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Rory's Story!

Some of you may remember Rory from when Kids Corner 305 all started back in 2012 as a podcast called KYDZ. He has loved radio and learning how technology works since he was a kid himself. One of his favorite memories as a child was listening to the "cartalk" show with his father. When asked by his father as a child what kind of music he was going to play when he got older Rory responded, "Jazz, wock n woll, and Classical!" roryHowever, in high school Rory began listening to Country music with his bus driver back in fourth to school every day. He went on to Granite State College and majored in Early Childhood Education after learning the talent he had in working with Children. In 2019 Rory began substitute teaching at several elementary schools working with Pre-K through 3rd grade students. Finally in February of 2019 Rory opened Kids Corner 305 as a 24/7 radio station to replace the KYDZ podcast. He currently lives in North Haverhill NH working at the local elementary school and here at Kids Corner 305. In a nutshell, that's Rory's story. He was made for children's broadcasting!