - Logo Te Pate
Olivia Newton-John - Best of Friends
Omar Fernandez - The Double Daisy Fairy
Opetaia Foa'i - We Know The Way (From Vaiana)
Opetaia Foa'i - We Know The Way
Owl City - Shine Your Way
Owl City - When Can I See You Again
Ozomatli - Balloon Fest
Ozomatli - Changito
Ozomatli - Exercise
Ozomatli - Germs
Ozomatli - Let's Go To the Movies
Ozomatli - Like It's Your Birthday
Ozomatli - Moose On The Loose
Ozomatli - Piraña
Ozomatli - Skateboard
Ozomatli - Spelling
Ozomatli - Sun and Moon
Ozomatli - Trees
Ozomatli - Water
Ozomatli - We Are The OzoKidz
P!nk - A Million Dreams
PJ Lequerica - Pokémon Johto
Pachelbel's Canon in D , Pachelbel 'S Kanon in D (Johann Pachelbel) - Pachelbel's Canon in D , Pachelbel 'S Kanon in D
Panic! At The Disco - Into The Unknown (Panic! At The Disco Version)
Panic! At The Disco - This Is Halloween
Panic! At the Disco - High Hopes
Panic! At the Disco - The Greatest Show
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake
Parry Gripp - Cat Flushing a Toilet
Parry Gripp - Hailing Taquitos
Parry Gripp - Last Train To Awesometown
Parry Gripp - Pancake Robot
Parry Gripp - Raining Tacos
Parry Gripp - Space Unicorn Holiday
Parry Gripp - Space Unicorn
Parry Gripp - Yum Yum Breakfast Burrito
Pat Carroll - Poor Unfortunate Souls (From The Little Mermaid Soundtrack Version)
Patrick - Under My Rock
Patrick Stump - Who’s the (Bat)Man
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Down By The Creek
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Frogs And Crickets Lullaby
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - I Love Lizards
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Just A Snail
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Lots Of Worms
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Mr. Tickles
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Secret Is My Name
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - Spin, Spider, Spin
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - The Little Bird Is Dead
Patty Zeitlin And Marcia Berman - The Way Of The Bees
Paul Jennings - I've Been Workin' On The Railroad
Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime [Edited Version]
Paul McCartney w Wings - Jet
Paul Simon - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Paul Spring - Mermaid
Paul Williams - Flying Dreams
Paula Abdul - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Pavement - No More Kings
Peabo Bryson - A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)
Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast
Pearl Bailey - Best of Friends (From The Fox and the Hound)
Pencilhead And The Playground Punks - Catboy
Pentatonix - Carol of the Bells
Pentatonix - Sing
Pentatonix - Up On The Housetop
Pentatonix - You Make My Dreams
Pete Seeger - Alligator, Hedgehog
Pete Seeger - Bought Me a Cat
Pete Seeger - Come All You Bold Sailormen
Pete Seeger - Fly Through My Window
Pete Seeger - Frog Went A-Courting (The Frog)
Pete Seeger - Grey Goose (The Gray Goose)
Pete Seeger - Ground Hog
Pete Seeger - I Had a Rooster
Pete Seeger - I Know an Old Lady (Who Swallowed a Fly)
Pete Seeger - Mister Rabbit
Pete Seeger - My Little Kitty
Pete Seeger - Old Gray Mule
Pete Seeger - Quite Early Morning
Pete Seeger - Raccoon's Got a Bushy Tail
Pete Seeger - Skip to My Lou
Pete Seeger - The Old Hen
Peter Davis - Brand New
Peter Davis - Leaps And Bounds
Peter Davis - Lillian's Lullabye
Peter Davis - Lullabye Birthday
Peter Davis - Maeflower
Peter Davis - On And On
Peter Davis - Playing In The Playground
Peter Davis - Precious
Peter Davis - Rest
Peter Davis - Samantha's Song
Peter Davis - Sleepy Time Trail
Peter Davis - These Hands
Peter Gabriel - Down To Earth (From WALL-E Soundtrack Version)
Peter Himmelman - A Dozen Roses
Peter Himmelman - Another Bite of Hay
Peter Himmelman - Are There Any Kids Named Steve Anymore
Peter Himmelman - Baseball Tips With Professor Buckley
Peter Himmelman - Beard Boy
Peter Himmelman - Endless Green
Peter Himmelman - Feet
Peter Himmelman - Florie Loves Flowers
Peter Himmelman - Have You Ever Really Looked At An Egg
Peter Himmelman - I Made It For You
Peter Himmelman - I'm Bored
Peter Himmelman - Imagination
Peter Himmelman - King Ferdinand
Peter Himmelman - Lullabye (With Baseball and Trains)
Peter Himmelman - Main Dish
Peter Himmelman - Maybe Is a Bad Word
Peter Himmelman - Murray Malone
Peter Himmelman - My Father's An Accountant
Peter Himmelman - My Green Kite
Peter Himmelman - My Lemonade Stand
Peter Himmelman - My Trampoline
Peter Himmelman - Nothin' To Say
Peter Himmelman - Peter's A Pin Head
Peter Himmelman - Red Rubber Boots
Peter Himmelman - Roll Around
Peter Himmelman - Sleepy Neil
Peter Himmelman - Statistical Factoids
Peter Himmelman - Ten Billion Blades Of Grass
Peter Himmelman - That's No Lie
Peter Himmelman - Theo
Peter Himmelman - Watercolor Set
Peter Himmelman - Weird Kid
Peter Himmelman - Willa
Peter Himmelman - Workin', Playin' & Dreamin'
Peter, Paul And Mary - Garden Song
Peter, Paul And Mary - Right Field
Pevan & Sarah - All The Feels
Pevan & Sarah - Anywhere & Everywhere
Pevan & Sarah - At The Beach
Pevan & Sarah - Be Kind
Pevan & Sarah - Embrace
Pevan & Sarah - F.R.I.E.N.D
Pevan & Sarah - Freeze
Pevan & Sarah - Get What You Get
Pevan & Sarah - Hands
Pevan & Sarah - How We Say Hello
Pevan & Sarah - Hydrate
Pevan & Sarah - Keep It Moving
Pevan & Sarah - Letter In The Post
Pevan & Sarah - Loose Tooth
Pevan & Sarah - Move Your Body
Pevan & Sarah - Pancakes
Pevan & Sarah - Pevan And Sarah
Pevan & Sarah - Please & Thank You
Pevan & Sarah - Space Ride
Pevan & Sarah - Stop, Look & Listen
Pevan & Sarah - The Circus
Pevan & Sarah - The Tidy Up Song
Pevan & Sarah - Wait
Pevan & Sarah - Walk Like Me
Pevan & Sarah - We're All The Same
Pevan & Sarah - What You Wanna Be
Pevan & Sarah - Where Is Pevan
Pharrell Williams - Despicable Me
Pharrell Williams - Freedom
Pharrell Williams - Fun, Fun, Fun
Pharrell Williams - Happy (From Despicable Me 2)
Phil Collins - Son of Man
Phil Collins - Strangers Like Me (From Tarzan)
Phil Collins - Two Worlds
Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart
Phil Harris - Everybody Wants to Be a Cat (Original Soundtrack Version)
Phil Harris - The Bare Necessities (From The Jungle Book)
Phil Harris - Thomas O'Malley Cat (Original Soundtrack Version)
Phillip Glasser - A Duo (An American TailSoundtrack Version)
Phillip Glasser - Never Say Never (An American TailSoundtrack Version)
Phillip Phillips - Home
Phineas - Tatooine
Phineas And The Ferbtones - Gitchee Gitchee Goo (From Phineas and Ferb)
Phish - Sparkle
Pink Panther Passport To Peril - China's Billion
Pink Panther Passport To Peril - Dreamtime
Pink Panther Passport To Peril - In Bhutan
Pink Panther Passport To Peril - Taj Mahal
Pink Panther Passport To Peril - The Caste System
Pinkfong - Baby Shark
Pitbull - Celebrate (From the Original Motion Picture Penguins of Madagascar)
Pointed Man Band - A Minor Interlude
Pointed Man Band - Adventures of Wunderland
Pointed Man Band - April Fools
Pointed Man Band - Corvidae
Pointed Man Band - Dark Divide
Pointed Man Band - Eagle Creek
Pointed Man Band - Go!
Pointed Man Band - Pint Size
Pointed Man Band - Red Fox
Pointed Man Band - Slowest Hands in the West
Pointed Man Band - The Waves
Pointed Man Band - Unearthed
Pointed Man Band - Vs. People
Pointed Man Band - Yellow Dog of If
Polly Darton - Wavin' Goodbye To You With My Heart
Poppy - Hair In The Air (Trolls The Beat Goes On Theme)
Poppy - The Other Side of the Storm
Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
Portugal. The Man - Live in the Moment
Powerpuff Girls - Super Secret City Of Soundsville Song
Primal Scream - Movin' On Up
Prince - Musicology
Prince - The Song Of The Heart
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Clelia's Party
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Come On Out!
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Comet Pinky's Love Cake
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Halloween
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Hey, Monster!
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Honest Kid
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Hug It Out
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - I Got This!
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Japanese Robot
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Kids Rock!
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Lavender Mint
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Little Skarlett
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Sand in My Sandwich
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Shy
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Stick Around (Can we get an anthem)
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Take It On Over (Timeout)
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - The Rock Bossa
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Tiny Cool
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Tonight
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Tube Sox
Priscilla Herdman - 1000 Pairs Of Pajamas
Priscilla Herdman - A Fairy Went A-marketing
Priscilla Herdman - A Velveteen Love Song
Priscilla Herdman - All Through The Night
Priscilla Herdman - Apple Picker's Reel
Priscilla Herdman - Autumn To May
Priscilla Herdman - Bluegrass Boy
Priscilla Herdman - Branching Out
Priscilla Herdman - Bush Lullaby
Priscilla Herdman - Close Your Eyes
Priscilla Herdman - Dreamcatcher
Priscilla Herdman - Dreamland
Priscilla Herdman - First Lullaby
Priscilla Herdman - Goodnight Irene
Priscilla Herdman - Hard Scrabble Harvest
Priscilla Herdman - Howl At The Moon
Priscilla Herdman - John O'Dreams
Priscilla Herdman - Kindergarten Wall
Priscilla Herdman - Love Grows One By One
Priscilla Herdman - Lullaby For Teddy O-Douglas Mountain
Priscilla Herdman - Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
Priscilla Herdman - Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
Priscilla Herdman - Mid Night Round
Priscilla Herdman - Moon And Me
Priscilla Herdman - Moon Upon The Left
Priscilla Herdman - Stars On The Water
Priscilla Herdman - Thanks A Lot
Priscilla Herdman - The First Star Lullaby
Priscilla Herdman - The Moon
Priscilla Herdman - Ticklish Tom and Pickildy Pie
Priscilla Herdman - Time To Sleep
Priscilla Herdman - Twinkle, Twinkle
Priscilla Herdman - Waltzing With Bears
Priscilla Herdman - Water From Another Time
Priscilla Herdman - What a Wonderful World
Priscilla Herdman - When the Rain Comes Down
Priscilla Herdman - Where Have You Been
Priscilla Herdman - While You Sleep
Priscilla Herdman - White Coral Bells
Puffy AmiYumi - Teen Titans Theme (Album Version)
Quad City DJ's - Space Jam
Queen - Radio Ga Ga
Queen - We Are The Champions
Queen - We Will Rock You
Queen Latifah - Poor Unfortunate Souls (From The Little Mermaid Live!)
R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People
R3x - Mad About Mad About Me
RabbIt! - Possibility
Rabbi Joe Black - Aleph Bet Boogie
Rabbit! - All Around the World
Rabbit! - All the Little Things
Rabbit! - Apple Tree
Rabbit! - Be Happy
Rabbit! - Best Thing I Found
Rabbit! - Decision Decision
Rabbit! - Go For It
Rabbit! - Good Day
Rabbit! - Great Is Better
Rabbit! - Hello & Goodbye
Rabbit! - Hide And Go Seek
Rabbit! - If This Year Was A Book
Rabbit! - In My Blue Jeans
Rabbit! - Intelligence Humility And Happiness
Rabbit! - Keep Calm and Carry On
Rabbit! - Let Imagination Run Away with You
Rabbit! - Light Up The Night
Rabbit! - New Day Sunshine
Rabbit! - Old Fashioned Town
Rabbit! - Pink Lemonade
Rabbit! - When We Were Young
Rabbit! - You'd Better Believe It
Rachel Buchman - A Tickling Rhyme
Rachel Buchman - Five Little Ducks
Rachel Buchman - Hello Ev'rybody
Rachel Buchman - Hey, Betty Martin
Rachel Buchman - I Had A Little Rooster
Rachel Buchman - I Like To Swing
Rachel Buchman - I Think I'll Try Some
Rachel Buchman - I Want To Wear
Rachel Buchman - Little Red Wagon
Rachel Buchman - Mmm, It Smells So Good
Rachel Buchman - Oohh, There You Are
Rachel Buchman - Pussy Willow Riddle
Rachel Buchman - Rocky, Rocky
Rachel Buchman - Snow Song
Rachel Buchman - This Is What I See
Rachel Buchman - Up, Up, Up
Rachel Buchman - When I Was A Little Girl
Rachel House - I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)
Rachel Loshak - Oh Girl
Rachel Loshak - Swing Baby
Rachel Loshak - Swing Baby
Rachel Platten - Thank You For Being A Friend
Raffi - (Let's Do) The Numbers Rumba
Raffi - Aikendrum
Raffi - Alive And Dreaming
Raffi - All I Really Need
Raffi - Anansi (Album Version)
Raffi - Apples and Bananas
Raffi - Baby Beluga
Raffi - Bathtime
Raffi - Big Beautiful Planet (new)
Raffi - Big Beautiful Planet
Raffi - Biscuits in the Oven
Raffi - Boom Boom (Album Version)
Raffi - Brown Girl in the Ring
Raffi - Brush Your Teeth
Raffi - Bumping Up and Down
Raffi - Clean Rain
Raffi - Cluck, Cluck, Red Hen (Album Version)
Raffi - Comin' Down The Chimney (Album Version)
Raffi - Daniel
Raffi - Day O
Raffi - De Colores
Raffi - Douglas Mountain (Album Version)
Raffi - Down By the Bay
Raffi - Down on Grandpa's Farm
Raffi - Ducks Like Rain
Raffi - Eight Piggies in a Row
Raffi - Evergreen, Everblue
Raffi - Everything Grows
Raffi - Fais Dodo
Raffi - Five Little Ducks
Raffi - Five Little Frogs
Raffi - Frere Jacques (Album Version)
Raffi - Going On A Picnic (Album Version)
Raffi - Going to the Zoo
Raffi - Goodnight, Irene (Album Version)
Raffi - Ha Ha Thisaway
Raffi - Haru Ga Kita
Raffi - He's Got the Whole World
Raffi - Here Sits A Monkey (Album Version)
Raffi - I Wonder if I'm Growing
Raffi - I'm in the Mood
Raffi - If I Had A Dinosaur (Album Version)
Raffi - In My Garden
Raffi - Jig Along Home (Album Version)
Raffi - Junior Ragtime (Album Version)
Raffi - Just Like The Sun (new)
Raffi - Just Like the Sun
Raffi - Kumbaya
Raffi - Les Zombis Et Les Loups - Garous (Album Version)
Raffi - Let's Make Some Noise
Raffi - Like Me and You
Raffi - Listen To The Horses (Album Version)
Raffi - Little White Duck
Raffi - Mama's Kitchen
Raffi - Mary Wore Her Red Dress
Raffi - Michaud
Raffi - Morningtown Ride
Raffi - Mr. Sun
Raffi - Must Be Santa
Raffi - My Way Home (Album Version)
Raffi - New River Train (Album Version)
Raffi - Nursery Rhyme Instrumental
Raffi - Oats and Beans and Barley
Raffi - Octopus's Garden
Raffi - Oh Me, Oh My (Album Version)
Raffi - Old MacDonald had a Band
Raffi - One Light, One Sun (new)
Raffi - One Light, One Sun
Raffi - Our Dear, Dear Mother
Raffi - Over in the Meadow
Raffi - Pick A Bale O'Cotton (Album Version)
Raffi - Riding in an Airplane
Raffi - Rise and Shine
Raffi - Robin in the Rain
Raffi - Rock-a-bye baby (Album Version)
Raffi - Row, Row, Row
Raffi - Sambalele (Album Version)
Raffi - Saturday Morning
Raffi - Savez-vous Planter Des Choux
Raffi - Shake My Sillies Out (Album Version)
Raffi - Six Little Ducks (Album Version)
Raffi - Skin And Bones (Album Version)
Raffi - Sodeo (Album Version)
Raffi - Something in My Shoe
Raffi - Somewhere in the World
Raffi - Spider on the Floor
Raffi - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Album Version)
Raffi - Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Raffi - Teddy Bear Hug
Raffi - Thanks a Lot
Raffi - The Bowling Song
Raffi - The Corner Grocery Store (Album Version)
Raffi - The Little House
Raffi - The More We Get Together
Raffi - The Mountain Polka
Raffi - The Sharing Song
Raffi - There Came A Girl From France (Album Version)
Raffi - This Little Light of Mine
Raffi - This Old Man
Raffi - Thumbelina
Raffi - Time to Sing
Raffi - Tingalayo
Raffi - To Everyone in All the World
Raffi - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Raffi - Walk Outside
Raffi - Walk, Walk, Walk
Raffi - Water Dance
Raffi - We Are Not Alone
Raffi - What's The Matter With Us
Raffi - Wheels on the Bus
Raffi - Where I Live
Raffi - Who Built The Ark (Album Version)
Raffi - Willoughby Wallaby Woo
Raffi - Workin' On The Railroad (Album Version)
Raffi - Y U Un Rat - Sur Le Pont D'Avignon (Album Version)
Raffi - You Gotta Sing (Album Version)
Raffi - You'll Sing A Song And I'll Sing A Song (Album Version)
Rainbows - Friend Of Mine
Rairai - Jackal Style
Ralph's World - ABC's
Ralph's World - Abby's Alphabet Soup
Ralph's World - All About Bob
Ralph's World - All My Colors
Ralph's World - Animal Friends
Ralph's World - Bad Bug Ball
Ralph's World - Bed-Time Girl
Ralph's World - Black Hole Boy
Ralph's World - Blue Airplane
Ralph's World - Choo Choo Train
Ralph's World - Do the Math
Ralph's World - Drivin' in My Car
Ralph's World - Edward, the Tap Dancing Elephant
Ralph's World - Finger Is the Singer
Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
Ralph's World - Four Little Duckies
Ralph's World - Freddy Bear the Teddy Bear
Ralph's World - Gotta Be Good
Ralph's World - Happy Not My Birthday
Ralph's World - King of the Alphabet
Ralph's World - Marching Medley
Ralph's World - My Magic Trick
Ralph's World - Polka Dot Shirt
Ralph's World - Rodeo Peg
Ralph's World - Seven Monkeys up in a Tree
Ralph's World - The Great Outdoors
Ralph's World - The Name Song
Ralph's World - The Rhyming Circus
Ralph's World - The Robot Looked At The Stars
Ralph's World - Tickle the Tiger
Ralph's World - Watch the World Go By
Ralph's World - Wiggle Your Lah-De-Dah
Ramones - Spider-Man
Randy Crenshaw - Perry the Platypus (Extended Version)
Randy Kaplan - (Don't Say) Anything At All
Randy Kaplan - Beach Song
Randy Kaplan - Been Your Dog
Randy Kaplan - Boogie Chillen
Randy Kaplan - Candy Man Blues
Randy Kaplan - Cat & Mice
Randy Kaplan - Charlie Brown
Randy Kaplan - Chicken Chump Blues
Randy Kaplan - Clothes Dryer
Randy Kaplan - Comb Your Ears
Randy Kaplan - Crow Jane
Randy Kaplan - Doing a Stretch
Randy Kaplan - Don't Fill Up On Chips
Randy Kaplan - Donut Song
Randy Kaplan - Dream Hat
Randy Kaplan - Every Second Counts
Randy Kaplan - Forever Young
Randy Kaplan - Freight Train
Randy Kaplan - From Four Until Late
Randy Kaplan - Good Morning Blues
Randy Kaplan - Gotta Get Gone
Randy Kaplan - Grape Juice Hesitation Blues
Randy Kaplan - Hello, It's So Good to See Ya'
Randy Kaplan - Honk Honk
Randy Kaplan - I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
Randy Kaplan - I Like Cacti
Randy Kaplan - I'm a Little Dinosaur
Randy Kaplan - In A Timeout Now
Randy Kaplan - Is She a Girl or Is She a Monkey
Randy Kaplan - It Hurts Me Too (Sitting on Top of the World)
Randy Kaplan - Joe and Finn
Randy Kaplan - Jungle
Randy Kaplan - Kids
Randy Kaplan - Little Bee
Randy Kaplan - Loquat Rooftop
Randy Kaplan - Mama Don't Allow
Randy Kaplan - Mazal Mazal
Randy Kaplan - Mosquito Song
Randy Kaplan - Mostly Yellow (Big Bird's Song)
Randy Kaplan - Move It On Over
Randy Kaplan - Mr. Bassman
Randy Kaplan - Mr. Spaceman
Randy Kaplan - My Frigerator Broke
Randy Kaplan - My Little Laugh
Randy Kaplan - No Nothing
Randy Kaplan - On the Phone on the Toilet
Randy Kaplan - Over the Rainbow
Randy Kaplan - Roaches
Randy Kaplan - Shake It and Break It
Randy Kaplan - Shampoo Me
Randy Kaplan - So Long, It's Been Good to Know Ya'
Randy Kaplan - Sugar
Randy Kaplan - Supernude
Randy Kaplan - Sweetie Pie Honeycake
Randy Kaplan - Swinging on a Star
Randy Kaplan - The Derby Ram
Randy Kaplan - The Fire Engine
Randy Kaplan - The Kid Is All Id
Randy Kaplan - The Komorns
Randy Kaplan - The Ladybug Without Spots
Randy Kaplan - The Money Song
Randy Kaplan - The Motorcycle Song
Randy Kaplan - The Sour Song
Randy Kaplan - Tomorrow
Randy Kaplan - Tongue Tied
Randy Kaplan - Trippin' Round the Mitten
Randy Kaplan - We're in the Same Boat, Brother
Randy Kaplan - Whistle For Willie
Randy Kaplan - You Are My Sunshine
Randy Kaplan - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Randy Newman - I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away
Randy Newman - I Will Go Sailing No More (From Toy Story Soundtrack Version)
Randy Newman - Monsters University
Randy Newman - Strange Things (From Toy Story Soundtrack Version)
Randy Newman - You've Got a Friend in Me
Randy Sauer - Awesome Alphabet Rap
Randy Sauer - Beach Ball Party
Randy Sauer - Boogiety Bop
Randy Sauer - Boom Boom Boom Boom
Randy Sauer - Clap Your Hands
Randy Sauer - Crazy Freeze
Randy Sauer - Dig into Reading
Randy Sauer - Dream Big
Randy Sauer - Drummer Pete Had a Band
Randy Sauer - Drummer Pete Plays Dynamics
Randy Sauer - Drummer Pete Plays Rhythms
Randy Sauer - Egg Shaker Dance
Randy Sauer - Five Little Puppies
Randy Sauer - Floppy Arm
Randy Sauer - Freddie the Fish
Randy Sauer - Go Crazy
Randy Sauer - Going Fishing
Randy Sauer - Grumpy Grandpa Goat
Randy Sauer - Happy Hippo Hop
Randy Sauer - I Know How To Deal With A Bully
Randy Sauer - Icky Icky Boogie
Randy Sauer - Instrument March
Randy Sauer - Jumping Jack Jiggle Jive
Randy Sauer - Kangaroo Magoo
Randy Sauer - Little Lucy Llama
Randy Sauer - Milkshake Lake
Randy Sauer - Moving and Grooving
Randy Sauer - Muddin' in a Truck
Randy Sauer - Niles the Crocodile
Randy Sauer - Olly Otopus
Randy Sauer - Penguin Hop
Randy Sauer - Quiet Queen
Randy Sauer - Recess Time
Randy Sauer - Rhythm Stick Rock
Randy Sauer - Rock This Test
Randy Sauer - Rusty the Robot Gets Fit
Randy Sauer - Rusty the Robot
Randy Sauer - Soda Pop Bop
Randy Sauer - Squishy Squishy Flip Flops
Randy Sauer - Taking a Walk
Randy Sauer - Tambourine Star
Randy Sauer - Thumbs Down to Putdowns
Randy Sauer - Trash Can Groove
Randy Sauer - Tunnel Song
Randy Sauer - Under Umbrella
Randy Sauer - Vacation Time
Randy Sauer - Walk In My Shoes
Randy Sauer - Whacky Jam
Randy Sauer - What Would I Do
Randy Sauer - Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
Randy Sauer - Xylophone Joan
Randy Sauer - Yogi Yo Yo
Randy Sauer - Zany Zebra
Randy Travis w Alison Krauss - Friends Like Us
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Bear to the Left
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Branching Out
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Bushel and a Peck
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - It's a Big World
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Kee-mo, Kymo (The Magic Song)
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Morningtown Ride
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Purple People Eater
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Ranky Tanky
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Tennessee Wig Walk
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - The Green Grass Grows All Around
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - They All Ask'd For You
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Tinny
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Wildflowers
Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem - Here We Go, Zudio
Rapunzel - Wind in My Hair (From Tangled Before Ever After)
Rascal Flatts - Let It Go
Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway
Ratboy Jr. - Backyard Camping (WDog On Fleas)
Ratboy Jr. - Bill
Ratboy Jr. - Breakfast
Ratboy Jr. - Champion of the Universe
Ratboy Jr. - Clown Shoes
Ratboy Jr. - E's Lullaby
Ratboy Jr. - Guitar Pickin' Chicken
Ratboy Jr. - High 5 Your Shadow
Ratboy Jr. - How to Eat a Cloud
Ratboy Jr. - Little Dude
Ratboy Jr. - Pretend Your Hand's a Puppet
Ratboy Jr. - Sailing
Ratboy Jr. - Space Kid and Banana
Ratboy Jr. - Upside Down
Ratboy Jr. - Where Do Monsters Go
Ratboy Jr. - Who Needs a Toy
Raven - Grazing In The Grass
Raven-Symoné - Under the Sea
Ray Charles - You Are My Sunshine
Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & Chorus - Excerpts from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters (From Ghostbusters)
Reba McEntire - Look for the Light
Recess Monkey - A Seed Doesn't Know
Recess Monkey - All My Friends Are Here
Recess Monkey - Aminal House
Recess Monkey - Aquarium
Recess Monkey - Backpack
Recess Monkey - Bad Ideas
Recess Monkey - Bats
Recess Monkey - Batteries Not Included
Recess Monkey - Beach Ball
Recess Monkey - Bear With a Bear
Recess Monkey - Beat-Box-a-Robot
Recess Monkey - Best Friend
Recess Monkey - Birthday Bite
Recess Monkey - Black Hole in My Room
Recess Monkey - Blankie
Recess Monkey - Boogie Monster
Recess Monkey - Booster Seat
Recess Monkey - Bouncy House
Recess Monkey - Braces
Recess Monkey - Bravest Kid In The World
Recess Monkey - Brick by Brick
Recess Monkey - Bubble Factory
Recess Monkey - Bunk Bed
Recess Monkey - Busy Bees
Recess Monkey - Butterfly
Recess Monkey - Car Wash
Recess Monkey - Carousel
Recess Monkey - Carry a Tune
Recess Monkey - Centipede Pirate
Recess Monkey - Chasing My Tail
Recess Monkey - Chewy to Your Han
Recess Monkey - Choral Reef
Recess Monkey - Coconut Radio
Recess Monkey - Come Out of Your Shell
Recess Monkey - Compass Rose
Recess Monkey - Constellation Conga
Recess Monkey - Cookie (Don't Crumble)
Recess Monkey - Covered In Band Aids
Recess Monkey - Crystal Ball
Recess Monkey - Day Job
Recess Monkey - Dessert Island
Recess Monkey - Digging a Hole
Recess Monkey - Don't Want to Go to Bed
Recess Monkey - Down, Down, Down
Recess Monkey - Dr. Wiggle
Recess Monkey - Duct Tape World
Recess Monkey - Edwina Mae
Recess Monkey - Every Flavor
Recess Monkey - Fiddlehead Fern
Recess Monkey - Firefly Lullaby
Recess Monkey - First Things First
Recess Monkey - Fish Sticks
Recess Monkey - Flapjacks
Recess Monkey - Flying
Recess Monkey - Fort
Recess Monkey - Fred (The Tabby Cat)
Recess Monkey - Garage Sale
Recess Monkey - Get It All Wrong
Recess Monkey - Get Your Ticket
Recess Monkey - Getting a Sunburn
Recess Monkey - Going Home
Recess Monkey - Goodnight (From the Sandman Lounge)
Recess Monkey - Grandmom's House
Recess Monkey - Grandpa Is a Time Machine
Recess Monkey - Green Monster
Recess Monkey - Grey Zebra
Recess Monkey - Hand Me Downs
Recess Monkey - Haven't Got a Pet Yet
Recess Monkey - Head in the Clouds
Recess Monkey - Helping Hands
Recess Monkey - Hey Puppy
Recess Monkey - Hide and Seek
Recess Monkey - Hot Air Prelude
Recess Monkey - Hot Air
Recess Monkey - Hot Chocolate
Recess Monkey - House Of Cards
Recess Monkey - How Do You Build a Robot
Recess Monkey - Human Cannonball
Recess Monkey - I Could See (Magically)
Recess Monkey - I Wanna Iguana
Recess Monkey - Ice Pack
Recess Monkey - In Tents
Recess Monkey - Intermission
Recess Monkey - Invisible Friend
Recess Monkey - Jet Pack
Recess Monkey - Just One More Thing
Recess Monkey - KC (He's a Fine Dog)
Recess Monkey - KC in the Clouds
Recess Monkey - Kids Table
Recess Monkey - Kitty Sister
Recess Monkey - Knocktopus
Recess Monkey - L.I.C.E.
Recess Monkey - Lazy Susan
Recess Monkey - Lemonade
Recess Monkey - Liftoff!
Recess Monkey - Lighter Than Air
Recess Monkey - Little Dragon
Recess Monkey - Little Things
Recess Monkey - Littlest Monkey
Recess Monkey - Long Gone
Recess Monkey - Lovestruck Unicorn
Recess Monkey - Magical Meadows
Recess Monkey - Make It up as You Go
Recess Monkey - Making Waves
Recess Monkey - Marshmallow Farm
Recess Monkey - Messy Nessie
Recess Monkey - Monster Truck
Recess Monkey - Moon Boots
Recess Monkey - Morning Sun
Recess Monkey - Mummy Don't Allow
Recess Monkey - Mustaches of the World
Recess Monkey - My Balloon
Recess Monkey - My Brother Is a Satellite
Recess Monkey - My Friend Shadow
Recess Monkey - My Guitar
Recess Monkey - My Pet Rock
Recess Monkey - My Treasure
Recess Monkey - My Valentine
Recess Monkey - My Yeti's So Cool
Recess Monkey - New Shoes
Recess Monkey - Not Fast Cheetah
Recess Monkey - Not for You
Recess Monkey - Odditorium
Recess Monkey - Off the Grid
Recess Monkey - Oh, Lando
Recess Monkey - One Tiny Light
Recess Monkey - Paper Airplane
Recess Monkey - Pearls of Wisdom
Recess Monkey - Pedal Power
Recess Monkey - Penguinese
Recess Monkey - Pet Shark
Recess Monkey - Piggyback
Recess Monkey - Popcorn
Recess Monkey - Robin (Sugar Goblin)
Recess Monkey - Round And Round
Recess Monkey - Round the Campfire
Recess Monkey - Sack Lunch
Recess Monkey - Science Fair
Recess Monkey - Seagull
Recess Monkey - Seahorse
Recess Monkey - Secret Agent Watch
Recess Monkey - Show and Tell
Recess Monkey - Shrimp
Recess Monkey - Shutterbug
Recess Monkey - Sidekick
Recess Monkey - Sing Your Song
Recess Monkey - Sit And Spin
Recess Monkey - Skee Ball
Recess Monkey - Sl-Double E-P-Over
Recess Monkey - Smitten for Kitten
Recess Monkey - Smooth Sailing
Recess Monkey - Snowball
Recess Monkey - Space Elevator Music
Recess Monkey - Stickin Right by You
Recess Monkey - Sunglasses
Recess Monkey - Super Stuffies
Recess Monkey - Sweaty Yeti
Recess Monkey - Take Your Kid to Work Day
Recess Monkey - Tallest Tree
Recess Monkey - Tambourine Submarine
Recess Monkey - Tattoo Me
Recess Monkey - That Laugh
Recess Monkey - The Band Next Door
Recess Monkey - The Cave
Recess Monkey - The Dancin' Bear
Recess Monkey - The Deep End
Recess Monkey - The Funniest Thing
Recess Monkey - The Galax Sea
Recess Monkey - The Golden Seed
Recess Monkey - The Gray
Recess Monkey - The Great Diorama
Recess Monkey - The Hermit
Recess Monkey - The Pool
Recess Monkey - The Rabbits
Recess Monkey - The Rat
Recess Monkey - The Sandbox Song
Recess Monkey - The Seven Cs
Recess Monkey - The Sun Will Shine for You
Recess Monkey - The Teens
Recess Monkey - The Wonderbees
Recess Monkey - Thunder and Lightning
Recess Monkey - Time To Make The Donuts
Recess Monkey - Tiny Telephone
Recess Monkey - Together
Recess Monkey - Toolbox
Recess Monkey - Trading Squirrels
Recess Monkey - Trailblazer
Recess Monkey - Twins
Recess Monkey - Ukulalien
Recess Monkey - Under My Bed
Recess Monkey - Unlikely Likeables
Recess Monkey - Up Periscope
Recess Monkey - Vacation to Azkaban
Recess Monkey - Waiting for Vanderslice
Recess Monkey - Wake Up
Recess Monkey - Walkie Talkies
Recess Monkey - What Do You See
Recess Monkey - What's That Sound
Recess Monkey - When We Play Lion
Recess Monkey - Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road
Recess Monkey - Wind up Robot
Recess Monkey - Wired
Recess Monkey - Wishing Well
Recess Monkey - Wolfman
Recess Monkey - Your Favorite Book
Recess Monkey - Zoo-Zoo-Zoo
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Yertle The Turtle
Red Yarn - Wake Up
Reel Big Fish - Monkey Man
Reese Witherspoon - Shake It Off
Relient K - The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Renee & Friends - Dream About the Moonlight
Renee & Friends - Happiness
Renee & Friends - Right Here Now
Renee & Friends - Starfish and Coffee
Renee & Friends - be curious
Renee & Friends - high hopes
Renee & Friends - home
Renee & Friends - how did you get so
Renee & Friends - kindness is cool
Renee & Friends - kindred
Renee & Friends - leaders of the world
Renee & Friends - nothing and no one
Renee & Friends - rely
Renee & Friends - super fragile world
Renee & Friends - where do the children play
Renee & Jeremy - (I Wanna Be Like) Madam Curie
Renee & Jeremy - 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
Renee Smith - A Lullaby for Big Kids
Renee Smith - Angel
Renee Smith - Estella The Ballerina
Renee Smith - Git Along Lil' Cowboy
Renee Smith - Junebug
Renee Smith - Las Estrellas (The Stars)
Renee Smith - Like A River
Renee Smith - Little Princess
Renee Smith - Los Caballitos (Little Horses)
Renee Smith - Melody
Renee Smith - Ragdoll
Renee Smith - Stuffed Rabbit
Renee Smith - Symphony
Rhiannon Giddens - Up Above My Head
Rhythm Child - 3 Little Birds (Live)
Rhythm Child - 3 Little Birds
Rhythm Child - All You Need Is Love
Rhythm Child - Bird And The Dragon
Rhythm Child - Bowl Of Cherries
Rhythm Child - Can We Still Be Friends
Rhythm Child - Everybody Is The One
Rhythm Child - Get up & Go
Rhythm Child - How Much Farther (Live)
Rhythm Child - I Can't Play Today
Rhythm Child - Jamming (Live)
Rhythm Child - Jammy Put On
Rhythm Child - Looking Over
Rhythm Child - Misunderstanding
Rhythm Child - Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (Live)
Rhythm Child - Mother Goose Party
Rhythm Child - Music Time
Rhythm Child - Oh Susanna
Rhythm Child - One Drum Tribe
Rhythm Child - Play My Games
Rhythm Child - Reggae School
Rhythm Child - Riding On The Bus
Rhythm Child - Sam The Lamb Blues
Rhythm Child - Shaker Song
Rhythm Child - Sprout the Positive
Rhythm Child - Supercalifrailisticexpealidocious
Rhythm Child - The Ants Go Marching (Live)
Richard White - Gaston (From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack Version)
Rick Recht - Salaam
Rihanna - Towards The Sun
Rikki - Amami No Komori Uta
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - Boom Boom
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - Fee Fi fo, Fee Fi Fum
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - Gravity
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - Hey Little Puppy
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - I Am a Clock
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - I Love the Animals
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - Laughing
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - The Little Duck
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - The Mighty, Mighty Elephant
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - The Tiny Sheep
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - We R Super Heroes
Robbie Schaefer - Chicken Lips
Robbie Schaefer - Cowboy Bob
Robbie Schaefer - Down On The Corner
Robbie Schaefer - Ferdinand
Robbie Schaefer - Fits Right In
Robbie Schaefer - LaLa Love
Robbie Schaefer - No! No! No!
Robbie Schaefer - Professor Schnoodle
Robbie Schaefer - Resolution Song
Robbie Schaefer - Sally Can I Walk You Home
Robbie Schaefer - There Ain't No Bugs On Me
Robbie Schaefer - There's A Carp In The Tub
Robbie Schaefer - There's A Hole In The Bucket
Robbie Schaefer - You Are Beautiful
Robbie Williams - Beyond The Sea
Robbie Williams - Collision of Worlds (From Cars 2Soundtrack Version)
Robbo - Part of a Chain
Robby Benson - Something There
Robert Munsch - Andrew's Loose Tooth
Robert Munsch - I'm So Embarrassed
Robert Munsch - Makeup Mess
Robert Munsch - Pigs
Robert Munsch - Something Good
Robert Munsch - Squished Squash
Robert Munsch - Victoria's Lunch
Robert Munsch - Zoom!
Robin Williams - Friend Like Me
Robin Williams - Prince Ali
Rock N Learn Spanish - Count To 10 And 20
Rock N Learn Spanish - Let's Sing The Colors
Rock N Learn Spanish - Parts Of The Body
Rock N Learn Spanish - What Am I
Rockabye Baby! - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
Rockabye Baby! - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Rockabye Baby! - (You Want To) Make a Memory
Rockabye Baby! - ...And justice for All
Rockabye Baby! - 1979
Rockabye Baby! - 1999
Rockabye Baby! - 2 + 2 = 5
Rockabye Baby! - 2 Minutes to Midnight
Rockabye Baby! - 2112 Overture
Rockabye Baby! - A Boy Named Sue
Rockabye Baby! - A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn't So)
Rockabye Baby! - A Day in the Life (Lullaby Rendition of the Beatles)
Rockabye Baby! - A Farewell to Kings
Rockabye Baby! - A Hard Day's Night (Lullaby Rendition of the Beatles)
Rockabye Baby! - A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
Rockabye Baby! - Aces High
Rockabye Baby! - Across the Sea
Rockabye Baby! - Across the Universe
Rockabye Baby! - Aeroplane
Rockabye Baby! - Airbag
Rockabye Baby! - Alec Eiffel
Rockabye Baby! - Alive
Rockabye Baby! - All Day and All of the Night (Lullaby Rendition of the Kinks)
Rockabye Baby! - All Falls Down
Rockabye Baby! - All I want Is You
Rockabye Baby! - All Is Full of Love
Rockabye Baby! - All Shook Up
Rockabye Baby! - Alphabet St.
Rockabye Baby! - Always
Rockabye Baby! - Amazing
Rockabye Baby! - American Baby
Rockabye Baby! - American Idiot
Rockabye Baby! - Ana
Rockabye Baby! - And I Love Her
Rockabye Baby! - And the Cradle Will Rock...
Rockabye Baby! - Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)
Rockabye Baby! - Angel of Harlem
Rockabye Baby! - Angel
Rockabye Baby! - Angie
Rockabye Baby! - Animal
Rockabye Baby! - Another One Bites the Dust
Rockabye Baby! - Ants Marching
Rockabye Baby! - Armageddon It
Rockabye Baby! - Avon
Rockabye Baby! - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Rockabye Baby! - Bachelorette
Rockabye Baby! - Back In Black
Rockabye Baby! - Bad Moon Rising (Lullaby Rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Rockabye Baby! - Basket Case
Rockabye Baby! - Battery
Rockabye Baby! - Beat On The Brat
Rockabye Baby! - Beautiful Day (Lullaby Rendition of U2)
Rockabye Baby! - Beautiful Day
Rockabye Baby! - Beautiful Girls
Rockabye Baby! - Beetlebum
Rockabye Baby! - Better Living Through Chemistry
Rockabye Baby! - Better Man
Rockabye Baby! - Beverly Hills
Rockabye Baby! - Bicycle Race
Rockabye Baby! - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Rockabye Baby! - Black
Rockabye Baby! - Blank Page
Rockabye Baby! - Blitzkrieg Bop
Rockabye Baby! - Blue Orchid
Rockabye Baby! - Blue Suede Shoes
Rockabye Baby! - Bohemian Rhapsody
Rockabye Baby! - Borderline
Rockabye Baby! - Born to Be My Baby
Rockabye Baby! - Born to Run (Lullaby Rendition of Bruce Springsteen)
Rockabye Baby! - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Rockabye Baby! - Boys Don't Cry
Rockabye Baby! - Breaking the Girl
Rockabye Baby! - Bringin' on the Heartbreak
Rockabye Baby! - Brown Sugar
Rockabye Baby! - Buddy Holly
Rockabye Baby! - Buffalo Soldier
Rockabye Baby! - Bullet the Blue Sky
Rockabye Baby! - Burning Love
Rockabye Baby! - By Starlight
Rockabye Baby! - Californication
Rockabye Baby! - Can I Play with Madness
Rockabye Baby! - Can't Help Falling in Love
Rockabye Baby! - Can't Stand Losing You
Rockabye Baby! - Caribou
Rockabye Baby! - Caroline No
Rockabye Baby! - Changes
Rockabye Baby! - Cherub Rock
Rockabye Baby! - Children of the Grave
Rockabye Baby! - Close to Me
Rockabye Baby! - Closer to the Heart
Rockabye Baby! - Closer
Rockabye Baby! - Coffee & Tv
Rockabye Baby! - Come to Me
Rockabye Baby! - Corduroy
Rockabye Baby! - Could You Be Loved
Rockabye Baby! - Country House
Rockabye Baby! - Crash into Me
Rockabye Baby! - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Rockabye Baby! - Crazy for You
Rockabye Baby! - Cream
Rockabye Baby! - Crush
Rockabye Baby! - Cry, Cry, Cry
Rockabye Baby! - Cryin'
Rockabye Baby! - D'yer Mak'er
Rockabye Baby! - Daddy Sang Bass
Rockabye Baby! - Dance the Night Away
Rockabye Baby! - Dani California
Rockabye Baby! - Daughter
Rockabye Baby! - Daydream Believer (Lullaby Rendition of the Monkees)
Rockabye Baby! - Dazed and Confused
Rockabye Baby! - De Do Do Do, De da da Da
Rockabye Baby! - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Rockabye Baby! - Debaser
Rockabye Baby! - Delirious
Rockabye Baby! - Desire
Rockabye Baby! - Desperado
Rockabye Baby! - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Rockabye Baby! - Disarm
Rockabye Baby! - Disposition
Rockabye Baby! - Do You Realize
Rockabye Baby! - Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Be Cruel
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Cry
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Drink the Water
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Lullaby Rendition of Elton John)
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Speak
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Stand so Close to Me
Rockabye Baby! - Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
Rockabye Baby! - Dream On (Lullaby Rendition of Aerosmith)
Rockabye Baby! - Dream on
Rockabye Baby! - Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Rockabye Baby! - El Scorcho
Rockabye Baby! - Eldery Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Rockabye Baby! - Electric Funeral
Rockabye Baby! - Elevation
Rockabye Baby! - End of a Century
Rockabye Baby! - Enter Sandman (Lullaby Rendition of Metallica)
Rockabye Baby! - Enter Sandman
Rockabye Baby! - Eruption
Rockabye Baby! - Estranged
Rockabye Baby! - Even Better Than the Real Thing
Rockabye Baby! - Even Flow
Rockabye Baby! - Every Breath You Take
Rockabye Baby! - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Rockabye Baby! - Everything In Its Right Place
Rockabye Baby! - Express Yourself
Rockabye Baby! - Fade to Black
Rockabye Baby! - Fairies Wear Boots
Rockabye Baby! - Farewell and Goodnight
Rockabye Baby! - Fat Bottomed Girls
Rockabye Baby! - Fear of the Dark
Rockabye Baby! - Feel Your Love Tonight
Rockabye Baby! - Fell in Love with a Girl
Rockabye Baby! - Fight Test
Rockabye Baby! - Flight of Icarus
Rockabye Baby! - Fly by Night
Rockabye Baby! - Folsom Prison Blues
Rockabye Baby! - Foolin'
Rockabye Baby! - For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Rockabye Baby! - Freewill
Rockabye Baby! - Friday I'm in Love
Rockabye Baby! - Galapogos
Rockabye Baby! - Get Rhythm
Rockabye Baby! - Get Up, Stand Up
Rockabye Baby! - Get up Offa That Thing (Lullaby Rendition of James Brown)
Rockabye Baby! - Gigantic
Rockabye Baby! - Girlfriend in a Coma
Rockabye Baby! - Girls & Boys
Rockabye Baby! - Give It Away
Rockabye Baby! - Given to Fly
Rockabye Baby! - God Only Knows
Rockabye Baby! - God's Gonna Cut You Down
Rockabye Baby! - Going to California
Rockabye Baby! - Gold Digger
Rockabye Baby! - Good Life
Rockabye Baby! - Good Morning (Lullaby Rendition of Kanye West)
Rockabye Baby! - Good Morning
Rockabye Baby! - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
Rockabye Baby! - Grace Is Gone
Rockabye Baby! - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Rockabye Baby! - Hand in Glove
Rockabye Baby! - Have a Nice Day
Rockabye Baby! - Head like a hole
Rockabye Baby! - Heartbreak Hotel
Rockabye Baby! - Heartless
Rockabye Baby! - Heaven Can Wait
Rockabye Baby! - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Rockabye Baby! - Heaven and Hell
Rockabye Baby! - Hells Bells
Rockabye Baby! - Here Comes Your Man
Rockabye Baby! - Here Comes the Sun
Rockabye Baby! - Here There and Everywhere
Rockabye Baby! - Hey Baby
Rockabye Baby! - Hey Jude
Rockabye Baby! - Hey Mama
Rockabye Baby! - Hidden Place
Rockabye Baby! - High
Rockabye Baby! - Higher Ground
Rockabye Baby! - Highway to Hell
Rockabye Baby! - Holiday
Rockabye Baby! - Homecoming
Rockabye Baby! - Homesick
Rockabye Baby! - Hot for Teacher
Rockabye Baby! - Hotel California
Rockabye Baby! - Hotel Yorba
Rockabye Baby! - Hound Dog
Rockabye Baby! - How Soon Is Now
Rockabye Baby! - Human Behaviour
Rockabye Baby! - Hunter
Rockabye Baby! - Hurt (Johnny Cash)
Rockabye Baby! - Hurt
Rockabye Baby! - Hysteria (Def Leppard)
Rockabye Baby! - Hysteria
Rockabye Baby! - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Rockabye Baby! - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Rockabye Baby! - I Get Around (Lullaby Rendition of the Beach Boys)
Rockabye Baby! - I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself
Rockabye Baby! - I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
Rockabye Baby! - I Shot the Sheriff
Rockabye Baby! - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Rockabye Baby! - I Think I Lost My Headache
Rockabye Baby! - I Walk the Line
Rockabye Baby! - I Wanna Be Sedated
Rockabye Baby! - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Rockabye Baby! - I Wanna Live
Rockabye Baby! - I Wanna Rock and Roll All Nite (Lullaby Rendition of Kiss)
Rockabye Baby! - I Will Follow
Rockabye Baby! - I Would Die 4 U
Rockabye Baby! - I'll Be There for You
Rockabye Baby! - I'll Wait
Rockabye Baby! - I'm Only Sleeping
Rockabye Baby! - Icky Thump
Rockabye Baby! - If I Fell
Rockabye Baby! - If I Were a Carpenter
Rockabye Baby! - In Between Days
Rockabye Baby! - In My Room
Rockabye Baby! - In the Fade
Rockabye Baby! - In the Garage
Rockabye Baby! - In the Ghetto
Rockabye Baby! - Into the Groove
Rockabye Baby! - Iron Man
Rockabye Baby! - Island in the Sun (Lullaby Rendition of Weezer)
Rockabye Baby! - Island in the Sun
Rockabye Baby! - It's My Life
Rockabye Baby! - It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock 'n' Roll)
Rockabye Baby! - Jackson
Rockabye Baby! - Jailhouse Rock
Rockabye Baby! - Jamie's Cryin'
Rockabye Baby! - Jamming
Rockabye Baby! - Jeremy
Rockabye Baby! - Jesus Walks
Rockabye Baby! - Joga
Rockabye Baby! - Jolene
Rockabye Baby! - Judy Is A Punk
Rockabye Baby! - Jump
Rockabye Baby! - Just Breathe
Rockabye Baby! - Just Like Heaven
Rockabye Baby! - Karma Police
Rockabye Baby! - Kashmir
Rockabye Baby! - Killer Queen
Rockabye Baby! - King of Pain
Rockabye Baby! - Kiss
Rockabye Baby! - Knifes Out
Rockabye Baby! - Knights of Cydonia
Rockabye Baby! - Knock Me Down
Rockabye Baby! - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Rockabye Baby! - La La Love You
Rockabye Baby! - La mer
Rockabye Baby! - Last Child
Rockabye Baby! - Last Kiss
Rockabye Baby! - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Rockabye Baby! - Last Nite (Lullaby Rendition of the Strokes)
Rockabye Baby! - Lateralus
Rockabye Baby! - Lemon
Rockabye Baby! - Let Down
Rockabye Baby! - Let's Get Rocked
Rockabye Baby! - Let's Go Away for Awhile
Rockabye Baby! - Let's Spend the Night Together
Rockabye Baby! - Like Someone in Love
Rockabye Baby! - Like a Prayer
Rockabye Baby! - Like a Virgin
Rockabye Baby! - Limelight
Rockabye Baby! - Little Red Corvette
Rockabye Baby! - Live and Let Die
Rockabye Baby! - Lively Up Your Self
Rockabye Baby! - Livin' on a Prayer
Rockabye Baby! - Long Slow Goodbye
Rockabye Baby! - Longview
Rockabye Baby! - Love Bites
Rockabye Baby! - Love Lockdown
Rockabye Baby! - Love Me Tender
Rockabye Baby! - Love Song
Rockabye Baby! - Lucky Star
Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby
Rockabye Baby! - Magic's in the Makeup
Rockabye Baby! - Magnificent
Rockabye Baby! - Mama Kin
Rockabye Baby! - Master of Puppets
Rockabye Baby! - Material Girl
Rockabye Baby! - Message in a Bottle
Rockabye Baby! - Michelle
Rockabye Baby! - Monkey Gone to Heaven
Rockabye Baby! - Moondance (Lullaby Rendition of Van Morrison)
Rockabye Baby! - Mosquito Song
Rockabye Baby! - Mother's Little Helper
Rockabye Baby! - Mr. Brownstone
Rockabye Baby! - Muscle Museum
Rockabye Baby! - My Doorbell
Rockabye Baby! - My Name Is Jonas
Rockabye Baby! - Mysterious Ways
Rockabye Baby! - N.I.B.
Rockabye Baby! - New Born
Rockabye Baby! - New Kid in Town
Rockabye Baby! - New Year's Day
Rockabye Baby! - New
Rockabye Baby! - Night Moves (Lullaby Rendition of Bob Seger)
Rockabye Baby! - No Quarter
Rockabye Baby! - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Lullaby Rendition of Beastie Boys)
Rockabye Baby! - No Surprises
Rockabye Baby! - No Woman No Cry
Rockabye Baby! - Nothing Else Matters
Rockabye Baby! - November Rain
Rockabye Baby! - One (Metallica)
Rockabye Baby! - One Love
Rockabye Baby! - One More Time
Rockabye Baby! - One of These Nights
Rockabye Baby! - One
Rockabye Baby! - Only in Dreams
Rockabye Baby! - Opiate
Rockabye Baby! - Otherside
Rockabye Baby! - Our Prayer
Rockabye Baby! - Over the Hills and Far Away
Rockabye Baby! - Paint It Black
Rockabye Baby! - Panama
Rockabye Baby! - Panic
Rockabye Baby! - Papa Don't Preach
Rockabye Baby! - Parabol
Rockabye Baby! - Parabola
Rockabye Baby! - Paradise City
Rockabye Baby! - Paranoid Android
Rockabye Baby! - Paranoid
Rockabye Baby! - Parklife
Rockabye Baby! - Patience
Rockabye Baby! - Peaceful Easy Feeling
Rockabye Baby! - Photograph
Rockabye Baby! - Piggy
Rockabye Baby! - Pinhead
Rockabye Baby! - Plainsong
Rockabye Baby! - Planet Caravan
Rockabye Baby! - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Rockabye Baby! - Plug in Baby
Rockabye Baby! - Popscene
Rockabye Baby! - Possibly Maybe
Rockabye Baby! - Pour Some Sugar on Me
Rockabye Baby! - Pride
Rockabye Baby! - Purple Rain
Rockabye Baby! - Race for the Prize
Rockabye Baby! - Radio Ga Ga
Rockabye Baby! - Rag Doll
Rockabye Baby! - Raspberry Beret
Rockabye Baby! - Ray of Light
Rockabye Baby! - Red Barchetta
Rockabye Baby! - Redemption Song
Rockabye Baby! - Reflection
Rockabye Baby! - Resistance
Rockabye Baby! - Ring of Fire
Rockabye Baby! - Rock 'N' Roll High School
Rockabye Baby! - Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
Rockabye Baby! - Rock Steady
Rockabye Baby! - Rock of Ages
Rockabye Baby! - Rocket
Rockabye Baby! - Roxanne
Rockabye Baby! - Ruby Tuesday
Rockabye Baby! - Run to the Hills
Rockabye Baby! - Runaway
Rockabye Baby! - Runnin' with the Devil
Rockabye Baby! - Running Free
Rockabye Baby! - Running
Rockabye Baby! - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Rockabye Baby! - Sail To The Moon
Rockabye Baby! - Same Old Song and Dance
Rockabye Baby! - Satellite
Rockabye Baby! - Say It Ain't So
Rockabye Baby! - Scar Tissue
Rockabye Baby! - Schism
Rockabye Baby! - Seven Nation Army
Rockabye Baby! - She Don't Use Jelly
Rockabye Baby! - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Rockabye Baby! - Shoplifters of the World Unite
Rockabye Baby! - Simple Kind of Life
Rockabye Baby! - Sin
Rockabye Baby! - Sing
Rockabye Baby! - Snow (Hey Oh)
Rockabye Baby! - So Lonely
Rockabye Baby! - So Much to Say
Rockabye Baby! - Sober
Rockabye Baby! - Soma
Rockabye Baby! - Somebody to Love
Rockabye Baby! - Someone's in the Wolf
Rockabye Baby! - Something I can never have
Rockabye Baby! - Something
Rockabye Baby! - Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own
Rockabye Baby! - Song 2
Rockabye Baby! - Song for the Deaf
Rockabye Baby! - Soul to Squeeze
Rockabye Baby! - Stairway to Heaven
Rockabye Baby! - Starlight
Rockabye Baby! - Start Me Up (Lullaby Rendition of the Rolling Stones)
Rockabye Baby! - Start Me Up
Rockabye Baby! - Stay (Wasting Time)
Rockabye Baby! - Stir It Up
Rockabye Baby! - Stockholm Syndrome
Rockabye Baby! - Strawberry Fields Forever
Rockabye Baby! - Stronger
Rockabye Baby! - Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Of
Rockabye Baby! - Subdivisions
Rockabye Baby! - Subterranean Homesick Alien
Rockabye Baby! - Sunburn
Rockabye Baby! - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Rockabye Baby! - Sunday Mornin Comin' Down
Rockabye Baby! - Sunday Morning
Rockabye Baby! - Supermassive Black Hole
Rockabye Baby! - Surf's Up
Rockabye Baby! - Surfer Girl
Rockabye Baby! - Susanne
Rockabye Baby! - Suspension Without Suspense
Rockabye Baby! - Suspicious Minds
Rockabye Baby! - Sweat
Rockabye Baby! - Sweet Child O' Mine
Rockabye Baby! - Sweet Children
Rockabye Baby! - Sweet Emotion
Rockabye Baby! - Sweet Leaf
Rockabye Baby! - Sychronicity II
Rockabye Baby! - Take it Easy
Rockabye Baby! - Teenage Lobotomy
Rockabye Baby! - Ten Years Gone
Rockabye Baby! - Tender
Rockabye Baby! - Tequila Sunrise
Rockabye Baby! - Thank You
Rockabye Baby! - That's All Right
Rockabye Baby! - The Best of My Love
Rockabye Baby! - The Fixer
Rockabye Baby! - The Fragile
Rockabye Baby! - The Good Life
Rockabye Baby! - The Grudge
Rockabye Baby! - The Hardest Button to Button
Rockabye Baby! - The Long Run
Rockabye Baby! - The Man Comes Around
Rockabye Baby! - The Modern Things
Rockabye Baby! - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Rockabye Baby! - The Number of the Beast
Rockabye Baby! - The Patient
Rockabye Baby! - The Rain Song
Rockabye Baby! - The Sky is Fallin'
Rockabye Baby! - The Space Between
Rockabye Baby! - The Spark That Bled
Rockabye Baby! - The Spirit of Radio
Rockabye Baby! - The Sweetest Thing
Rockabye Baby! - The Trees
Rockabye Baby! - The Trooper
Rockabye Baby! - The Unforgiven
Rockabye Baby! - The Universal
Rockabye Baby! - The W.A.N.D.
Rockabye Baby! - The Warmth of the Sun
Rockabye Baby! - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Rockabye Baby! - The hand that feeds
Rockabye Baby! - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Rockabye Baby! - There's No Other Way
Rockabye Baby! - There, There
Rockabye Baby! - This Charming Man
Rockabye Baby! - This Lullaby
Rockabye Baby! - Through the Wire
Rockabye Baby! - Thunderstruck
Rockabye Baby! - Time Is On My Side
Rockabye Baby! - Time Is Running Out
Rockabye Baby! - Today
Rockabye Baby! - Tom Sawyer
Rockabye Baby! - Tonight, Tonight (Lullaby Rendition of Smashing Pumpkins)
Rockabye Baby! - Tonight, Tonight
Rockabye Baby! - Too Late for Love
Rockabye Baby! - Too Late
Rockabye Baby! - Touch the Sky
Rockabye Baby! - Try, Try, Try
Rockabye Baby! - Two Hearts Beat as One
Rockabye Baby! - U Got the Look
Rockabye Baby! - Unchained
Rockabye Baby! - Under My Thumb
Rockabye Baby! - Under Pressure
Rockabye Baby! - Under the Bridge
Rockabye Baby! - Underneath It All
Rockabye Baby! - Undone (The Sweater Song)
Rockabye Baby! - Unravel
Rockabye Baby! - Uprising
Rockabye Baby! - Velouria
Rockabye Baby! - Vertigo
Rockabye Baby! - Vogue
Rockabye Baby! - Waitin' for a Superman
Rockabye Baby! - Wake Up (Lullaby Rendition of Arcade Fire)
Rockabye Baby! - Walk This Way
Rockabye Baby! - Walking Contradiction
Rockabye Baby! - Walking on the Moon
Rockabye Baby! - Wanted Dead or Alive
Rockabye Baby! - War Pigs
Rockabye Baby! - Warning
Rockabye Baby! - Wasted Years
Rockabye Baby! - Watching the Planets
Rockabye Baby! - Wave of Mutilation
Rockabye Baby! - We Are the Champions
Rockabye Baby! - We Weren't Born to Follow
Rockabye Baby! - We Will Rock You
Rockabye Baby! - We're A Happy Family
Rockabye Baby! - We're Going to Be Friends
Rockabye Baby! - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Rockabye Baby! - Welcome To Paradise
Rockabye Baby! - Welcome to the Jungle
Rockabye Baby! - When Doves Cry
Rockabye Baby! - When I Come Around
Rockabye Baby! - Where Are You Going
Rockabye Baby! - Where Is My Mind
Rockabye Baby! - Where the Streets Have No Name
Rockabye Baby! - Wherever I May Roam
Rockabye Baby! - Who Made Who
Rockabye Baby! - Who Says You Can't Go Home
Rockabye Baby! - Wicked World
Rockabye Baby! - Wild Horses
Rockabye Baby! - William, It Was Really Nothing
Rockabye Baby! - Wish
Rockabye Baby! - Witchy Woman
Rockabye Baby! - With or Without You
Rockabye Baby! - Working Man
Rockabye Baby! - Wouldn't It Be Nice
Rockabye Baby! - Wrapped Around Your Finger
Rockabye Baby! - Yellow Ledbetter
Rockabye Baby! - Yellow Submarine
Rockabye Baby! - Yesterday
Rockabye Baby! - Yesterdays
Rockabye Baby! - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
Rockabye Baby! - You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Lullaby Rendition of Stevie Wonder)
Rockabye Baby! - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Rockabye Baby! - You Can't Quit Me Baby
Rockabye Baby! - You Could Be Mine
Rockabye Baby! - You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)
Rockabye Baby! - You Give Love a Bad Name
Rockabye Baby! - You Really Got Me
Rockabye Baby! - You Shook Me All Night Long (Lullaby Rendition of AcDc)
Rockabye Baby! - You Shook Me All Night Long
Rockabye Baby! - You Still Believe in Me
Rockabye Baby! - You and Me
Rockabye Baby! - You're My Best Friend
Rockabye Lullaby - A Whole New World (Aladdin)
Rockabye Lullaby - Baby Mine (Dumbo)
Rockabye Lullaby - Beauty & the Beast (Beauty & the Beast)
Rockabye Lullaby - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King)
Rockabye Lullaby - Under The Sea (Little Mermaid)
Rockabye Lullaby - When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2)
Rockabye Lullaby - When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)
Rockabye Lullaby - You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)
Rockapella - My Home (feat. The Persuasions)
Rockapella - Where in The World Is Carmen Sandiego
Rocknoceros - Always Tell Your Grandma
Rocknoceros - Basic Training
Rocknoceros - Big Wheel
Rocknoceros - Can You Tell Time
Rocknoceros - Crossing Guard
Rocknoceros - Don't Give Up
Rocknoceros - Gonna Cut My Hair
Rocknoceros - Lucky Lindy
Rocknoceros - Nappin' Time
Rocknoceros - PINK!
Rocknoceros - Playground
Rocknoceros - Put A Hat On
Rocknoceros - The Train Song
Rocknoceros - Virginia
Roger Bart - Go the Distance
Roger Day - Alligator in My Refrigerator
Roger Day - Blackbeard
Roger Day - Brain Food - Eat it Up!
Roger Day - Brain Freeze!
Roger Day - Build a Better World
Roger Day - Concentration (Turn On Your Brain)
Roger Day - Dolphins Will Jump Up
Roger Day - Dream Big!
Roger Day - Everybody Loves Marsh Mud
Roger Day - Flushing Out the Estuary
Roger Day - Get Your Brain in Gear
Roger Day - Ghost Crab
Roger Day - Happy Hippos Hopping
Roger Day - Hello Sunshine
Roger Day - I Like Yaks! (Featuring Billy Jonas)
Roger Day - I Love You (More than My Shoe)
Roger Day - Inside My Cranium
Roger Day - It's a No Brainer
Roger Day - Life is a Miracle
Roger Day - Monkey Brains
Roger Day - Periwinkle Snail
Roger Day - Roly Poly (Featuring The Crickets)
Roger Day - Rumble in the Jungle (The Elefunk Song)
Roger Day - Sara Bellum, the Brainy Girl
Roger Day - The Brain Train
Roger Day - The Greatest Day on Earth Day
Roger Day - The Left BrainRight Brain Song
Roger Day - Turn off the TV
Roger Day - Turtle Girl (Studio Version)
Roger Day - Turtle Girl
Roger Day - Uno, Dos, Tres
Roger Day - Use Your Noodle
Roger Day - Vulture Vomit (Studio Version)
Roger Day - Why Does Gray Matter
Roger Day - Zachary Hated Bumblebees
Roger Day - Zoe's World
Rory - Bubble Bath
Rory - By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Rory - Close to You
Rory - Colors
Rory - Come Saturday Morning
Rory - Count Your Blessings
Rory - Down On Grandpa's Farm
Rory - Family
Rory - For Me and My Gal
Rory - Four Little Ducks
Rory - Happiness
Rory - High Hopes
Rory - Home On the Range
Rory - I Love a Piano
Rory - I Won't Grow Up
Rory - I'd Do Anything
Rory - I'm Gonna Be Somebody
Rory - I'm a Kid
Rory - I've Gotta Crow
Rory - If I Only Had a Brain
Rory - Listen to the World
Rory - Little Things
Rory - Look Before You Leap
Rory - Make-Believe Day
Rory - Me and My Gal (Paul)
Rory - Mother Moonbeam
Rory - My Favorite Things
Rory - Never Never Land
Rory - Noise
Rory - Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'
Rory - Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
Rory - People Rainbow
Rory - Pure Imagination
Rory - Put On a Happy Face
Rory - Rainbow Connection
Rory - Shower the People
Rory - Sing
Rory - Singin' in the RainRaindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
Rory - Smile, Smile, Smile
Rory - Somebody Come and Play
Rory - Take Care of Yourself
Rory - Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Rory - Talk to the Animals
Rory - That's What Makes You, You
Rory - The Candy Man
Rory - The Incredible Piglets
Rory - The La La Song
Rory - The Phone Song
Rory - The Ugly Duckling
Rory - There's No Place Like Home
Rory - There's a Place
Rory - Together, Wherever We Go
Rory - Tom's Lullaby
Rory - Whistle While You Work
Rory - You Made Me Love You
Rory - You're My Friend
Rory - You're a Grand Ol' Flag
Rosaline Ly - Bampé koon
Rose Royce - Car Wash
Roselaine Bicep - Lè timoun an-mwen Manman-doudou
Rosie Flores & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
Rosie Flores - Red, Red Robin
Rrana - Letterstick Band - Yi
Rufus - The Naked Mole Rap (From Kim Possible)
Rufus Thomas - Do The Funky Chicken
Runt of the Litter - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (From Chicken Little Soundtrack Version)
Rusted Root - Send Me on My Way
Ryland Kaplan - Mommy Love Song
SHeDAISY - Baby Mine Album Version
Sagna Guire Ramata - Denko
Sagna Guire Ramata - So siyara
Sally Stevens - Flying Dreams Lullaby
Sam Glaser - Shabbas
Samuel E. Wright - Kiss the Girl (From The Little Mermaid Soundtrack Version)
Samuel E. Wright - Kiss the Girl Remastered 2014
Samuel E. Wright - Kiss the Girl
Samuel E. Wright - Under the Sea (From The Little Mermaid)
Samuel E. Wright - Under the Sea
Samuel L. Jackson - Knowa' The Cat
Sanaé Rodiere - Edo no Komoriuta
Sara Bareilles - Brave
Sara Lovell - Where You Hiding All Day Long
Sarah Edwards - The Columbine Fairy
Sarah Jessica Parker - The Nothingest Girl In The World
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family - `Cuz We're Cousins
Sarah McLachlan - When She Loved Me (From Toy Story 2 Soundtrack Version)
SaulPaul - Hands in the Sky
SaulPaul - Home
SaulPaul - Rise Remix
Scarlett Johansson - Set It All Free
Scarlett Johansson - Trust in Me
Scatman Crothers - Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat (From The Aristocats)
Scatman John - Scatman
School Of Rock - School Of Rock (KPL Edit)
Scribble Monster - I Really Like You, Baby
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - A Monster Goes Rrraargh!
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Beautiful Day
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Best of Friends
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Candy For Breakfast
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Chocolate Milk (with ScribbleJim)
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Chocolate Milk
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Clink, Clank (feat. Steve Weeks)
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Dance Party
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Do the Bounce
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Don't Cry, Dance!
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Everybody Learn to Count
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Five People In My Family
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Good Morning, Mister Sun
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Hooray!
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - I Like the Way You Share
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - I Want To Hold Your Ear
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - I'm A... (Anything I Like)
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Just Happy To Be Me
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Loud And Soft
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - My Imaginary Friend
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Oh Well
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Pick Up the Toys
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Play With Your Food
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Scrub-a-Dub
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Sesame Street Theme
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Someday, Little Children (feat. Racer Steve)
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Stop!
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Superhealthy
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - The Baby's Sleeping
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - The Bedtime March
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - The World's Greatest
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Thirty-Two Cracks In the Sidewalk
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - What Babies Are Called
ScribbleMonster & His Pals - Wishin' Around
ScribbleMonster - All Ready to Go!
ScribbleMonster - Doing the Right Thing Isn't Always Easy, Doing the Easy Thing I
ScribbleMonster - I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
ScribbleMonster - I'm a Shark (I Rock, I Swim)
ScribbleMonster - I'm a Utility Pole (The World's Worst Dance Song)
ScribbleMonster - It Could Have Been Worse
ScribbleMonster - No Good Can Ever Come of a Sleepover
ScribbleMonster - Our Summer Song
ScribbleMonster - Scratchy Records
ScribbleMonster - Sleep
ScribbleMonster - Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
ScribbleMonster - The Song That Saved the World
ScribbleMonster - The Song of Life
ScribbleMonster - What's the Big Idea
ScribbleMonster - Why Must Everyone Talk At Once
ScribbleMonster - With a Smile
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo & Asheville Symphony - Mozartistic (feat. Orion Weiss & Marley Carroll)
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - 13 O'Clock
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - 3 Pointed Back
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Ain't No Party Like Halloween
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Back Home
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Boogie Man
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Bored is a Bad Word
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Brainstorm
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Caught in the Screen
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Chase the Rain
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Family Tree
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Glimmer (Instrumental)
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Glimmer
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Gotta Be Me
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Gotta Be You
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Guess What
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Have Fun
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Hi-5 for the Hi-Dive
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Hot Lava
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Hot Sauce
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Hula Hoop Soup
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - I Like Fruit
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Imaginary Friend
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Life Is Music
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Long Days & Short Years (Instrumental)
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Long Days & Short Years
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Luck
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Lucktricity
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Magic Beans
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Make the Future
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Mind Over Matter
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Monsters (Instrumental)
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Monsters
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - My First Multiverse
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Never Stop Asking
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - New Day
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Nightlight
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Nightmares Disappear
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Noise
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Once Upon a Rhyme
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Opposite Day
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - PJs All Day
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Pillowfort Pillowfight
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Ride the Butterflies
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Road Trip
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Robots Can't Cry
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Rocketfuel
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Say Word
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Scream!
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Secret Handshake
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Secret Superhero (Instrumental)
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Secret Superhero
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Sky Music
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Sleepover
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Smardi Gras
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Snowforts and Sandcastles
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Space Cadet
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Sticks and Stones
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Sweet Dreams
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Tastes Like Space
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Bluegrasshopper
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Time Flies
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Unwind
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Wildlife
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Young Soul
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - You’re It
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo feat. Gift of Gab - Speak the Truth
Serena Engel - The Herb Twopence Fairy
Sesame Street - Do De Rubber Duck
Sesame Street - Green Grow The Rushes
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Bugville Boogie
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Call Me Anytime
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Edna the Elephant
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Follow Your Nose
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Intergalactic Into
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Magic Hat
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Open the Door
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Roger's Intergalactic Tour
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Seasons Change
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Taco Love
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - The Diner
Seth Decker & The Missing Piece - Trampoline
Shaggy - Under the Sea (From The Little Mermaid Live! )
Shakira - Try Everything (From Zootopia Soundtrack)
Shang Shang Typhoon - Moon Boat
Shanghai Roxi Musical Studio Choirs - Kung Fu Fighting (Celebration Time)
Sharon Kennedy - The Jazzy Three Bears
Sharon, Lois & Bram - Lavender’s Blue
Shawn Mendes - Believe
Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater (Rerecorded)
Shel Silverstein - Zebra Question (Album Version)
Shelby Flint - Someone's Waiting for You (From The Rescuers)
Shelby Flint - Tomorrow Is Another Day - From The Rescuers Soundtrack Version
Sheppard - Geronimo
Sherry Goffin Kondor - Never Never Land
Shine and the Moonbeams - Bully Bully (2010)
Shine and the Moonbeams - Bully Bully
Shine and the Moonbeams - Do You Ever Stop
Shine and the Moonbeams - High Five (2010)
Shine and the Moonbeams - High Five
Shine and the Moonbeams - I Can't Sleep
Shine and the Moonbeams - Imagination
Shine and the Moonbeams - Kilimanjaro
Shine and the Moonbeams - Melody in Me
Shine and the Moonbeams - Shake for Eight
Shine and the Moonbeams - Shine
Shirley Ellis - The Name Game
Sia - Original (from Dolittle)
Sia - Puppies Are Forever
Sia - Rainbow
Sia - Unforgettable
Sia - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (2014 Film Version)
Sibongile Khumalo - Thula Mama
Silly Bus - ABC Song
Silly Bus - Alphabet Eyes
Silly Bus - Anna Ate Apples
Silly Bus - At The Zoo
Silly Bus - Bingo
Silly Bus - Chewy Chocolate Chips
Silly Bus - Dazzling Ducks
Silly Bus - Eagle on the Wind
Silly Bus - Earth and Sun
Silly Bus - Excellent Eggs
Silly Bus - Falling Leaves
Silly Bus - Five Little Ducks
Silly Bus - Five Little Monkeys
Silly Bus - Fun On The Farm
Silly Bus - Grow Red Rose
Silly Bus - Growing In The Garden
Silly Bus - Happy Homes
Silly Bus - Healthy Dose
Silly Bus - History Hip Hop
Silly Bus - Hokey Pokey
Silly Bus - Humpty Dumpty
Silly Bus - Icky, Icky, Insects
Silly Bus - If You're Happy and You Know It
Silly Bus - It's All Just Numbers
Silly Bus - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Silly Bus - Jump Up
Silly Bus - Kites Up High
Silly Bus - March
Silly Bus - Old MacDonald
Silly Bus - Outstanding Owls
Silly Bus - Pumpkin Patch
Silly Bus - Rain, Rain
Silly Bus - Silly Bulls
Silly Bus - Silly Snowman
Silly Bus - Teddy Bear Boogie
Silly Bus - The Blues
Silly Bus - Turkey Time
Silly Bus - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Silly Bus - Wacky Wheels
Silly Bus - Watch Me, I Can Do This!
Silly Bus - Wheels on the Bus
Silly Bus - X Marks The Spot (Pirates)
Silly Bus - Yawns At Night
Silvia Schujer - Éste Era Un Conejo
Simba - Duties of the King
Sing Along Tim And The Pacifiers - Sharks
Sister Sledge - We Are Family
Skee-lo - The Tale of Mr. Morton
Skye Sweetnam - Part of Your World (Pop Version)
Sleep Baby Sleep - 11 Happy
Sleep Baby Sleep - Amore
Sleep Baby Sleep - Baby Blue
Sleep Baby Sleep - Baby Lullaby
Sleep Baby Sleep - Baby
Sleep Baby Sleep - Bedtime
Sleep Baby Sleep - Happy Birthday
Sleep Baby Sleep - Old Mc Donald Had A Farm
Sleep Baby Sleep - Sleep
Sleep Baby Sleep - Summertime
Sleepyheadz - A Whole New World (Aladdin) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Beyond the Sea (Finding Nemo) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Circle of Life (The Lion King) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Do You Want to Build A Snowman (Frozen) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - He's A Tramp (Lady and the Tramp) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Heigh Ho (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - How Far I'll Go (Moana) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Let It Go (Frozen) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Someday My Prince Will Come (Snow White) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Something There (Beauty and the Beast) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Sleepyheadz - You've Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story) (Piano Lullaby Version)
Smash Mouth - All Star
Smash Mouth - Holiday In My Head
Smash Mouth - Holiday In My Head
Smash Mouth - I'm A Believer
Smash Mouth - Why Can't We Be Friends
Snow Miser - Snow Miser Song
Sofia Carson - Chillin' Like a Villain
Songs To Wear Pants To - Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows
Sonia De Los Santos - ¡Alegría!
Sonna Rele - Strong
Souleymane Mbodj - Aayaa yimbéy
Souleymane Mbodj - Mademba
Souleymane Mbodj - Tank loxo nopp
Soundcheck, Odd Squad & Paul Buckley - Probably
Soundcheck, Odd Squad & Paul Buckley - Take Away Four
Soundcheck, Odd Squad & Paul Buckley - Up, Down, Left, Right
Spin - Best Friends
SpongeBob SquarePants - Campfire Song Song
SpongeBob SquarePants - Doing The Sponge
SpongeBob SquarePants SoundtrackMike Simpson With SpongeBob, Patrick & Goofy Goober - The Goofy Goober Song
Spongebob Squarepants - Don't Be A Jerk (It's Christmas)
Spongebob, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton & Patrick - My Tighty Whiteys
Stephanie Beatriz - Everything's Not Awesome
Steve Elci & Friends - Crayons in a Box
Steve Elci & Friends - Earth Day
Steve Elci & Friends - Evening Star
Steve Elci & Friends - Happy Birthday
Steve Elci & Friends - Movies With Our Mind
Steve Elci & Friends - Sleep
Steve Elci & Friends - Supergirl
Steve Elci & Friends - Train
Steve Elci & Friends - We Are Beautiful
Steve Elci & Friends - Zoo
Steve Goodie - Harry's Wand
Steve Goodie - Quiddich Ball Wizard
Steve Martin - Late for School
Steve Pullara - Aliens Playing Bluegrass
Steve Pullara - Bessie Sweet Bessie
Steve Pullara - Guess Who's Coming Home
Steve Pullara - Somedays
Steve Pullara - The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin'
Steve Pullara - Two Pups Growing Up
Steve Weeks - A Friend Like You
Steve Weeks - A Little Sunshine
Steve Weeks - A Raindrop for Me
Steve Weeks - Baby Started Dancing
Steve Weeks - Bartleby Finkleton Will Not Take a Bath
Steve Weeks - Birdsong
Steve Weeks - Change of Heart
Steve Weeks - Close Your Eyes Willy Boy
Steve Weeks - Creek
Steve Weeks - Cricket, Little Cricket
Steve Weeks - Dandelion
Steve Weeks - Decorate the Cat
Steve Weeks - Dog Beach
Steve Weeks - Don't Nothing Work Around Here No More
Steve Weeks - Get Up
Steve Weeks - I Might Be Lying
Steve Weeks - Imogene
Steve Weeks - MLK
Steve Weeks - Miss Bunnyfeet and Robot Mike
Steve Weeks - Monday I Woke up Purple
Steve Weeks - My Dog Ate My House
Steve Weeks - My Grandpa Gave Me a Hammer
Steve Weeks - Ocean
Steve Weeks - Once I Lived Upon the Sea
Steve Weeks - Open Yourself Up
Steve Weeks - Rain
Steve Weeks - Run-On
Steve Weeks - Sadie Lou
Steve Weeks - Song Backwards The
Steve Weeks - The Blizzard of '78
Steve Weeks - The Rabbits Are Asleep
Steve Weeks - Tiny House
Steve Weeks - Turn Out the Lights
Steve Weeks - Why
Steve Weeks - Wish You Were Here
Steve Weeks - Yellow Jacket
SteveSongs - 5 Smiles
SteveSongs - A Is for Silly
SteveSongs - All in This Together
SteveSongs - And the Dog Says...
SteveSongs - Anything We Want to Be
SteveSongs - Bananas
SteveSongs - Bear Hunt
SteveSongs - Bees Knees
SteveSongs - Biodiversity
SteveSongs - Blast Off
SteveSongs - Bothering a Sleeping Lion and Why Not to Do It
SteveSongs - Bridge to Terabithia
SteveSongs - Brush, Brush, Brush
SteveSongs - Bubbles
SteveSongs - Canjo
SteveSongs - Ducks Hatching
SteveSongs - Eat Right, Exercise And Read
SteveSongs - Elephant Hide and Seek
SteveSongs - Fast Monkey
SteveSongs - Flat Stanley
SteveSongs - Follow Directions
SteveSongs - Funny Ride
SteveSongs - Giant
SteveSongs - Goodbye
SteveSongs - Gravity
SteveSongs - Grumpy Boy
SteveSongs - Halloween Parade
SteveSongs - Hero
SteveSongs - Hickory Dickory Dock
SteveSongs - I Like...
SteveSongs - I Took a Train
SteveSongs - If You Lived in the Sea
SteveSongs - If You Want to Fly
SteveSongs - Jack's Lullaby
SteveSongs - Kindness
SteveSongs - Library
SteveSongs - LillyFish
SteveSongs - Little Rosalie
SteveSongs - Martian Welcome
SteveSongs - Marvelous Day
SteveSongs - No Bigger Than a Bug
SteveSongs - No Good Toys
SteveSongs - On a Flying Guitar
SteveSongs - One Halloween Night
SteveSongs - Opposite Day
SteveSongs - Orangutan Van
SteveSongs - Our Tune
SteveSongs - Our World (Bonus Track)
SteveSongs - Pizza Time
SteveSongs - Princess Katie
SteveSongs - Rain Is Falling Down
SteveSongs - Recess Rocks
SteveSongs - Rhyming Machine
SteveSongs - Rhythm Safari
SteveSongs - Rockets
SteveSongs - Shapes
SteveSongs - She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes
SteveSongs - Soaring with Reading
SteveSongs - Someday I...
SteveSongs - Spinning Around
SteveSongs - Spyrtle the Turtle
SteveSongs - Squirrel Song
SteveSongs - Super Little Man
SteveSongs - Superhero You
SteveSongs - The Audition
SteveSongs - The Pirate Song
SteveSongs - The Safety Dance
SteveSongs - The Veggie Song
SteveSongs - Time to Tell the Time
SteveSongs - Water Cycle
SteveSongs - We're on Our Way
SteveSongs - Werewolf
Steven Anderson - All Through the Night
Steven Anderson - Amazing Grace
Steven Anderson - Brahm's Lullaby
Steven Anderson - Fairest Lord Jesus
Steven Anderson - For the Beauty of the Earth
Steven Anderson - Go Tell It on the Mountain
Steven Anderson - God Is So Good
Steven Anderson - Holy, Holy, Holy
Steven Anderson - Jesus Loves Me
Steven Anderson - Just As I Am
Steven Anderson - Kumbaya
Steven Anderson - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Steven Anderson - Peace Like a River
Steven Anderson - Precious Lord
Steven Anderson - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Steven Anderson - This Is My Father's World
Steven Anderson - Were You There
Steven Universe - Be Wherever You Are
Steven Universe - Dear Old Dad
Steven Universe - The Jam Song
Steven Universe - True Kinda Love (feat. Estelle & Zach Callison) (Music Video Version; Bonus Track)
Steven Universe - True Kinda Love (feat. Estelle & Zach Callison) (Music Video Verson; Bonus Track)
StevenSteven - A Fact Is A Gift That You Give Your Brain
StevenSteven - I Won’t Let You Change Who I Am
StevenSteven - If You’re Ginormous And You Know It
StevenSteven - I’m Up
StevenSteven - Mimic Octopus
StevenSteven - OK Toilet Bowl
StevenSteven - Space Rock Rock
StevenSteven - The Lonely Unicorn Is Never Giving Up
Stevesongs - Megasaur And Melinda
Stevie Wonder - Faith
Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke
Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Sting - Love Is The Seventh Wave
Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut
Sudhananda - The Queen of the Meadow Fairy
Sudhananda - The Ragged Robin Fairy
Sudhananda - The Vetch Fairy
Sugar Chile Robinson - The Donkey Song
Sugar Free Allstars - 6th Grade Band
Sugar Free Allstars - 99 Questions
Sugar Free Allstars - Banana Pudding
Sugar Free Allstars - Bathtub Boy
Sugar Free Allstars - Breakdancin'
Sugar Free Allstars - BunnyBot
Sugar Free Allstars - Can You Picture That
Sugar Free Allstars - Cars and Trucks
Sugar Free Allstars - Gotta Get Up (feat. Jack Forman & Shine)
Sugar Free Allstars - Grumpopotamus (and the Crankosaurus Rex)
Sugar Free Allstars - He's Okay (The Spider Song)
Sugar Free Allstars - Hey Now, It's Your Birthday
Sugar Free Allstars - Hiccup
Sugar Free Allstars - I Can See It Now
Sugar Free Allstars - Ice Cream Truck
Sugar Free Allstars - If I Didn't Have You
Sugar Free Allstars - In My Pocket
Sugar Free Allstars - It's P. Kitty Time
Sugar Free Allstars - Little Red Wagon
Sugar Free Allstars - Love Train (feat. Keller Williams)
Sugar Free Allstars - Monster Truck
Sugar Free Allstars - My Dog Pete
Sugar Free Allstars - Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
Sugar Free Allstars - One Verse Song
Sugar Free Allstars - Poppy and Meemaw
Sugar Free Allstars - Put 'em Away (feat. Marty Beller)
Sugar Free Allstars - Ready to Give Up Teddy
Sugar Free Allstars - Rock Awesome!
Sugar Free Allstars - SFA Disco Dance Party
Sugar Free Allstars - Stay Up Late
Sugar Free Allstars - Sunday Afternoon (feat. Trout Fishing in America)
Sugar Free Allstars - The Train Beat Song (Remix)
Sugar Free Allstars - Tiger In My Backyard (Remix)
Sugar Free Allstars - Tiger In My Backyard
Sugar Free Allstars - Upside Down Town
Sugar Free Allstars - Very Best Friend
Sugar Ray - Fly
Supernova Chile - Chewbacca
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Susie Tallman - 1000 Legged Worm
Susie Tallman - A Sailor Went to Sea
Susie Tallman - Ain't Gonna Rain No More
Susie Tallman - Blowin' in the Wind
Susie Tallman - Boom Chicka Boom
Susie Tallman - Clementine
Susie Tallman - Going On a Bear Hunt
Susie Tallman - Home On the Range
Susie Tallman - I Love the Mountains
Susie Tallman - Let's Go!
Susie Tallman - Madalina Catalina
Susie Tallman - Mary Ann Mccarty
Susie Tallman - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Susie Tallman - Oh Susanna
Susie Tallman - On Top of Spaghetti
Susie Tallman - Polly Wolly Doodle
Susie Tallman - Sippin Cider Through a Straw
Susie Tallman - Swimming Hole
Susie Tallman - The Old Family Toothbrush
Susie Tallman - The Ostrich Song
Susie Tallman - There’s a Hole in the Bucket
Susie Tallman - Throw It Out the Window
Susie Tallman - To Morrow
Susie Tallman - Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
Susie Tallman - Yankee Doodle
Susie Tallman - You Are My Sunshine
Suzanne Pleshette - My Lullaby
Suzi Shelton - Banjo Pickin' Girl
Suzi Shelton - Blue Fin
Suzi Shelton - Can You Feel the Power
Suzi Shelton - Cinnamon Bear
Suzi Shelton - Go, Fire Truck, Go
Suzi Shelton - I See You for You
Suzi Shelton - Ice Cream Man
Suzi Shelton - It's a Beautiful Day
Suzi Shelton - Jubilee
Suzi Shelton - Ladybugs
Suzi Shelton - Let Your Light Shine
Suzi Shelton - Never Let You Go
Suzi Shelton - Pony Boy
Suzi Shelton - Put Your Hands in the Air
Suzi Shelton - Raindrop
Suzi Shelton - River Come Down
Suzi Shelton - Smile in My Heart
Suzi Shelton - The Grass Is Always Greener
Suzi Shelton - Tomboy in a Princess Dress
Suzi Shelton - We Shall Walk
Suzi Shelton - Wings of a Bird
Sylla Mama - Buututumaani
Sylla Mama - Ka baga ne ma
Sylla Mama - Makun
Sylla Mama - N daga an kara
Sylvan Esso - There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You
TLBT Cast - Always There
TLBT Cast - Boring
TLBT Cast - Eggs
TLBT Cast - Friends For Dinner
TLBT Cast - It Takes All Sorts
TLBT Cast - Kids Like Us
TLBT Cast - Me And My Dad
TLBT Cast - Peaceful Valley
TLBT Cast - Who Needs You
Tahkus Ekedal - Apple Blossom Fairy
Tahkus Ekedal - The Fuchsia Fairy
Tahkus Ekedal - The Jasmine Fairy
Talking Heads - And She Was
Talking Heads - Stay up Late (2005 Remaster)
Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (2005 Remaster)
Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life
Tanja Solnik - Amol Iz Geven A Meise
Tanja Solnik - Durme Durme (I)
Tanja Solnik - Durme Durme (II)
Tanja Solnik - Durme Mi Angelico
Tanja Solnik - Laila Laila
Tanja Solnik - Numi Numi
Tanja Solnik - Oifn Pripetshik
Tanja Solnik - Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Tanja Solnik - Shlof Mine Kind
Tanja Solnik - Vig Lid
Tanja Solnik - Zing Faygeleh Zing
Taron Egerton - I'm Still Standing
Taylor Swift - Beautiful Ghosts
Tegan and Sara - Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)
Teresa Brewer - Choo'n Gum
Teresa Doyle - A Lullabye
Teresa Jennings - A Frog Went A Courtin'
Teresa Jennings - A Super Celebration
Teresa Jennings - Action Music
Teresa Jennings - Amazing Grace (Instrumental)
Teresa Jennings - Amazing Grace
Teresa Jennings - America My Home
Teresa Jennings - Ancient Armor
Teresa Jennings - Arm In Arm
Teresa Jennings - Bailey And The Bees
Teresa Jennings - Bicker Bicker
Teresa Jennings - Black And White
Teresa Jennings - Bubble Gum Goo
Teresa Jennings - Can You Please Save Christmas
Teresa Jennings - Christmas Comes From The Heart
Teresa Jennings - Christmas Down Under
Teresa Jennings - Christmas Eve Eve
Teresa Jennings - Christmas In The West
Teresa Jennings - Christmas Is A Rainbow
Teresa Jennings - Christmas Is OK
Teresa Jennings - Dancin' On The Rooftop
Teresa Jennings - Deck The Halls
Teresa Jennings - Do The Igor
Teresa Jennings - Do Your Best!
Teresa Jennings - Earth Sounds
Teresa Jennings - Earthlings Unite
Teresa Jennings - Elf Impersonator
Teresa Jennings - Everlasting Fruitcake
Teresa Jennings - Every Hundred Years, Santa Takes A Break
Teresa Jennings - Everybody Needs Some Help Sometimes
Teresa Jennings - Everyone Deserves A Home
Teresa Jennings - Fantasia On A Christmas Spiritual
Teresa Jennings - Five Smart Turkeys
Teresa Jennings - Foggy, Foggy Night
Teresa Jennings - For The Winter
Teresa Jennings - Happy Christmas Eve
Teresa Jennings - He's So Blue
Teresa Jennings - Hip Hop Reindeer
Teresa Jennings - Honey Honey
Teresa Jennings - I Can't Stand Still Under Those Raindrops
Teresa Jennings - I Will Dare
Teresa Jennings - I'm Grateful
Teresa Jennings - In The Spirit
Teresa Jennings - It's Time To Fly
Teresa Jennings - It's Time To Fly
Teresa Jennings - It's Your Birthday
Teresa Jennings - Jingle Jam
Teresa Jennings - Jolly Old Words To Live By
Teresa Jennings - Kooky Is A Kookaburra
Teresa Jennings - Lend A Helping Hand
Teresa Jennings - Lullaby
Teresa Jennings - Mashed Potatoes
Teresa Jennings - Merrily Bearily Bears
Teresa Jennings - Merry Christmas To You From The Red, White And Blue!
Teresa Jennings - Michael Finnegan
Teresa Jennings - My Flag
Teresa Jennings - My School
Teresa Jennings - Ode To Joy
Teresa Jennings - Orange Blossoms (Japanese)
Teresa Jennings - Our Favorite Time Of Year
Teresa Jennings - Party At The North Pole
Teresa Jennings - Peaceful Night
Teresa Jennings - Pick Me, Me, Me!
Teresa Jennings - Pilgrims
Teresa Jennings - Remember
Teresa Jennings - Santa Claus Rock
Teresa Jennings - Shout
Teresa Jennings - Sing Of Christmas Time!
Teresa Jennings - Singing By Candlelight
Teresa Jennings - Snowman, Why Are You Here
Teresa Jennings - Sorry
Teresa Jennings - Sticky Situation
Teresa Jennings - Take One Step
Teresa Jennings - Tell Me
Teresa Jennings - Thanksgiving Blues
Teresa Jennings - The Christmas Spirit Lives Right Here
Teresa Jennings - The Greatest Season
Teresa Jennings - The Incredible Mission
Teresa Jennings - The Kangaroo Hop
Teresa Jennings - The Little Red Hen
Teresa Jennings - The Missing Lynx
Teresa Jennings - The Music Of Life
Teresa Jennings - The North Pole Is Cool
Teresa Jennings - The Turkey Tango
Teresa Jennings - The Yuletide Blues
Teresa Jennings - There's A Bunny In My Easter Basket
Teresa Jennings - This Elegant Christmas Time
Teresa Jennings - This Guy's Not Right
Teresa Jennings - This Old House Is Yummy
Teresa Jennings - Warp Factor Five
Teresa Jennings - We Can Be Better
Teresa Jennings - We Share The Rainbow
Teresa Jennings - Welcome To America
Teresa Jennings - What We Need Is A Miracle
Teresa Jennings - When We Give We Receive
Teresa Jennings - Who Can The Stranger Be
Teresa Jennings - Who Me
Teresa Jennings - Why Won't You Fly
Teresa Jennings - Words Can Hurt
Teresa Jennings - Yankee Doodle Has A Toothache
Terri Hendrix - A Place in the Choir
Terri Hendrix - Car Car
Terri Hendrix - Celebrate the Difference
Terri Hendrix - First Place
Terri Hendrix - Get Your Goat On
Terri Hendrix - I Want to be Your Friend
Terri Hendrix - Invisible Friend
Terri Hendrix - Lluvia de Estrellas
Terri Hendrix - Nerves
Terri Hendrix - Peggy the Goat Reprise
Terri Hendrix - Peggy the Goat
Terri Hendrix - Play Ball
Terri Hendrix - Walkin' on the Moon
Terri Hendrix - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Terry Cashman - Talkin' Baseball (The Call To The Hall)
The 6 Pence Players - The Three Little Pigs Meet The Big Bad Wolves
The 6 Pence Players - Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Advantage - Super Mario Bros. 2 - Overworld
The Aquabats! - Adventure Today
The Aquabats! - All My Money!
The Aquabats! - B.F.F.!
The Aquabats! - Danger Woman
The Aquabats! - Dear Spike
The Aquabats! - Food Fight On The Moon!
The Aquabats! - Hey Homies!
The Aquabats! - Hey Luno
The Aquabats! - I Fell Asleep On My Arm
The Aquabats! - In My Dreams!
The Aquabats! - Just Can’t Lose!
The Aquabats! - Luck Lady Dragon!
The Aquabats! - Pink Pants!
The Aquabats! - Pizza Day
The Aquabats! - Pool Party
The Aquabats! - Poppin’ A Wheelie!
The Aquabats! - Radiation Song
The Aquabats! - Radio Down!
The Aquabats! - Sandy Face
The Aquabats! - The Baker
The Aquabats! - The Legend Is True!
The Aquabats! - The Shark Fighter!
The Aquabats! - Worms Make Dirt
The B-52's - Rock Lobster
The B-52's - Wig
The Baby Grands - All About Me
The Baby Grands - Diggin' a Hole to China
The Baby Grands - Dream Big
The Baby Grands - Hittin' the Road
The Baby Grands - Panda Rock
The Baby Grands - Pluto
The Baby Grands - Sleepy Lullaby
The Baby Grands - Sugar Makes Me Loco
The Baby Grands - Surfer Shake
The Baby Grands - Wet Nose Friend
The Baby Grands - Why is it W
The Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds
The Beach Boys - Frosty The Snowman
The Beach Boys - Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
The Beach Boys - Vegetables
The Beat Bugs - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
The Beat Bugs - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Beat Bugs - The Word
The Beatbuds - LadyBugBird Beetle
The Beatles - Birthday
The Beatles - Drive My Car (Remastered 2009)
The Beatles - Free As A Bird (Anthology 1 Version)
The Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning (Remastered 2009)
The Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Remastered
The Beatles - We Can Work It Out Remastered
The Blues Brothers - Rubber Biscuit
The Board of Education - (a Case of the Hiccups)
The Board of Education - 8 is a Number
The Board of Education - August Lullaby
The Board of Education - Beverly the Village Misfit
The Board of Education - Eight Is A Number
The Board of Education - Ice Ages are Fun!
The Board of Education - Know Your Inventors, Part I
The Board of Education - Lunchtime (Tin Foil Robots)
The Board of Education - Rise and Shine
The Board of Education - The Many Uses, and Dangers, of Commas
The Board of Education - Tired Ride Home
The Board of Education - Volcanoes and You
The Board of Education - Why Is Dad So Mad
The Board of Education - Your Sensitive Elbow
The Brady Bunch - It's A Sunshine Day
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Album Version)
The Bumbles - Bed Bug Song
The Bumbles - Bee Rap
The Bumbles - Christmas Time
The Bumbles - First Day at School
The Bumbles - I Can Do It
The Bumbles - Let's Go to the Beach
The Bumbles - Let's Make a Friend
The Bumbles - My Puppy
The Bumbles - Paint
The Call - Let The Day Begin
The Cars - Magic
The Cheetah Girls - I Won't Say (I'm In Love) (Pop Version)
The Chords - Sh-Boom
The Cinematic Film Band - This Is Halloween (From The Nightmare Before Christmas)
The Coasters - Yakety Yak
The Comets - Rock Around the Clock
The De Luca Brothers - It's Garmadon
The Deedle Deedle Dees - Ah Ahimsa
The Deedle Deedle Dees - Zora
The Deedle Deedle Dees and IMPACT Repertory Theatre - Time Machine
The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus - Duck Tales Theme (From “Duck Tales“)
The Doo-Dads - All By Myself
The Doo-Dads - Daddy Got a Day Off
The Doo-Dads - Dinosaur Party
The Doo-Dads - Forever I Love You (Featuring Alejandro Escovedo)
The Doo-Dads - I Feel Great
The Doo-Dads - I Want What I Want
The Doo-Dads - I'm So Lucky
The Doo-Dads - Keep It Clean
The Doo-Dads - Let's Go Rock and Roll
The Doo-Dads - Mama Be Right Back
The Doo-Dads - Movin' Day
The Doo-Dads - My Shadow and Me
The Doo-Dads - Play the Drums
The Doo-Dads - The Sing-a-Long
The Doo-Dads - You've Got Something
The Dream Factory - A Quiet Song
The Dream Factory - Angels Watching Over You
The Dream Factory - Beautiful Baby
The Dream Factory - Bedtime Request to the Angels
The Dream Factory - Day Is Done
The Dream Factory - Goodnight Ladies
The Dream Factory - Hey Diddle Diddle
The Dream Factory - Lost in a Daydream
The Dream Factory - Lullaby Love
The Dream Factory - Once Upon a Dream
The Dream Factory - Ship of Dreams
The Dream Factory - The Sleepy Teddy Bear
The Dream Factory - The Water Is Wide
The Dream Factory - Watch Over
The Dream Factory - Wonderful Land of Dreams
The Drifters - White Christmas (From Home Alone )
The Dwarf Chorus - Heigh-Ho
The Fold - The Weekend WhipThe Pirate Whip
The Fray - Mahna Mahna
The Fresh Beat Band - Just Like A Rockstar
The Go-Go's - Vacation
The Go-Go's - We Got The Beat
The Goo Goo Dolls - Give a Little Bit
The Good Ms Padgett - The Little Red Hen
The Grandsons & The Grandsons, Jr. - Potato Chips
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Cement Mixer
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Communication
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Dunkin' Bagels
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Hip Cowboy
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Juice Box Rhythm
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Mama's In the Kitchen
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Money Money Money
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Serenade To A Poodle
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Stop That Dancin Up There
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - Tip Light
The Grandsons & the grandsons, Jr. - When Banana Skins Are Fallin'
The Happy Racers - 364 More Sleeps
The Happy Racers - All My Friends
The Happy Racers - Candy
The Happy Racers - Clean
The Happy Racers - Clowns Just Freak Me Out
The Happy Racers - Clowns Just Freak Me Out
The Happy Racers - Cookies & Milk
The Happy Racers - Deck the Halls
The Happy Racers - Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
The Happy Racers - Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead
The Happy Racers - Dinki Dinki-Di
The Happy Racers - Doghouse Jamboree
The Happy Racers - Dracula's Dragster
The Happy Racers - Failure's a Myth
The Happy Racers - Frosty the Snowman
The Happy Racers - Ghostbusters
The Happy Racers - Groundhog Day
The Happy Racers - Hip Hooray Parade
The Happy Racers - Home for the Holidays
The Happy Racers - I Can Do Anything
The Happy Racers - I Wanna See It Snow
The Happy Racers - I Want to Dream
The Happy Racers - Jingle Bells
The Happy Racers - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
The Happy Racers - Knock Knock Ding Dong
The Happy Racers - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
The Happy Racers - Linus and Lucy
The Happy Racers - Lovabye Dragon
The Happy Racers - Monster Mash
The Happy Racers - Move Your Body
The Happy Racers - My Backyard
The Happy Racers - My New Kicks
The Happy Racers - Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
The Happy Racers - Old Robert's Jig
The Happy Racers - Puke in G Minor
The Happy Racers - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The Happy Racers - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
The Happy Racers - Snowball Fight
The Happy Racers - Spiders Get Lonely Too
The Happy Racers - Stirring the Brew
The Happy Racers - The Addams Family Theme
The Happy Racers - The Munster's Theme
The Happy Racers - The Pumpkin Patch
The Happy Racers - Up on the Housetop
The Happy Racers - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
The Happy Racers - What Should I Be for Halloween
The Happy Racers - What in the World
The Harmonica Pocket - Bumblebee Lullabye
The Harmonica Pocket - Firefly
The Harmonica Pocket - Four Spaces
The Harmonica Pocket - I Love The ABCs
The Harmonica Pocket - La Luna
The Harmonica Pocket - Ladybug 123 (Acoustic)
The Harmonica Pocket - Ladybug 123 (Dub Version)
The Harmonica Pocket - Love A Ladybug
The Harmonica Pocket - Lucid Dream #3 (feat. Monica Schley)
The Harmonica Pocket - Mbira Dreaming
The Harmonica Pocket - Mere Bacche Ke Liye Lori (Hindi Lullabye For My Child) [feat. Deobrat Mishra]
The Harmonica Pocket - O Susanna
The Harmonica Pocket - One Tree Said
The Harmonica Pocket - Spiders In My Breakfast
The Harmonica Pocket - Spiders In My Breakfast
The Harmonica Pocket - The Light Of A Firefly
The Harmonica Pocket - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The Hipwaders - Bonobo Joe & the Voodoo Queen
The Hipwaders - Bubble Machine PSA
The Hipwaders - Come to California
The Hipwaders - Gaia She Knows (Single Edit)
The Hipwaders - Gaia She Knows
The Hipwaders - Go Go Girl
The Hipwaders - Here Comes Peter Cottontail
The Hipwaders - Hey, Josie!
The Hipwaders - Last Song
The Hipwaders - Let's Play Trains
The Hipwaders - My Dog Steve
The Hipwaders - Slow Children at Play
The Hipwaders - So, You're a Boy
The Hipwaders - Stand Up to the Bully
The Hipwaders - The Ramble
The Hipwaders - Welcome to the Golden State
The Hipwaders - Wrong Thing
The Isley Brothers - Shout
The Jimmies - Bedhead
The Jimmies - Birthday
The Jimmies - Bonfire
The Jimmies - Career Day
The Jimmies - Cool To Be Uncool
The Jimmies - Do The Elephant
The Jimmies - Every Day's a Holiday
The Jimmies - Fine Art
The Jimmies - Gonna Get a Hamster
The Jimmies - Googlie Mooglie
The Jimmies - Huptsha Huptsha
The Jimmies - I Want a Hippopotamus for Hanukkah
The Jimmies - Kids Wanna Rock
The Jimmies - Laugh in Any Language
The Jimmies - Minivan Hot Rod
The Jimmies - Nogturne In C Minor
The Jimmies - Punxsutawney Phil
The Jimmies - Soaper The Scaredy-Bot
The Jimmies - Spanimals
The Jimmies - Taddy
The Jimmies - Tea Party
The Jimmies - The Hook
The Jimmies - The Peanut Butter Polka
The Jimmies - Toothless Lament
The Jimmies - Tuesday Blues
The Jimmies - Wash Up
The Jimmies - What's On Your Shirt
The Jimmies - What's That Sound
The Karate Kid - You're the Best
The King Of Thieves - Welcome To The Forty Thieves - Soundtrack
The Laurie Berkner Band - A Lullaby
The Laurie Berkner Band - All Around My Room
The Laurie Berkner Band - All Around My Room
The Laurie Berkner Band - All The Planets
The Laurie Berkner Band - All Through The Night
The Laurie Berkner Band - Balance Beam
The Laurie Berkner Band - Blow A Kiss
The Laurie Berkner Band - Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz)
The Laurie Berkner Band - Candy Cane Jane
The Laurie Berkner Band - Drive My Car
The Laurie Berkner Band - Farm Song (That's What I Did On The Farm)
The Laurie Berkner Band - Fast And Slow (The Rabbit And The Turtle)
The Laurie Berkner Band - Fireflies
The Laurie Berkner Band - Fireflies
The Laurie Berkner Band - Five Days Old
The Laurie Berkner Band - Five Days Old
The Laurie Berkner Band - Fly Me To The Moon
The Laurie Berkner Band - Going On A Hunt (Hand Jive)
The Laurie Berkner Band - Goodnight
The Laurie Berkner Band - Goodnight
The Laurie Berkner Band - Hush Little Baby
The Laurie Berkner Band - I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song)
The Laurie Berkner Band - I Know A Chicken
The Laurie Berkner Band - In The Clouds
The Laurie Berkner Band - Jump And Fly
The Laurie Berkner Band - Last Night I Had A Dream
The Laurie Berkner Band - Let's Samba
The Laurie Berkner Band - Like A Seashell
The Laurie Berkner Band - Little Boy Blue 
The Laurie Berkner Band - Lots Of Little Pigs
The Laurie Berkner Band - Magic Box
The Laurie Berkner Band - Mahalo
The Laurie Berkner Band - Mister
The Laurie Berkner Band - Moon Moon Moon
The Laurie Berkner Band - Mouse In My Toolbox
The Laurie Berkner Band - Mr. Bassman (And Piano Girl)
The Laurie Berkner Band - My Blue Sailboat
The Laurie Berkner Band - Nona
The Laurie Berkner Band - Nona
The Laurie Berkner Band - One More Stop On The Train
The Laurie Berkner Band - Party Day
The Laurie Berkner Band - Pig On Her Head
The Laurie Berkner Band - Pigbasket
The Laurie Berkner Band - Pillowland
The Laurie Berkner Band - Pillowland
The Laurie Berkner Band - Rocketship Run
The Laurie Berkner Band - Sing Me A Song
The Laurie Berkner Band - Stars Are Shining
The Laurie Berkner Band - The Airplane Song
The Laurie Berkner Band - The Goldfish
The Laurie Berkner Band - Thunderstorm
The Laurie Berkner Band - Trucks
The Laurie Berkner Band - Under A Shady Tree
The Laurie Berkner Band - Walk Along The River
The Laurie Berkner Band - We Are The Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)
The Laurie Berkner Band - We Are The Dinosaurs
The Laurie Berkner Band - What Is The Color Of My Dreams
The Laurie Berkner Band - Winter Lullaby
The Laurie Berkner Band - Your Beautiful Eyes
The LeeVees - How Do You Spell Channukkahh
The Lemonheads - My Hero, Zero
The Little Mermaid - Beddie Bye Blues
The Little Mermaid - In Harmony
The Little Mermaid - Sing A New Song
The Little Mermaid - The Lobster Mobster's Mob
The Little Mermaid - You Got To Be You
The Lumineers - Ho Hey
The Lumineers - Holdin' Out
The Lumineers - Nobody Knows
The Marketts - Batman Theme
The Minions - I Swear
The Minions - Y.M.C.A.
The Missing Piece - All My Best Friends
The Missing Piece - Cartoons
The Missing Piece - Chocolate World
The Missing Piece - Cucumber Canoe
The Missing Piece - Go Green
The Missing Piece - Homemade Radio
The Missing Piece - I'm A Super Hero
The Missing Piece - Jenny
The Missing Piece - Little Brown Dog
The Missing Piece - Man in the Moon
The Missing Piece - Mess I Made
The Missing Piece - Time to Party
The Morells - Mom's Got a Headache
The Mowgli's - Your Friend
The Muppets - Delivering Christmas
The Muppets - We're Doing a Sequel
The Naked Brothers Band - I Don't Want To Go To School (Album Version)
The Naked Brothers Band - If That's Not Love (Album Version)
The Nields - Butterfly
The Nields - Wild Mountain Thyme
The Not-Its! - A Lie Is Just A Lie
The Not-Its! - Butterfly
The Not-Its! - Carry Me
The Not-Its! - Daddy Long Legs
The Not-Its! - Freeze Tag
The Not-Its! - Full Tilt
The Not-Its! - Gotta Keep On Tryin'
The Not-Its! - Great To Be A Kid
The Not-Its! - Hank Is A Rock Star
The Not-Its! - Heading Home
The Not-Its! - Hide And Seek
The Not-Its! - Hot Sand
The Not-Its! - I Love Food
The Not-Its! - I've Got A Goat
The Not-Its! - KidQuake!
The Not-Its! - Let The Games Begin
The Not-Its! - Let's Skateboard
The Not-Its! - Little Bug
The Not-Its! - Mathematics
The Not-Its! - Operation Cooperation
The Not-Its! - Participation Trophy
The Not-Its! - Poty Mouth
The Not-Its! - Puppy Dog
The Not-Its! - Rock, Paper, Scissors
The Not-Its! - Runaway Bike
The Not-Its! - Staring Contest
The Not-Its! - TV's Watching Me
The Not-Its! - Tarantula Funeral
The Not-Its! - Temper Tantrum
The Not-Its! - The Battle Of Curriculum Night
The Not-Its! - The Not-Its! Love You
The Not-Its! - Tiger Moth
The Not-Its! - Vacation
The Not-Its! - Walk Or Ride
The Not-Its! - What Will I Be
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Along for the Ride
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Auctioneer
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Blankets of Snow
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Brother
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Campin' Tent
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Can You Canoe
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Candles
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Cow Cow Yippee
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Don't Fence Me In
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Good Old Times
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Great Grandmother Tree
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Hard Road to Travel
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Haul Away Joe
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Howl
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Ice Fishin' Shack
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Jackalope
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Keep Me Warm
The Okee Dokee Brothers - King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Last Lullaby
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Lazy Day
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Lead a Horse to Water
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Memphis Town
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Mr. & Mrs. Sippy
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Muddy River
The Okee Dokee Brothers - New Year
The Okee Dokee Brothers - North Country Dance Band
The Okee Dokee Brothers - One Horsepower
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Roll on River
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Rosita
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Saddle Up
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Shootin' Star
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Signs of Spring
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Sister Moon and Brother Sun
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Slumberjack
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Small and Simple
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Snowpeople
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Somos Amigos
The Okee Dokee Brothers - The Abominable Yeti
The Okee Dokee Brothers - The Boatman's Dance
The Okee Dokee Brothers - The Bullfrog Opera
The Okee Dokee Brothers - The Grass Is Always Greener
The Okee Dokee Brothers - The Great Divide
The Okee Dokee Brothers - The Legend of Tall Talkin' Sam
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Thousand Star Hotel
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Ukulele in a Snowstorm
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Welcome Home
The Okee Dokee Brothers - You You You
The Oot N Oots - Saturday's A Sadder Day
The Penguins of Madagascar - Real Chill Christmas
The Penguins of Madagascar - Stuck in the Chimney
The Phenomenauts - (Don't Give Me That) Broccoli
The Pixies Three - Birthday Party
The Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can
The Pop Ups - Airband
The Pop Ups - Alien Translator
The Pop Ups - All These Shapes
The Pop Ups - Alpine Finger Climbing
The Pop Ups - Animal Birthday Party
The Pop Ups - Apes In Capes
The Pop Ups - Balloon
The Pop Ups - Banana
The Pop Ups - Belly Karaoke
The Pop Ups - Best Fruit
The Pop Ups - Big Wheel
The Pop Ups - Bird & Rhino
The Pop Ups - Birthday Sunshine
The Pop Ups - Block House
The Pop Ups - Box of Crayons
The Pop Ups - Bug Out
The Pop Ups - Car Safari
The Pop Ups - Cave of Wonders
The Pop Ups - Color Wheel
The Pop Ups - Connect the Stars
The Pop Ups - Costume Party
The Pop Ups - Craft Night
The Pop Ups - Doodle Pictures
The Pop Ups - Elephant
The Pop Ups - F & G
The Pop Ups - Feelings Change
The Pop Ups - Foley Artist
The Pop Ups - Getting The Job Done
The Pop Ups - Glitter Everywhere
The Pop Ups - Googly Eyes
The Pop Ups - Great Pretenders Club
The Pop Ups - Holding Up A Mirror To A Mirror
The Pop Ups - Hot Lava
The Pop Ups - How Do We Know
The Pop Ups - I'm Tired
The Pop Ups - Indoor Picnic
The Pop Ups - Inventors
The Pop Ups - Make A Rainbow
The Pop Ups - Math Rock
The Pop Ups - Miss Elephant's Gerald
The Pop Ups - On Air
The Pop Ups - One Sentence Story
The Pop Ups - Outside Inside
The Pop Ups - Paper Bag Storytime
The Pop Ups - Pasta
The Pop Ups - Pictures Making Pictures
The Pop Ups - Pop Up City
The Pop Ups - Pretend We Forgot
The Pop Ups - Puppet Playground
The Pop Ups - Robot Dance
The Pop Ups - Science of Sleep
The Pop Ups - Shadow
The Pop Ups - Shoelicopter
The Pop Ups - Space Adventure
The Pop Ups - Stuff
The Pop Ups - Subway Train
The Pop Ups - Synthesizer
The Pop Ups - The Bat
The Pop Ups - Time
The Pop Ups - Treasure Hunter
The Pop Ups - Up and Down
The Pop Ups - We Live in an Orchestra
The Pop Ups - Window Drawing
The Pop Ups - Your Own Imagination
The RTTs - Gave it Away
The RTTs - Kindergarten Rocks
The RTTs - Little Tornado
The RTTs - Poor Little Payphone
The RTTs - Super Can
The RTTs - Testing Testing
The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
The Replacements - Cruella Deville
The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family
The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra - Cradle Song
The Shins - It's Okay, Try Again
The Singing Dogs - Jingle Bells - Singing Dogs
The Sippy Cups - Baby, You're a Rich Man
The Sippy Cups - Bennie and the Jets
The Sippy Cups - Bike
The Sippy Cups - Daddy's Lucky Charm
The Sippy Cups - Dear Prudence
The Sippy Cups - Don't Remove the Groove
The Sippy Cups - Drinking from the Sky
The Sippy Cups - Effervescing Elephant
The Sippy Cups - Flower Tower
The Sippy Cups - Give Peas a Chance
The Sippy Cups - Hailstone Man
The Sippy Cups - How to Build a Dog
The Sippy Cups - I Wanna Be Elated
The Sippy Cups - I'm a Believer
The Sippy Cups - Introducing Super Guy
The Sippy Cups - Jungle Boogie
The Sippy Cups - Ladybug Beat
The Sippy Cups - Listen With Your Eyes
The Sippy Cups - Little House of Jello
The Sippy Cups - Little Puffer
The Sippy Cups - Look On Up
The Sippy Cups - Low Rider
The Sippy Cups - Magic Toast
The Sippy Cups - Meet Major Minor
The Sippy Cups - Move Your Pants
The Sippy Cups - My Angry Voice
The Sippy Cups - My Loose Tooth
The Sippy Cups - One Day Soon
The Sippy Cups - Seven is the New 14
The Sippy Cups - She's a Rainbow
The Sippy Cups - Snail Song
The Sippy Cups - Snailology
The Sippy Cups - Springtime Fantastic
The Sippy Cups - Starry Morning
The Sippy Cups - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
The Sippy Cups - Super Guy Saves the Dad
The Sippy Cups - Superguy Returns
The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween
The Sippy Cups - The Flying Machine
The Sippy Cups - The Jellyfish
The Sippy Cups - The Time Machine
The Sippy Cups - Time Out World
The Sippy Cups - Toast-o-rama
The Sippy Cups - Use Your Words
The Sippy Cups - Who Loves the Sun
The Smurfs - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
The Sneepers (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Guardians Inferno (KPL Edit)
The Story Pirates - A Hamster's Workday
The Story Pirates - All 8 Unicorns
The Story Pirates - Fart Out Loud Day
The Story Pirates - The Giraffe Didn't Know
The Story Pirates - The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof
The Tallest Kid in the Room - Do You Really Need a Band-Aid
The Tallest Kid in the Room - Freeze Dance
The Tallest Kid in the Room - It Don't Matter Who's First in Line
The Tallest Kid in the Room - The Goodbye Song
The Tallest Kid in the Room - The Ten-Second Song
The Tallest Kid in the Room - The Welcome Song
The Tallest Kid in the Room - This Room Ain't Gonna Clean Itself
The Terrible Twos - A Rake, a Broom, a Mop, a Shovel
The Terrible Twos - Amelia Minor
The Terrible Twos - Archibald McCallister
The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J
The Terrible Twos - Caroline
The Terrible Twos - Consonants
The Terrible Twos - Elliott Oooh
The Terrible Twos - Grumpy Bug
The Terrible Twos - Heather in the Heather
The Terrible Twos - If You Ever See an Owl
The Terrible Twos - Isabella
The Terrible Twos - Jerzy the Giant
The Terrible Twos - Jump Jump Jump
The Terrible Twos - Lady Bug
The Terrible Twos - Lily Names Everything Sandy
The Terrible Twos - Math Stomp
The Terrible Twos - Old Man Miller
The Terrible Twos - Olly Olly Oxen Free
The Terrible Twos - Oneplusoneistwo
The Terrible Twos - Pizza & Chocolate Milk
The Terrible Twos - Playground
The Terrible Twos - Say Say Anything
The Terrible Twos - Smickey
The Terrible Twos - The Littlest Houdini
The Terrible Twos - The Plan
The Terrible Twos - Vivian
The Terrible Twos - Watch out for Lions
The Terrible Twos - We Can All Get Along with Dinosaurs
The Terrible Twos - When I Get to Eleven
The Terrible Twos - Whispering the Melody
The Ting Tings - Happy Birthday
The Vamps - Hope
The Velvet Underground - Rock and Roll
The Verbs - Glad All Over
The Verve Pipe - All Grown Up
The Verve Pipe - Be Part Of The Band
The Verve Pipe - Cereal
The Verve Pipe - Complimentary Love
The Verve Pipe - Go To Sleep Now
The Verve Pipe - Homework Blues Stomp
The Verve Pipe - I Didn't Get My Note Signed
The Verve Pipe - I'm Not Sleeping In (Cuz It's Saturday)
The Verve Pipe - It's Raining Again
The Verve Pipe - It's a Great Big World
The Verve Pipe - My Principal Rocks
The Verve Pipe - Only One Of You
The Verve Pipe - Scavenger Hunt
The Verve Pipe - Suppertime!
The Verve Pipe - Wake Up
The Verve Pipe - We Had To Go Home
The Verve Pipe - When Grandma Says No
The Verve Pipe - When One Became Two
The Verve Pipe - Worrisome One
The Verve Pipe - You Can Write a Song
The Vowelles - AR
The Wailin' Jennys - Barefoot Floors
The Wailin' Jennys - Trick Rider
The White Stripes - Little Ghost
The White Stripes - We're Going to Be Friends
The Wiggles - Wigglemix
The Wonders - That Thing You Do!
The Wood Brothers - Happiness Jones
They Might Be Giants - Alphabet Lost and Found (Album Version)
They Might Be Giants - Apartment Four
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul
They Might Be Giants - Boss Of Me
They Might Be Giants - Cells
They Might Be Giants - Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip
They Might Be Giants - Electric Car
They Might Be Giants - Even Numbers
They Might Be Giants - Figure Eight
They Might Be Giants - Heart Of The Band
They Might Be Giants - High Five!
They Might Be Giants - How Many Planets
They Might Be Giants - I Am a Paleontologist
They Might Be Giants - I Can Add
They Might Be Giants - Infinity - They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants - Meet the Elements
They Might Be Giants - My Brother the Ape
They Might Be Giants - My Name Is Kingof Socks
They Might Be Giants - Nine Bowls of Soup
They Might Be Giants - Nonagon
They Might Be Giants - Number Two
They Might Be Giants - One Dozen Monkeys
They Might Be Giants - One Everything
They Might Be Giants - Ooh La! Ooh La!
They Might Be Giants - Photosynthesis
They Might Be Giants - Pirate Girls Nine
They Might Be Giants - Put It to the Test
They Might Be Giants - Roy G. Biv
They Might Be Giants - Science Is Real
They Might Be Giants - Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)
They Might Be Giants - Seven
They Might Be Giants - Solid Liquid Gas
They Might Be Giants - Speed and Velocity
They Might Be Giants - The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)
They Might Be Giants - The Bloodmobile
They Might Be Giants - The Guitar
They Might Be Giants - The Secret Life Of Six
They Might Be Giants - Triops Has Three Eyes
They Might Be Giants - What Is a Shooting Star
They Might Be Giants - Why Does the Sun Really Shine
They Might Be Giants - Why Does the Sun Shine
They Might Be Giants - Zeroes
Thomas Dekker, Anndi McAfee, Aria Noelle Curzon & Jeff Bennett - The Legend of the Lone Dinosaur
Thomas Dekker, Anndi McAfee, Aria Noelle Curzon & Jeff Bennett - When You're on Your Own
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Bear Hunt
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Clap Your Hands
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Dinosaurs
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Hug Bug
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Magic Penny
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Muscle Music
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Sneakers
Tickle Tune Typhoon - The Monster Song
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Tickle Tune Typhoon Theme
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Tree Dancin
Tickle Tune Typhoon - Vega Boogie
Tickle Tune Typhoon - We Circle Around
Tiffany Haddish - Not Evil
Tim Kubart - 2nd Grade Show
Tim Kubart - A Good Friend's Hard to Find
Tim Kubart - Backyard Swinging
Tim Kubart - Better (feat. Laurie Berkner)
Tim Kubart - Big Balloons (The Parade Song)
Tim Kubart - Bigger
Tim Kubart - Biggest Brother
Tim Kubart - Blackout
Tim Kubart - Blast Off
Tim Kubart - Block Party
Tim Kubart - Breakfast Club (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)
Tim Kubart - Bumblebee
Tim Kubart - Dancing in the Kitchen
Tim Kubart - Day One
Tim Kubart - Double Knot
Tim Kubart - Field Trip
Tim Kubart - Halfway Down
Tim Kubart - Hold On
Tim Kubart - It's Going Up!
Tim Kubart - Jump Right In
Tim Kubart - Last Turn Home
Tim Kubart - Moving Day
Tim Kubart - Oopsie-Do!
Tim Kubart - Rainy Days
Tim Kubart - Ready For You
Tim Kubart - Rooms
Tim Kubart - Sand + Imagination
Tim Kubart - Showtime
Tim Kubart - Sunday Crafternoon (feat. Drue Davis)
Tim Kubart - Superhero 2017 Remix
Tim Kubart - Superhero
Tim Kubart - The Fair
Tim Kubart - Upbeat Downbeat
Tim Kubart - We Are Growing
Tim and the Space Cadets - Endless Summer
Tim and the Space Cadets - Getting Ready to Go!
Tim and the Space Cadets - New Game
Tim and the Space Cadets - Snow Day
Tim and the Space Cadets - Superhero
Tim and the Space Cadets - The Greatest Party Ever
Tim and the Space Cadets - When I Grow Up
Tina Malia - The Iris Fairy
Tina Malia - The Lily-of-the-Valley Fairy
Tina Malia - The Thrift Fairy
To Mars! - I See A New You
To The Rescue! - Chomp And Munch
To The Rescue! - Hang In There Kid
To The Rescue! - Remember That Day
To The Rescue! - Tap To The Super Highway
Tobago and d'Lime - Jump In The Line
Tobago and d'Lime - Love Thy Neighbour
Tobago and d'Lime - Rub And Scrub
Todd McHatton - A Flurry of Furry Birdys
Todd McHatton - A Pudgy Pig and a Fuzzy Peach
Todd McHatton - A Slice of Pie
Todd McHatton - Bears Bear Bare Bears
Todd McHatton - Bill Gets Up
Todd McHatton - Bloom and Swoon
Todd McHatton - Bugga Bugga Joe
Todd McHatton - Dana Wears Dresses
Todd McHatton - Don't Stop It Won't Pop
Todd McHatton - Duct Tape and a Dream
Todd McHatton - Every Little Monster
Todd McHatton - Everybody Calm Down
Todd McHatton - Everything You Always Wanted
Todd McHatton - For Tea Birds in the Vast Nest
Todd McHatton - Frank's Space Prank
Todd McHatton - Fun & Adventure
Todd McHatton - Funny Little Friends
Todd McHatton - Future On the Road
Todd McHatton - Garden John
Todd McHatton - Get Down Dream Up
Todd McHatton - Giraffe On a Flaming Unicycle
Todd McHatton - Go Put That Thing On
Todd McHatton - Gonna Be a Super Hero
Todd McHatton - Green Eleven
Todd McHatton - Hauling Stars
Todd McHatton - Hollywood Wax
Todd McHatton - I Love You More
Todd McHatton - I Think I'm a Bunny
Todd McHatton - I've Put On My Cape (I Won't Let You Down)
Todd McHatton - It's a Breeze
Todd McHatton - Little Plumber
Todd McHatton - Love & Dreams
Todd McHatton - Mr Branch and His Appetizing Apparel
Todd McHatton - No One Waits (For You to Change Into Your Cape) Anymore
Todd McHatton - Out of My Tree
Todd McHatton - Paper Thin
Todd McHatton - Phil Set the Table
Todd McHatton - Pirate Song
Todd McHatton - Refreshments On Neptune
Todd McHatton - Rolled Up and Riddled in Stars
Todd McHatton - Sarva's Guitar
Todd McHatton - Say Hello to My Hippo
Todd McHatton - Schadenfreude Fortune Cookie
Todd McHatton - Smiling's My Favorite
Todd McHatton - Sweet Bangs
Todd McHatton - There'll Be Time
Todd McHatton - These Random Fields
Todd McHatton - This Tree House is a Bargain
Todd McHatton - Tommy Had a Super Towel
Todd McHatton - Too Deep Pockets
Todd McHatton - Try and Move the Frame
Todd McHatton - Vroom
Todd McHatton - Washing Me Machine
Todd McHatton - What Makes Me Smile
Todd McHatton - What Once Was Grand
Todd McHatton - Who Needs Sleep
Todd McHatton - Wonderbuzz
Todd McHatton - Yes This Is a New One
Tom Chapin - All of My Friends
Tom Chapin - Billy the Squid
Tom Chapin - Bye Bye Dodo
Tom Chapin - Cameling
Tom Chapin - Great Big Words
Tom Chapin - Happy Earth Day
Tom Chapin - I've Got the Blues, Greens and Reds
Tom Chapin - Preacher Herman
Tom Chapin - Sore Loser
Tom Chapin - The Ghost of Bleak House
Tom Chapin - The Missing Parade
Tom Chapin - You'll Be Sorry
Tom Hanks - Hot Chocolate
Tom Kenny & Mr. Lawrence - Team Work (Music from The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water)
Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke & Clancy Brown - Thank Gosh It's Monday (Music from The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water)
Tom Knight - Adventures of a Water Drop
Tom Knight - Climb That Beanstalk
Tom Knight - Everybody Makes Mistakes
Tom Knight - Everyone's an Artist
Tom Knight - Have You Seen My Egg
Tom Knight - I Love the Dark
Tom Knight - In Our Band
Tom Knight - Introduction to the Blues
Tom Knight - Peace in Twelve Languages
Tom Knight - Rockabilly Goats Gruff
Tom Knight - Shake Shake Shake (The Earthquake Song)
Tom Knight - Spin Spider Spin
Tom Knight - The Birthday Waltz
Tom Knight - Welcome to Our Classroom
Tom Lehrer - (I'm Spending) Hanukkah In Santa Monica
Tom Paxton - Balloon-Alloon-Alloon
Tom Paxton - Bananas
Tom Paxton - Come And Play Catch With Me
Tom Paxton - Dinosaurs At Play
Tom Paxton - Don't Be Rude To A Rhinoceros
Tom Paxton - E, I, Addie, Addie, O
Tom Paxton - Fish Are Orderly
Tom Paxton - I've Got A Yoyo
Tom Paxton - I've Got The Measles
Tom Paxton - Oops
Tom Paxton - Ride My Bike
Tom Paxton - Suzy Is A Rocker
Tom Paxton - The Baseball Kids
Tom Paxton - The Crow That Wanted To Sing
Tom Paxton - The Crow's Toes
Tom Paxton - The Magic Whistle
Tom Paxton - The Monkeys' Baseball Game
Tom Paxton - The Subway Song
Tom Paxton - The Thought Stayed Free
Tom Paxton - The Wooly Booger
Tony Blackburn - Jack & The Beanstalk (Narration)
Tony Pete - I Love to Explore
Tony Pete - Kazoo Crew
Tony Pete - Make a Silly Sound
Tony Pete - My Shadow
Tony Pete - Sing La La La
Tony Pete - Sleep Loved
Tony Pete - The Backwards Alphabet Song
Tony Pete - Time to Put Our Toys Away
Tony Pete - When I Grow Up
Tony Pete - Why How Now
Toots & The Maytals - Never Grow Old
Tori Kelly - Colors Of The Wind
Tori Kelly - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
Tracey Eldridge - Beware of the Wily Ol' Crocodile
Tracey Eldridge - Buzzy Bumblebee
Tracey Eldridge - Chug Chug Choo Choo
Tracey Eldridge - Corn Chips
Tracey Eldridge - Go to Sleep
Tracey Eldridge - Golly Ollie Ostrich
Tracey Eldridge - Happy Hula Day
Tracey Eldridge - Hoppy Goes Ape
Tracey Eldridge - I Know a Frog
Tracey Eldridge - I Like You
Tracey Eldridge - I Wanna Dance
Tracey Eldridge - I'm My Own Best Friend
Tracey Eldridge - Oh, Zydeco
Tracey Eldridge - Tommy Builds a BandTommy's Big Parade
Transformers - Transformers Theme
Trisha Yearwood - Blue Beyond Soundtrack
Trout Fishing in America - 18 Wheels on a Big Rig
Trout Fishing in America - A Tiger and a Monkey and Me
Trout Fishing in America - Alien in My Nose
Trout Fishing in America - Always Chew Your Food
Trout Fishing in America - Are We There Yet
Trout Fishing in America - Big Round World
Trout Fishing in America - Big Trouble
Trout Fishing in America - Boiled Okra and Spinach
Trout Fishing in America - Boo!
Trout Fishing in America - C-C-C-Cold Outside
Trout Fishing in America - Carry Me
Trout Fishing in America - Count on me
Trout Fishing in America - Creepy Dead Bug
Trout Fishing in America - Curse of the Spinach
Trout Fishing in America - Day Care Blues
Trout Fishing in America - Dinosaur in Your Bathtub
Trout Fishing in America - Don't Touch My Stuff!
Trout Fishing in America - Everything That's Made of Wood
Trout Fishing in America - Fill It Up
Trout Fishing in America - Five Little Ducks
Trout Fishing in America - Five
Trout Fishing in America - Hall of a Hundred Doors
Trout Fishing in America - Happy That You're Here
Trout Fishing in America - I Can Dance
Trout Fishing in America - I Don't Care
Trout Fishing in America - I Get Ideas
Trout Fishing in America - I Think I'll Need a Bandaid
Trout Fishing in America - It Did It All By Itself
Trout Fishing in America - It Must Be Halloween
Trout Fishing in America - It's A Puzzle
Trout Fishing in America - It's Better Than That
Trout Fishing in America - It's Gone
Trout Fishing in America - It's Like
Trout Fishing in America - It's Not Mud
Trout Fishing in America - Junk Food Jump
Trout Fishing in America - La La Land
Trout Fishing in America - Lullaby
Trout Fishing in America - Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks
Trout Fishing in America - Meow, Meow, Meow
Trout Fishing in America - Mine!
Trout Fishing in America - My Best Day
Trout Fishing in America - My Favorite Jeans
Trout Fishing in America - My Sister Kissed Her Boyfriend
Trout Fishing in America - Nobody
Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
Trout Fishing in America - Pico De Gallo
Trout Fishing in America - Relax
Trout Fishing in America - Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
Trout Fishing in America - Sailing
Trout Fishing in America - Simon Says
Trout Fishing in America - Slow
Trout Fishing in America - Something Sweet
Trout Fishing in America - Swimming Pool
Trout Fishing in America - Teddy Bear's Picnic
Trout Fishing in America - The Alarm Clock Rings
Trout Fishing in America - The Cat Came Back
Trout Fishing in America - The Goops
Trout Fishing in America - The King of My Mountain
Trout Fishing in America - The Late, Great, Nate McTate
Trout Fishing in America - The Window
Trout Fishing in America - There's a Rumor Going 'Round
Trout Fishing in America - To Be a Wood Bee
Trout Fishing in America - Too Good To Be True
Trout Fishing in America - We Are the Dinosaurs
Trout Fishing in America - What I Want is a Proper Cup of Coffee
Trout Fishing in America - When I Was a Dinosaur
Trout Fishing in America - When You Get Dressed
Trout Fishing in America - Why I Pack My Lunch
Trout Fishing in America - Wishes
Trout Fishing in America - Wrong Right
Trout Fishing in America - You Can't Go
Trout Fishing in America - Your Name Backwards
Trout Fishing in America - Zoo Wacky Zoo
Trout Steak Revival - Brighter Every Day
Troy - Get'cha Head In The Game (From High School Musical )
Tuck & Patti - Dream
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - All About That Bass
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Blank Space
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Can’t Feel My Face
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Chandelier
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Earned It
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Elastic Heart
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - I Bet My Life
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Lean On
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Love Me Like You Do
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Outside
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - See You Again
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Shake it Off
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Shut Up and Dance
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Stay With Me
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Style
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Sugar
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Take Me to Church
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Thinking Out Loud
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Uptown Funk
Tyler, The Creator - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Uncle Dox - Squirrels
Uncle Rock - Brand New Butterfly
Uncle Rock - Break A Few Eggs
Uncle Rock - Buddy Holly's Got the Hiccups
Uncle Rock - Connected
Uncle Rock - Disco Nap
Uncle Rock - Gettin' Big Blues
Uncle Rock - Grabage Barge
Uncle Rock - I'm A Pirate!
Uncle Rock - Leave the Bees Be
Uncle Rock - Medley Magic Carpet RideHey Bo DiddleyMagic Bus
Uncle Rock - My Friend Bigfoot
Uncle Rock - Picnic In The Graveyard
Uncle Rock - Playin' Possum
Uncle Rock - Pure Imagination
Uncle Rock - Rock & Roll Babysitter
Uncle Rock - Rock Out!
Uncle Rock - Secret Spaceman
Uncle Rock - Shadow Dance
Uncle Rock - Shake It Off!
Uncle Rock - Shoe Bandit
Uncle Rock - Sneaky Snake
Uncle Rock - Stop at a Mom N' Pop
Uncle Rock - Sugar Talkin'
Uncle Rock - Thank You and Goodnight
Uncle Rock - The Big Picture
Uncle Rock - The Night the Lights Went Out
Uncle Rock - There Is No Away
Uncle Rock - Very Good Question
Uncle Rock - You Look Good in the Rain
Vampire Weekend - White Sky
Van Halen - Jump (2015 Remaster)
Van Morrison - Bright Side of the Road
Vance Joy - Fire and the Flood
Vanessa Williams - Colors Of The Wind - End Title
Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap
Various Artists - Beautiful Life (From the Motion Picture Abominable)
Various Artists - Dreams
Various Artists - Panda
VeggieTales - The Hairbrush Song
Vered - Peekaboo
Vered - Soothing
Vered - This Little Light
Vince Guaraldi - Great Pumpkin Waltz
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Is Coming (From A Charlie Brown Christmas)
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time Is Here (From A Charlie Brown Christmas)
Virginia Rosa - Lá Vai Alguém
Visions - A Vision We Share
Vitamin C - Kiss the Girl (Pop Version)
Vitamin C - Smile (Radio Edit)
Vulfpeck - Animal Spirits
Vulfpeck - Darwin Derby
Vulfpeck - Funky Duck
Walter - Man Or Muppet
Walter Martin - Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You)
Walter Martin - Hey Sister
Walter Martin - The Wishing Well
Walter Martin - We Like the Zoo ('Cause We're Animals Too)
War - Low Rider
We Love Disney Artists - It's A Small World
Wee Scary Beasties - Pumpkinhead
Wee Sing - A Ram Sam Sam
Wee Sing - Bitty Booty Baby
Wee Sing - Boom, Boom, Aint It Great to Be Crazy
Wee Sing - Do Your Ears Hang Low
Wee Sing - Down By the Bay
Wee Sing - Let Us Sing Together
Wee Sing - Little Green Frog
Wee Sing - Michael Finnegan
Wee Sing - Once an Austrian
Wee Sing - One Bottle o'Pop
Wee Sing - Risseldy, Rosseldy
Ween - Ocean Man
Ween - The Shot Heard 'Round the World
Weezer - Island In The Sun
Weezer - Lost In The Woods (Weezer Version)
Weezer - My Best Friend
Weezer - Rainbow Connection (feat. Hayley Williams)
Weezer - You Might Think (From Cars 2 Soundtrack Version)
Weird Al Yankovic - Captain Underpants Theme Song
Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It
Weird Al Yankovic - The Saga Begins (Lyrical Adaption of American Pie )
Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda
Whirling Dervishes - You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch
Will Smith - Friend Like Me
Will Smith - Prince Ali - I Like To Move It
Willy Claflin - Iron John Robin And The Little Drummer Boy
Willy Claflin - Ka-ulu the Strong (told by Willy)
Willy Claflin - Lazy Jack
Willy Claflin - Little Freddie and His Whistle (Willy)
Willy Claflin - Little Freddy and His Whistle
Willy Claflin - Little Red Riding Tunes (Willy)
Willy Claflin - My Hat (Willy and Gorf the Frog)
Willy Claflin - Piggy Wiggy
Willy Claflin - Sleeping Beastly
Willy Claflin - Socklops an Alien Tale (Willy)
Willy Claflin - Sugar is Your Best Friend (Rocky Raccoon)
Willy Claflin - The Ants & The Grasshopper (Maynard Moose)
Willy Claflin - The Little Moose Who Couldn't Go To Sleep
Willy Claflin - The Moose and the Cheese (Maynard Moose)
Willy Claflin - The Third Little Piggy (Maynard Moose)
Willy Claflin - The Uglified Ducky (told by Maynard Moose)
Willy Claflin - Turtle and Bunny (Maynard Moose)
Wilson Pickett - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Wings - Let 'Em In (1993 Digital Remaster)
Wunmi - Fashion
Wunmi - Rainbow
Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)
Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano
Yoshida Brothers - Kokoro Ni Dakarete
Yosi & The Superdads - Alliteration Alphabet
Yosi & The Superdads - B-E-A-C-H
Yosi & The Superdads - Dinosaur In Love
Yosi & The Superdads - Funky Monkey
Yosi & The Superdads - Hey
Yosi & The Superdads - Rockin' Band
Yosi & The Superdads - So You Want To Be a Kid's Rock Star
Yosi & The Superdads - Squeaky, the Line Leader
Yosi & The Superdads - Thank You
Yosi & The Superdads - Tonight
Yosi & The Superdads - Yes We Can
You and Me and the Rain - For Halloween This Year
ZZ Ward - Ride
Zak Morgan - The Case of the Dry Markers
Zendaya - Wonderful Questions
Zev - El Quacko
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - Love Power
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - People Get Ready
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - Small People
Ziggy Marley featuring Paul Simon - Walk Tall
Ziggy Marley featuring Rita Marley & Cedella Marley - I Love You Too
Zoe Lewis - Sheep
Zooey Deschanel - Winnie the Pooh
Zulya - Lullaby
Zulya Kamalova - Cradle Song